‘Project Runway’: Not All ‘Signs’ Point To Yes


OMG … Wednesday night’s ep of Project Runway was so damn good … it was full of all the things I love most about the show. An inventive challenge, surprise guests, TWO eliminations … and, of course, Nina Garcia:

At long last, Nina returned to Project Runway after not appearing on the previous two eps … it was very awesome to have her back, especially since she took great care to rip apart some of the horrible messes that were paraded in front of her on the runway. After the jump, find out who was in, which TWO designers were out and who managed to find fortune in the episode titled What’s Your Sign?

See folks, this is exactly why I like being surprised when I watch Project Runway. I was unaware that there were going to be TWO eliminated designers in this week’s ep … and once that was made known to me, I literally jumped around my apartment with glee at which two would get the axe. No lie, I knew for sure that Blayne would be one of them. His “licious” ass was due for expulsion … thank god he finally got the boot:

To be honest, after seeing her behavior on this week’s ep, I was ready for Kenley to go home, too. What the hell is wrong with her. She has seriously lost her mind. It’s one thing to talk back to Heidi Klum on the runway (‘cuz we all know that she deserves it sometimes) but getting lippy with Michael Kors and NINA GARCIA?! Uh uh … she done lost her mind. And, let’s be honest, her bullshizz line about she “don’t look at collections” is the biggest pile of horsecrap ever. If true, then what the hell is she doing trying to become a designer. She’d be better off going back to work at K-Mart or Wal-Mart or whatever else job she said she had. Overall, I loved that the eliminated designers were brought back … even more that they had ZERO incentive to do a good job. They had no chance of getting back in the competition, they didn’t have to do a damn thing. Brills. I loved the astrological star sign aspect of the challenge … this really gave the designers the opportunity to really be creative (not that many of them were actually creative). The team of Blayne + Stella = total Yikes! They were doomed from the start. The team of Terri + Keith = double Yikes! At least Blayne and Stella liked one another … Terri used to be cute, I used to like rooting for her. Some beyotch monster started manifesting itself in her last week and then came out in full force last night … she needed to go (and Keith needed to go again … his crybaby bullshizz is really annoying). It was great seeing the former contestants from previous seasons on the show again … some of them were a sight for sore eyes and some of them were totally forgettable … ah, I love this show so much. All props go to Jerell for his fierce winning design but Y’ALL KNOW that Joe really had the best design. His was so damn good, I was shocked he didn’t win … it was a crime. And it goes to show that Joe really does have the chops to make it to the end. I stand by my prediction … LeAnne, Korto and Joe in the Final 3. THANK SWEET BABY JEBUS for Michael Kors FINALLY CALLING OUT Suede’s stupid third person talk … it’s about damn time. That guy is so deluded … I wonder if he even knows it yet. Again, love love loved this week’s ep … it was so fun. Two eliminations really added to the excitement at the end of the ep … they should do it more often ;)

OH and by the way … did y’all catch that Saturn commercial that featured Laura Bennett … you know, the one where she looked like this:

How in the hell were they able to talk her into looking like this on national TV? I mean, the dress was very Laura … the superhero shtick was just … wrong. I love the woman but … no. Hahahahahaha.


  • Jlopez

    SOrry, but i really don’t think Joe should be a part of the finale. I think his designs border on costume sometimes, which is why he did well in the avant garde and the olympics challenge. When he attempts to make clothes for actual people, he lacks in talent and in TASTE. The man may be able to sew like a motha fucka, but he can’t design with taste to save his life. IT’s not chic, it’s not even cute at best.

    I agree with your predictions but I must say, I would definitely trade in joe for Jarelle. His designs are always chic, stylish, and just damn good. He has that eye for taste that Christian obviously exudes.

    Leanne, Korto, and Jarelle! I just can’t wait for suede to be out, he gets so damn annoying. IT’s like, you’re on a reality show, you don’t have your own reality show so stop acting like you do!

  • love88

    i agree… joe is kinda unpredictable… but i liked his design.. but jerrel’s work is much prettier! and im also a sagitarian so i loved it!
    bets are:korto,leane,jerrel and 4th is joe

  • love88

    i am hoping that michael would tell suede to stop the 3rd person bs thing he does! im sooo sick of it! he’s crazy!

  • Niki

    Count me in with another vote for Jerrel. I find his personality and attitude refreshing, not to mention his designs are consistently tasteful, beautiful and unexpected. Yay, Jerrel!

  • tess

    OMG, I just love this season. When Joe’s fiery design came down the runway, I looked at my daughter and we both just said, “WOW.” I think Korto and LeAnne are shoo-ins for the finals, but it’ll be an interesting next couple of weeks. And hey…Kenley makes it fun! One week I love her, then I hate her…hooray! :-) Anybody watching Fringe???

  • Lin

    This season is great… Even the annoying Kenley crying sessions, Suede’s narcissism, and Joe’s lack of style. Love this show!
    So glad it’s not disappearing… but I’m a bit scared for possible changes due to overly-emotional-Lifetime-tv.

  • wendell

    Joe is hideous

  • Kellye

    I completely agree with you that Joe’s was by far the best outfit coming down the runway. It’s a crime that he didn’t win.

