Newly Engaged Channing Tatum Hits The Beach


Earlier this week it was reported that Channing Tatum got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Jenna Dewan while the pair were vacationing in Hawaii and today we have a few pics of the lad enjoying some downtime at the beach by his lonesome … you will note that he is blowing kisses to me … er, well, to the cameras, that is:

Boo … it’s a bummer that the lad had to go and get himself engaged … I mean, I’m sure he’s in love and all that mess but there’s something so … final … about getting married. This hunk ‘o man should be free from commitments and, you know, a wife ;) I keed, I keed … I actually really like him with Jenna. She is beautiful and they always look so happy together. After the jump, check out a few pics of the happy couple enjoying the Hawaiian beach together …

Blah! They do make a cute couple. I guess I can be happy for the two of them … I mean … yeah. Congrats and stuff ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    What a damn good way to begin Friday!!!! Seriously.

  • Kathleen

    I think that she has gotten PRETTIER since dating Channing–and according to these photos, he has REALLY let his BELLY go!

  • Nicole

    man, putting her in the pics just ruined it for me lol *kidddding*. but i do love me some channing. thanks trent!

  • yyyyyyy


  • Katie

    Looks like the Chan-chan man has put on a few lbs…

  • Pame

    he is so freaking hot *drool* you just made my day :D

  • jenny

    he was sooo much hotter in “She’s the Man”

  • Jakeinlove

    Is he supposed to be cute?

  • EmmaKris

    Um…dear mister channing needs to do some situps.
    Not Married yet, hun.

  • JerzeeMike

    Whoa! Chan, too much Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, buddy. Get thee to the gym!!

  • heya

    not cute.

  • He is still so hot and yummy and this just makes him seem more like a normal guy. LOVE IT!

    Thanks for sharing these hot pics!

    Dave, WGB

  • WOW….

    Someone got chunky, but he still is fine :)

  • Sergio

    all this tasty meat and me without a fork! yum!

  • Puja

    bb, what you do to yourself? srsly? ilu, though <3

  • jajaja

    aww channing is so nice!
    jenna looks a littlbe bit like natalie coughlin.

  • Ashlee

    I like that Jenna looks healty and not 75 lbs. She looks good. And Channing…yum yum.

  • Jonathan

    you all are so riduculous, “oh my god he got fat and now he’s not cute”, “why’d he let himself go”

    had any of you done the tinyest bit ofresearch, or knew anything of his upcoming projects to start with, you wuld know that he’s been trying to pack on about 65 pounds for a role he’s set to start in the new year

    I’m sure he’ll be back to his usual self post-film ala Jared Leto (only not as heroined out)

  • kristen

    lol hes a bit of a fatty,
    the weight ruins his whole look

    wheres the muscles

  • Wondercookie

    Whew! Hotter than hell! I’ve always thought he was a cutie, and I still think he’s a cutie. I’d do him in a heartbeat. No questions asked. Nice to see a real guy with some meat on his bones than some anorexic pale meat chicken wing. Love you, Channing! Come stay with me for a while, mmmkay? ;ob