Been There, ‘Dawn’ That


Yesterday was a pretty chill day … well, fairly chill for as hot and humid as it was. David and I made our way to the Whitney Museum for the last day of their Polaroids: Mapplethorpe exhibit:

Because I’ve been in a very Polaroid way lately, I wanted to see this exhibit to see if I could glean any inspiration from Mapplethorpe’s photos. Of course, my focus isn’t quite as risque as his focus was but I did get a great feel for framing. It was deffo worth the trip, we had fun. On our way home we took a detour thru Central Park … it was a nice afternoon.

The rest of the day was very quiet. Because the weather was very humid and stifling we decided to stay in for the rest of the day. I was able to finally finish Book 4 of the Twilight series Breaking Dawn. Be warned, I will be talking about plot developments and major storyline details below so you might want to skip this post if you’ve yet to read the book:

Okay … let me preface by saying that generally I liked the book overall and generally I enjoyed the book series as well. Breaking Dawn, tho, felt really wrong for huge portions of the book. I really hated the beginning. It didn’t read like the other books, it took such a different turn that I was really put off from the very start. The careful way that the author tried to talk about the vampire sex (without getting graphic so as not to offend young readers, well, their parents actually) was just … dumb. I will admit that reading it felt like a fumbling teenager trying to figure sex out for the first time … if this was the author’s intent, then well done. Reading it tho felt … fumbly, dumb. The portion of the book told from Jacob’s point of view was outright stupid. I’m sorry Twilighters, don’t hate me please, but the Jacob POV was so out of place … it felt forced and really, really disjointed. The rambling titles of the his chapters (meant to further convey it was his voice) just killed me … sooo dumb. An entire book from Jacob’s point of view would work better, I think … sticking portions from his POV in this book felt wrong. It pains me to say this because I am totally on Team Jacob. I must admit, I was rooting for him to win in the end … but, alas, I should’ve known that Bella could only end up with her tortured Edward.

Now for the good part … once the Jacob portion was finished, the book felt right again. The author got back on track and the rest of the book fit in with the series. I loved the ending — it felt very X-Men to me. I wasn’t too happy that there are other vampire/human hybrids out there (I kinda wanted Nessie to be unique) but their existence served a key plot purpose. In the end, I really wanted the warring to happen. I was hoping the Cullens would unseat the Volturi as the major vampire power base in the world but … no, it didn’t work out that way. I did appreciate that there was a Happily Ever After type ending … I was satisfied.

So … overall, I did like the books. They were entertaining, they told a great story and I’m glad I read them. Breaking Dawn, even tho I felt it had its problems, was a good way to end the saga. I will read the Midnight Dawn chapters that are out there … but later.

Tonight, wee, David and I are seeing Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe … I’ll have a full report tomorrow.

  • nat

    Kudos to you for giving this series a try,I could not get into it and make no apologies.

  • nicole

    aww. really? i agree the beginning of BD was a little awkward…. it didn’t seem like a young adult book at all. but i actually enjoyed jacob’s part a lot. it made me love him even more. and i felt like her writing was better when she wrote from jacob’s perspective. i dont know why. i also loveloveloved the chapter titles for jacob’s. haha. but yay for team jacob! =)
    hopefully you’ll get a chance to read those chapters of midnight sun. i actually fell in love with edward all over again after reading that. so after being team jacob all the way… i’m actually on the fence now.

  • Missliz Murder

    I felt the same way when I read Breaking Dawn the very 1st time.I do have to say that I loved Jacobs was just so him!

    My favorite book was New Moon.I still til this day can not pick sides.Im Team Switzerland.I love both Jacob and Edward.

    Get to Midnight Sun, they’re heartwrenching!

  • Jax

    You’ll love Midnight Sun when you read it and I think BD may make more sense afterwards, it did for me. I love Jacob and was rooting for him too and enjoyed his pov, but I guess that’s just cuz I love him so much and loved reading how he felt.
    BD was weird for me at times but I enjoyed it. Enjoy Equus!

  • Henrietta

    The author is Mormon, so that’s probably why the sex scenes are so carefully written.