    I cannot STAND Kenley. Granted she does have some talent, but her attitude is ridiculous.

  • lolarennt424

    I was really annoyed with Kenley and Terri this last ep. I kept hoping that they’d both go. But I was happy that Terri left as well as Tanorexic Blayne. Man oh man he needed the axe. So all in all, I was happy with this ep. Though Kenley needs to rein herself in with the snippy comments about the judges. She’s just becoming more and more unwatchable.

  • Sarah

    Joe rocked it this week. I’m with you, Trent, in hoping for a Leanne, Korto and Joe final.
    I was strangely sad to see Blayne go. I found him amusing.
    Thank heavens Terri left. I couldn’t stand any more of her bitchiness.
    I’ve been ready for Kenley to leave for the past few weeks, actually. I’m not a huge fan of her, largely due to her attitude. Go home, sweetie.
    Leanne, Korto and Joe for the final!!

  • efulz

    Kenley drives me NUTS! She’s loud, narcissistic, inconsiderate, and wacko! She can’t take criticism and acts like a spoiled brat.

  • Denise

    The only thing that really mattered is that Blayne is finally gone.. He is by far the worst contestant ever, just look at his body of “work”. Back to the coffee shop Blayne.

  • V

    If Kenley thinks its right to be defensive then what’s the point of being in a competition. Stop acting like a spoiled brat and just take the comments…its like what Michael Kors said when Keith got the boot. You go to public with this so you should expect reactions. Listen to the criticism and learn…if you don’t agree with it then take it in stride and stay true to yourself. I hope she gets the boot in the next episode cause she was soooo annoying in this one.

  • las

    Okay Kenley is starting to get on my nerves – that screechy voice – arghh. I still don’t think Joe will make the finals – sorry Trent. I’m definitely on teams Leanne/Korto and since Leanne and I are both Libras, she’s my top pick. Kenley better work some magic next week and quit her whining.

  • Dee

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kenley…whiny or not! I love her aesthetic and think she is amazingly talented. That being said, I agree it’s bullshizz that she doesn’t look at collections! I think Kenley will be in the finals along with LeAnne and Korto, not Joe. He needs to run home. I know it’s your Detroit boy, but he is not impressing me.

  • Megan

    I was shocked at how amazing Joe’s outfit was when it came down the runway – how come they didn’t show it AT ALL until it was coming down the runway??? That was the BEST outfit – I agree with Tim Gunn that Jerrel’s looked like a school marm’s dress that he tried to make chic. I hate Jerrel’s outfits every week and was shocked he won. Leanne and Korto all the way!

    And Tess, I saw the premiere of Fringe and loved it so far, I will definitely be tuning in to see if the series can keep it up!

  • Monique

    I agree, I was such a big Kenley fan at the beginning, but her attitude has just worn on me.

    I think its Korto, Jerrell and Leanne for the finally, no doubt.

    and TESS, I’m watching Fringe and i L-O-V-E it!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think the right people got kicked off! Korto is going to win. Mark my words. I loves her!!!

  • Kendra

    I was shocked that Joe didn’t win..I LOVED his outfit!! I really didn’t “get” Jarrell’s and was surprised he won..Then again, I’m not a fashion critic so maybe they saw something that I didn’t..I hate that I’m rooting for Kenley..She was really disrespectful last night..I kept yelling at her to just shut her mouth!! But there’s something about her that I like..We’ll see what happens next week..From the previews, it looks like she opens her mouth again..I’m fully on team LeAnne!!

  • Ok, so his outfit was shiteous…
    BUT i’m going to miss Blayne and his crazy ways. He was genuine and made me laugh! Even Tim Gunn said “Nobody will miss you more than I do.” le sniffle. R.I.P-licious. .

  • nikki

    I loved Joe’s outfit, but please, the design was all Daniel, even Tim said so on his blog.

  • Ibby

    I’ve always been a big Kenley fan and throughout the episode I was going increasingly more worried that her balloon sleeved creation was going to get her ass sent home…BUT, after seeing her attitude on the runway…I don’t think I’d mind seeing her sent home. There’s some degree of criticism that you have to be able/willing to take in the fashion industry and she’s not even able to listen. I think she may be leaving in the next few eps if she can’t pipe down and accept some feedback. I’m ready for Suede to go…I loved when Michael Kors made fun of the 3rd person ridiculousness.

  • Ashley S

    OMG I was SOO GLAD that Terri went home.. I thought i liked her but she must of sat on a pin cushion.. ekkk beeyootchhh ….. and Kenley.. What the mess?? I was like you need to take some of that extra fabric out of that okay..dress of yours and insert it in your mouth now.. Love LeAnne.. Love KOrto.. LOve joe.. WOHOO

  • Saple

    GO JOE

  • CC

    Hate Kenley. She’s a “one note”. The whole pin-up girl look that she tries so desperately to pull off is nothing short of tragic. Boo Kenley! The 40’s are over!

