Miss Honor Comes Out To Play


Here are a few new cute pics of Jessica Alba stepping out in the bright SoCal sun this week with her baby girl Honor Marie … altho she’s lookin’ cute in her sassy bib and adorable bow, la niƱa Honor looks like she ain’t havin’ none of it:

The little tyke’s scowl isn’t quite as menacing but you can already see her resemblance to her often grouchy mamacita. In any event, this baby is cute, y’all.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Nadine

    Awww she’s sooo adorable!

  • KiKi

    I think she looks a lot like her dad. So cute!

  • Lin

    Cute baby. Not likin’ the name.

  • Kendra

    Feh..I’ve seen cuter..And I hate that bow..But all babies are precious so she’s got that going for her..And she has some great genes so you know she’ll be a cutie as she grows up!

  • yyyyyyy

    jessica alba is beautiful but i hate looking at her, always has the same face…
    Honor looks alot like her dad

  • Lissa

    The bow looks so out of place on her head. She does look like her daddy. She is seriously cute.

  • Nicole

    not a fan of that bow

  • Nicola

    Oh man I hate it when mums do that do their little girls :P Barely any hair and they stick a bow on it, I’ve always found that really …tacky :P
    At any rate, I’ve hated reading what people have said about Jessica’s child, some nasty things have been said. She’s a baby, not a beauty queen. Wow.
    I also think it’s unfair to make comments about Jess not smiling. NO ONE is smiling constantly, and if you’re doing to do your daily routine with a bunch of rude paps in your way, you wouldn’t be smiling either. Give the poor woman a break.

  • christine

    i don’t feel bad for her or any celebrities who tire of the papparazzi, they chose this life

  • Pamcakes

    I think her baby is ugly, and I love every minute of it!

    Ms. Scowl Alba – BAH!

  • Panti Christ

    that out of place bow is cute tho. just look at those cheeks! and the little baby socks – QT Pah 2T

  • PixieBassline

    Dude – I wish this was a picture of that kid pukin all in her bitchy-lookin mama’s face. uhg!!! I CAN”T STAND Jessica Alba.
    That kid is gonna catch some hell for that name…..
    Shoulda just named her : “I Wish I Could Think of Something Cool and Unique that Goes with Marie, but I’m Too Stupid”

  • julie

    Nicola, we’ve explained this to you before, but you just don’t seem to get it. OF COURSE nobody goes around smiling all the time. However, most people – celebs and everyday folks alike – can manage to look something other than hateful and rude, even when they’re not smiling. You can look serious, blank, distracted, etc., without smiling OR frowning. There is no reason to defend Jessica Alba. She is clearly okay with making the bitch face whenever she’s in public. Of course, if she REALLY hated the paparazzi, maybe she wouldn’t spend all her time out in Southern California. Just a thought.

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  • MelMel

    She’s adorable! And I think she looks a lot more like Cash than she does Jessica, don’t you think? What a preciosa!!!!!!!!!

  • l

    Nicola, I hope you understood julie’s condescension and got the message: she hates Jessica Alba. She really hates Jessica Alba. She’s never taken the time to notice the many many pictures of Alba smiling because she hates Jessica Alba. If you were wondering, she hates Jessica Alba. If Jessica Alba walked around smiling every day, she would still hate Jessica Alba, she’d just have to think of a new reason to justify constantly commenting about how she hates Jessica Alba. Cause she does.

  • Joanne

    I – LOL – I think we have all established that JULIE has issues with Jessica Alba. I personally don’t understand where said hatred comes from, but she obviously puts a lot of thought into her hatred of Jessica Alba! As far as I’m concerned Jessica Alba can walk around the place she lives without smiling and if she wants to put a bow in her own daughters hair – so be it …

  • Paz

    the baby looks asleep, not scowling.

  • Nikki

    JoAnne, you must not be employed/have a life, because I always see your comments on here when I’m on my lunch break LOL. You’re just as much of a total bitch as everyone else that you chastise.

  • Joanne

    I comment as much as anyone else thanks Nikki – and as you said yourself – your on PITNB on your lunchbreak! I’m able to share my opinions without being a bitch. PEACE.

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