  • Jenn

    the historian by elizabeth kostova is a better read (as far as vampire stories) than this series.

  • Jessi

    the majority of twilighters felt the same way trent!

  • Magan

    I wonder about the sex scenes but then again, they were both virgins and Edward didn’t exactly know how it would be with a human, so I think she captured that well but I’d like to have some of it though. As for Jared, I liked him for awhile but he got annoying. Bella should have told him from the start to back off a little but I know she loved him and wanted him around with her. When she told him that she wanted to be with Edward, Jacob should have backed off and given her space. He kept forcing himself on her. She was going through alot of stuff and she didn’t need to be forced into something she wasn’t exactly ready for. She was comfortable being friends with him. Of course she didn’t exactly come out and say Jacob, I know this is complicated between us but I think we need some space because I need to get over Edward or whatever. Anyway, I’m glad that Edward and Bella got together. I wasn’t crazy about the fight. There was enough of the Cullins and their friends to dethrone Volturi.

  • marinel

    i absolutely devoured Breaking Dawn and loved it all the way! But hey, we all have our opinions! Trent you should really read THE HOST by stephenie Meyer…I can’t decide which i love more! twilight series or the host! that book actually made me CRY!!! much love!

  • Lizzy

    I was Team Jacob until I read Midnight Sun, and I’m also on the fence. I want to thank you for reading this series b/c it peaked my interest in the series and I read the entire series, pretty much at the same pace as you. But definitely read Midnight Sun! I’m starting on The Host now.

  • nat

    Jenn! I just finished the Historian and I loved the story!

  • See, Trent, I am the opposite: I loved Jacob’s perspective, though I am Team Edward fo’ life! Anyways, I did like the book, though it did not seem to fit together 100% awesomely. I was also disappointed with the sex scenes, but I understood that this book was targeted towards tweens. (Nothing could be as hot as that first kiss in Twilight, though). I was not the biggest Nessie fan, and I’m still hoping that one day, Jacob finally gets to smack Rosalie. And definitely read the Midnight Sun portion on Stephenie’s website!!!

  • Char

    I was really disappointed with Breaking Dawn, my fave part was Jacob’s perspective, I have always been Team Jacob!!! Boooo to Edward but yes should have known Edward & Bella would end up together!!!!!

  • I’m glad that you gave the series a chance.. I’m one of the rare ones that was not disappointed with BD. Yeah, the whole pregnancy deal was really hard to grasp at first, and that name, Renesmee was just idiotic but I really think it is my favorite book out of all of them. I do think tho, that if you go read Midnight Sun, you would enjoy BD more.. there are a lot of people out there that have gone back to breaking dawn after reading MS and had a completely different outlook.

  • Heather

    Yay you’re done! I loved Breaking Dawn!! I have always been and will always be Team Edward, but Breaking Dawn got Jacob on my good side– I hated him before this book! Granted it was very different, it was still amazing and Bella and Edward got to be together forever!

  • nikki

    I loved Breakind Dawn! I didn’t liek the hated the jacob part because I hate jacob but was glad that it moved the story along. Team Edward forever! I actually love the series so much I’m re-reading them right now, and have gotten all my co-workers to read them too!!!

  • Joe

    Loved it! Loved the series! Want more!! =)

  • kione

    read midnight sun, then youlll be team edward!

  • Wendy

    I totally agree with you. I felt like once we got past the beginning and the Jacob chapters the book finally started to get exciting. Though, I did feel let down that there wasn’t any real fight at the end.

    I hated the name Renesmee, it drove me crazy the entire book. Was there nothing else that would work? Jacob’s character irritated me.

  • Tiffany

    I’m very team Jacob. Also, I think the name “reneesme” is hideous and sounds like something a 10 year old would think up. Really? Horrible name.
    Also, I’m a little peeved everything worked out as it should have. Bella (who I think would make the worst parent imaginable… and who I also think is whiny and irritating) gets to keep her child, be a vampire, and marry the man she loves. Jacob isn’t in torment over losing the woman he loves either, though, because he imprinted on an infant and everything is hunky-dory and everyone gets along. Life doesn’t work that way…. I thought everything stopped being so ‘happily-ever-after’ once you learned how to diagram sentences.