  • Taylor

    loved this episode!Kinley was extremely annoying and made me want to shake her, her attitude is a mess whats up wiyh her sassing the judges, thats a maaajorrr no especislly when those preps are the deciding factor for your fate on the show!! And terri oh god I liked her at first but after seeing how she was made me happy to see her go.. I loved jerrel so glad his outfit won! Totally team Korto and Jerrel!!

  • Danielle

    The judges are blind to Korto’s flaws– she’ll probably make it to the final 3, but I find her COMPLETELY overrated usually.

    Joe, LeAnne & Jerrell are my three faves.

    Does Kenley’s voice make anyone else want to jump out of their skin!? UGH, what a conceited ingrate, too.

  • Tara

    Joe’s dress was nice, but it made me think of the drag queen challenge as well.

    Loved Korto’s outfit. Too bad Kenely turned out to have such a bad attitude toward the judges. Terri, ugh, she needs to learn to work with others. The there is no we, just me BS is appalling.

  • whatever

    I Loooove this fraking show! i am an absolute addict! i cant believe its moving to lifetime and LA next season! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO L.A. will ruin it! I can see it now…..”this week our guest star will be Meredith Baxter Berney, and a suprise from Paris Hilton!!!!” Yikes…..Keep it in Hollywood Weinstein!

  • whatever

    geez sorry seizure or something…Keep it in New York Weinstein!

  • DESI

    I read Tim’s blog on this episode, and I guess it was filled with drama. I thought Joe’s design was fabulous, and deserved to be in the top 3, but I also was wondering where the hell he pulled this out of, because he has been shiteous. But apparently Daniel took the lead on the design, we finally got a taste of his “high fashion” that he’s always talking about. Also, Tim seems to allude to the fact that Jarrell won because he smoozed the ex-PR’ers better. I love Korto and Leanne, both of these girls deserve to win. Kenley is a Joan Crawford wanna be, no wonder she did horrible in the “avant garde” challenge, she can’t make anything that wasn’t already done 60 years ago.

  • Verodemort

    This last episode was AMAZING!!! Double Elimination, Many previous cast members, and all kinds of bitchyness!!! YES!!! First up- I am REALLY dissapointed by the quality of work put out on the runway! What were they thinking?? You call that Avant Guard!? Look at last seasons Avant Guard challenge, that shit was fierce! Now contestant wise, I stand by my opinion that Joe should not be in the finale (sorry Trent!) even though his dress was a vast improvement from his previous designs. Kenley is ANNOYING with all her grand comments, but I usually like her designs, I think she’s pretty consistant. Jerrel is always either AWESOME or HOT MESS so he should have a 50/50 chance in getting into Bryant Park :) Suede… ugh. His third person ass needs to go! Korto & LeAnne are basically SHOE-IN’S for BP. Can’t wait for this season to be over!! Wahoo!

  • Jess

    Has anyone else noticed that you can tell who will be eliminated before they actually are? If you notice what the contestants wear the day of the runway show, the person wearing the same outfit that day as the outfit they are wearing for most of their “interview” scenes is the one eliminated. The show interviews the guest periodically but they also do a final interview when the guest departs and then use that sessions for most of the contestants “recapping.” I have watched every season of this show and it never fails, I always know who will be “aufed” before the runway show even begins. Sorry if this spoils it for some.

  • Laynie

    i wish they would have shown more of the past designers though
    i also wish jay and christian would have had a fight.

  • Nina

    The Project Runway blogs are so good and in Tim Gunn’s blog, he talks about how with Joe and his partner, the partner pretty much carried Joe. (The name of his partner totally escapes me right now… the one dating Wesley though). Joe’s designs are so commercial and pedestrian and I think he’s just been getting lucky. Seriously… the challenge he did win, he won because his Drag Queen was smart enough to completely re-envision his outfit!

  • MelMel

    Oh Trent. I wish I could back Joe. But….no. No no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOO. No. I would like to bet you 3 dollars that he does NOT make it to the top. He’s just….no. I mean, decent enough designer. But, top 3 material?! UH UH!!!!!

    I didn’t really feel much for Blayne throughout the whole show but he really went out with class….and made me realize that he kinda grew on me. I’ma miss that crazy kid. Terri….seriously?! What a nasty c&nt she turned out to be. She deserved more props…but her sh*tty attitude was immediate grounds for her to get the boot on Wednesday night….or so I thought.

    It was nice to see all the old designers. It really nice to see Robert from season 2. Gooooooooood God that man is fire like cayenne hot. Mmm mmm Mmm…..the things I would do to him. Yum.

    Finally, I didn’t think any of the designs on the last ep jumped off the screen and screamed fabulosity to me. Except Leanne’s. Hers was really pimp. Top 3: Korto, Leanne….Jerell?!?!

    Lots of <3!

  • jenn

    team leanne! loveee her

  • Betch

    joe’s outfit was really blah for this challenge, he is mildly innovative or itnersting
    it’s leanne for the win!! her scorpion design for this week WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! LOVED IT!

  • Paz

    Kenley is a pathetic liar. “I don’t look at collections” yet she was in tears upon meeting Diane von Furstenburg.
    That Zodiac sign theme was LAME. And none were avant garde. Suede + Jerry = worse team ever. Blayne and Stella should have gone.

  • dip shit

    Kenley. You suck hard.