Miley Cyrus Has A New Boyfriend


Hold the damn phone … here are new pics of Disney tween star Miley Cyrus out and about with a strapping lad who is said to be her new “boyfriend”. The lad in question is former underwear model/Nashville Star contestant Justin Gaston who is way too hot for words … and entirely too much hotness for Miley Cyrus and her purity ring ;) Here are pics of the new couple (including one with Billy Ray Cyrus) making their way out of church (note the Bible in hand) in Pasadena, CA this weekend:

You gotta love that Mr. Gaston is such a good ol’ country boy that he is perfectly fine with wearing a tank top to his place of worship … at least he’s wearing clothes. After the jump, check out a few of Justin’s underwear modeling pics (trust me, they’re worth a look) and a novel photo of the lad fully dressed …

Lord, have mercy! What the hell is Miley Cyrus gonna do with a hot boyfriend like this? Ideas?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Kendra

    Feh..It’s publicity..Besides, she’s jail bait for him!

  • Roxster

    haha Trent I had the same thought, my initial reaction was “who wears a wife beater to church?” Guess this means shes not with Cody Linley? He must be bummed since he told reporters they’re “very very good friends” and that theres “Something there”. . .ah tween drama. Loves it!

  • Aw how cute are they? Is he a giant or is she a little Kylie sized pixie of a girl?

  • ju ju bean

    The whole fam was just dressed to the nines for Church (sarcasm).

    With all the “leaked” internet pictures of Miley, she must be jealous that he does the underwear modeling for a legitimate job.

  • shade

    is that a purity ring on his finger as well or am i just seeing things? i mean OMG he’s an UNDERWEAR model!!!

  • Jaci

    I would say that’s definitely a step up from Nick Jonas :P

  • kiara

    He is not too hat for Miley Cyrus and first of all they are not a couple and Miley Cyurs is faking about her purity ring! nothing pure about Miley Cyrus she is a hypocrate!

  • Panti Christ

    THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES have relocated to Pasedena!

  • E to the Eve

    Justin is 100% gay. (No joke)
    ;) They aren’t together, trent

  • Jaci – totally true, a million times better than Nick Jonas – who will be ugly even when he is fully grown.

  • Erica

    They’re coming from church?? They look so polished. This reinforces my idea that Miley Slut is a slut.

  • Chivonne


  • Ewwwwwwww Who the hell dresses like that to church? Blasphemy!!!

  • LOVECarrie

    Um…I don’t buy it. And really, what 15-year-old is dating a 20-year-old? I’m not her fan (by any means), but I hope we’re not seeing the begginings of her becoming an “IT” girl. And what kinda church they go to???

  • LadyVA

    Seriously? What kind of church are they going to dressed like that? I mean, a wife beater? And what’s up with her dating a 20 year old? That is all sorts of illegal, even down in the country. I’m so over this little girl.

  • chris

    He’s the lead guy in the just released music video for Taylor Swift…who is reportedly dating one of the Jonas brothers…small world!

  • Rhonda

    He’s not 20, he’s 17. And these were taken on Saturday, not Sunday, so maybe it was some informal church thing. Not defending anyone, just adding a bit of info.
    Love ya Trent!

  • Kitti


  • GossipGirlFan

    umm HELLO! HOT!

  • Jane

    She’s such a stupid lollipop!!! Watch, she’ll be knocked up next, a la that trashy JL Spears. I am so sick of this kid. And she’s getting uglier every day!

  • nc

    so hot! but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the only place she’s gonna land him is in jail, lol

  • Uh, how about you go to this season on Nashville Star’s wikipedia page. He is CLEARLY not 17. It says on there that’s he’s 19. Thought it’s entirely possible that he’s turned 20 since then.

  • She just wants attention since she hasn’t gotten much lately

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  • Heather B.

    I am so ashamed of my facination with these teen romances. Irregardless, point to Miley for ditchin’ the creepy Jonas (and hopefully her purity ring too) for this piece of a.

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  • Carmen

    Yum to those sexy red and white ones XD

  • Sandy

    When Miley is ANYWHERE with a guy, why does it have to be her BOYFRIEND? Can’t she just be out somewhere having fun? I dont know how old all of you are but she is almost 16 (Nov ) and most kids hang out with friends at 16. And if a boy and girl is seen alone, they were not automatically a couple. The people that do this with her and put her with so many guys as a ‘couple” are the ones trying to create her persona as a “slut”. Which she is not. Shes a normal kid, she just happens to have money. They all went to church in Tennesse and didnt stop when they got to California. And as for the statement what you wear to church. Jesus says come as you are. Why is he being judged by his shirt? And are the people judging his clothing even go to church? People jump to so many conclusions! I bet all you same people that jump the Miley boat believed the LIES about Keith Urban and that girl since he has been married to Nicole Kidman! It was proven a lie….So dont be a hater. If you dont care for her as a singer/actor/writer, thats your opinion. But jumping into a 16 year olds private life is really wrong. And I bet my life that each person on here has been alone at home or in public with someone other than their “loved one”. Does that make you a slut? Uh no….It means you have friends!!!!

  • April

    He’s hot? Not in my book.

  • JoZee

    Last time I checked…going to church didn’t require following a dress code. I’ve been to a church where people who up in board shorts, t-shirts, and all ready to go out on the beach after service.

    At least she’s learned not to date within the Disney Family.

  • Kayla

    I agree with JoZee; a lot of churches now aren’t really formal and what they’re wearing is perfectly fine. The wifebeater may be a tad weird but its probably nothing that people there would get upset about.

    And he is hot.

  • Joanne

    PURE – Yeah right! My experience is, those who have to shout about their ‘purity’ to anyone who will listen – are covering up something going on their personal lives … either hidden issues with their sexual identity or some hardcore sexual behavior. Lets face it – it’s an easy way to keep parents (and church) off your back, until your 18 and can do as you please. It also makes teen stars alot of money. I think it’s great for people to wait and be as mature as possible before they do sexual things, but my ‘Christian’ friends at high school were the most promiscuous! I don’t like people who lie about it to create an image for themselves (and $$$).

  • Carmen.

    He is hot and she is a slut.

  • Niki

    He’s smokin’ hot. I hope she ditches her purity ring for him (but that she’s smart about it). That Jonas kid was fine as her training wheels – this guy is an advanced vehicle. Of course, I guess they could just be friends (who want to get in each others pants!).

  • Kool Moe Joe

    Man, I hope they release a sex tape soon, I’m dying to hear what kind of love noises Miley Cyrus makes during an orgasm. I bet that smelly little taint is a screamer!

  • Now, I haven’t been to church in years but if I tried to go like that, my grandparents would disown me. I don’t believe in god but I still know how to show respect.

  • jamie

    i no its different cuz she’s under 16 but im 19 and my bf is 26 should i be shot oh and all my friends are older than me to cuz ppl my own age piss me off

    but in mileys case i think its cuz of the industry all her friends are older last week i heard she was going out with that cute blond who is somethimes on hannah montana

  • Ferald loves Miley Cyrus…and…Miley Cyrus loves Ferald!

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  • Anonymous

    Justin Gaston, born August 12, 1988, in Louisiana, is an American model He is 20 years old…..

  • Michaela

    That’s cool she has a new boyfriend .
    I like Nick Jonas.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Oh puhleeezzze…..this is SUCH a GAY boy! This is another Leanne Rimes marrying a gay male dancer thing….this is publicity for both, mostly the gay model….

  • Diana

    I think that Nick is OK but i think that Justin is much better that Nick but i think that they are both are hot .

  • Diana

    Justin where did you meet Miley at and if you are going 2 tell me go to my space and tell me