  • Puja

    I still don’t know how I feel about Breaking Dawn. But I agree with a lot of what you said about the book. But I actually liked Jacob’s point of view. I thought it was refreshing after 3 books in Bella’s point of view. Anyways, I still have yet to read Midnight Sun too. I hope it’s as good as everyone says it is.

  • Joe

    I think Tiffany’s comments above make her seem like a poo head. Now now Bitter Betty.

  • Angel

    I personally, agree with you Trent. I thought Breaking Dawn was the worst of the 4 books and lead to a very big disappointment for me. It was predictable in every way possible (minus the Cullens not overtaking the Volturi). I knew once Bella was throwing up, she was pregnant. I knew she’d have a girl because of that ridiculous name.

    The Jacob perspective was unnecessary. The writing style was sloppy and that’s even contrasted more once you read Midnight Sun and get Edward’s perspective on everything.

    Unlike you though, Trent, I’m on Team Edward! Though he’s creepy and sometimes selfish (who isn’t?) and a tad bit overprotective of those that he loves, I couldn’t help but fall madly in love with his character myself. His language was normally so eloquent and his character arguably presented the best uses of imagery throughout the books.

    Be sure to post after you read Midnight Sun! :)

  • Mandy

    Breaking Dawn sucked for the reasons you mentioned. I will happily say that I’ll be satisfied thinking the series was a Trilogy and make up my own ending. ;)

  • aimie

    imagine breaking dawn all in bella’s perspective. we wouldn’t have known anything about the quilettes wanting to attack the cullen… it would be a hugely pregnant woman on the verge of death falling in and out of conciousness for like 300 pages. booooooriiiing!!!!!!

    i thought how the author changed pov was necesary to keep the plot going and to understand what was going on.

  • He bit a pillow! Muhahahahaha!

  • Haley

    I JUST finished Breaking Dawn today and I feel exactly the same way. I could tell something was up when the first chapter was headlined Bella. Definitley not feeling Jacob’s POV. All and all I was thoroughly entertained by the series and I was very into the last half of BD. I would have loved a fight, to see how it would go down, but I dont know which one of the Cullen’s I wouldnt be sad to see die, because one would have to.. I agreed with you on her take on Vamp sex. There are limits but she could have took it a little bit further so it did not seem so sloppy. I could think of a million ways to write it subtle but effective. Good read all and all though.

  • lalalala

    midnight sun will give you a whole new perspective on the series and change yourlife FOREVER

  • tho

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  • laura

    breaking dawn is ok. def not my favorite of the four. eclipse is the best of the four i think. the whole book was kinda….dumb but it was still entertaining to read. ugh but trent i cant stand jacob he just pisses me off he is very annoying lmao. TEAM EDWARD!!!! i agree with everyone read midnight sun. it will change your mind lol.

  • Jacob’s POV wasn’t the best but I think it was kinda necessary. Can you imagine 200 pages of Bella complaining about her baby breaking every bones in her body. lol I really enjoyed the book even if it felt very different from the rest of the serie. Stephenie Meyer always said she’d give her characters happy endings so I don’t get why so many fans were so upset. Can’t wait for the movie now!

  • Jd


  • Dawn

    I loved all of the books but the last one was kinda “eh”. I agree – the whole Jacob POV wasn’t necessary. It drove me crazy reading that entire part. Overall I enjoyed the series very much and am looking forward to the next book by S.M.

  • I agree about Jacob’s POV….however I am on Team Edward. And you will love Midnight Sun Trent…

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  • hannah pattinson

    I loooved Breaking Dawn, but I can totally see your point of view. Although I have to disagree about Jacob’s POV. I’m totally Team Edward, and reading from Jacob’s perspective made me really think about him, and how he really WOULD be perfect for Bella, without a world of magic. But I have to say, I thought the rest of BD really wrapped up the saga well. And OH MY GOD, Midnight Sun = amazing. I can’t even explain it. Maybe it’s because I’m TE. :]

  • Julie

    I loved the series; I couldn’t help thinking how someone could come up with this stuff. That said, I was hoping for more of a graphic love scene. It was like this huge build up and then…nothin’. Details por favor. BUT, I loved whole biting pillows & feather situation. Very cute. Very hot. Jacob’s pov was hard cuz I was so used to being in Bella’s head throughout the series, and then when I was back in her head she was a freaking vampire. It was what I wanted, but it was also weird not reading about the clumsy Bella that we fell in love with anymore. The ending was PRECIOUS…Edward got to finally read how she felt about him. It really brought it full circle and makes it that much sweeter after reading Midnight Sun.
    New Moon is def. the best though.

  • Kate

    I liked the way the series wrapped itself up, but I’m a hopeless romantic, and don’t let the cynic in me ruin romantic literature for me. Furthermore, as someone who is working on her own Happily Ever After, I assure you- love stories do work out sometimes.

    ok enough of that puffy stuff. I’m glad you went through the series Trent, and would love more book reviews from you, all topics and genres welcome. :-)

    I’m a supporter of Team Edward, having lost several close best friends because they hated me for not “wanting them that way.” I had issues with Jacob all along, because he was pushy, and not in a romantic “I’ll never give up on loving you” sense, but in more of a “I’ll show you, just because I can” sort of way. I was subject to unwanted advances, and it wasn’t romantic, it bordered on harassment, and I didn’t like it. Being a true good friend, means taking no as an answer with grace.

    Read what’s posted of Midnight Sun, it gives you a better view of Edward, which is very enlightening.

  • Fin

    You have to totally check out The Host. I really enjoyed it. So much more the the twilight series. The players seem more grown up. And now reading everyone’s posts on how good Midnight Sun is I’ll check it out.

  • Chris

    I’d really enjoyed the series until “Breaking Dawn”. I felt like the Mormon church hijacked the book-get married, have skittish virgin sex and then have a baby. The Jacob & Renesmee (hideous name) pairing was just CREEPY.

    “The Host” was quite good. I felt “Midnight Sun” was somewhat redundant, though it did remind me of how enamored I was with the books in the beginning.

  • Keri

    I pretty much felt the same way about the ending Trent, I was bummed that there was no huge fight. It keep building it up and then it was just like oh. I do love the series though. Also Midnight Sun was awesome. It;s cool to get into Edwards head, Like the other peeps on here said definitely check out The host! It was amazing, I couldn’t put it down!

  • kaaren

    i totally loved BD
    i would’ve liked that she had been more specific on the sex parts haha
    because we had waited a lot for them to have sex, and she cutted all those parts!
    & i totally loved when she said that edward nakes looked hot!!
    yyeah! i knoow he bitted a pillow! imagine how it would’ve been
    forever and ever together bella and edward
    i would’ve liked that jacob had imprinted on the red headed girl of the park and nessie to have another name
    it’s awefull
    i prefer carlie
    i didnt like that bella loved nessie as much as she loved edward

    and yes i wanted a fight, although i diidnt want anyone except the volturi to die haha
    do you know what´s heidi’s power??

  • blondie

    I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED BD!!! the first part was a little interesting, not what i expected but i loooovvveeeddd Jacob’s part!! he’s awsome! I AM TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY but i still like Jake. i liked it so whetevs

  • I ABSOLUTELY H8 JACOB BLACK if i was Edward when Jacob kissed Bella i wouldv’e broken all the bones in his face!!! and I hate all who hate Edward becuz he is smexi and charming and he totally deserves to be happy unlike Jake who just deserves to die. Why did seth have to get in Bella’s way when she attacked Jake!? He really deserved that!!!!!!!
    and i’m very obviously TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!:]
    i HEART eDWARD!!!!Edward totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And i agree with kaaren about everything!

  • i am almost done with breaking dawn an so far i find it really good. i like jacobs point of view at first i found it really stupid, but then i liked it after a couple of chapters. like someone else said it made me like jacob more. i like bella an the way she thinks. an i find the way she tried to make her mom’s name and edward’s moms name is really cute rather. its a good book so far.