To See Or Not To See ‘Hamlet 2’, That Is The Question


Because I only have a few days left here in SoCal before I jet off again to NYC I am doing everything I can to keep things as chill as possible. Last night I really wasn’t in the mood to do anything fancy or formal, at best I was up for seeing a movie. Darion and his gaggle of new friends were going to see Hamlet 2 and I decided to tag along:

As a whole, I really enjoyed the movie. I found parts of it extremely funny and very entertaining. The strongest parts of the film came with the actual performance of Hamlet 2 near the end of the film. But, to be totally honest, I found that a huge portion of the film felt … forced. There were whole segments of the storyline that never made me crack a smile once. When humor tries too hard, its no longer humorous. The story was cute and quirky and I totally get what they were going for. Again, as a whole, I enjoyed myself at this movie … but it’s not something I’d ever need to see again. That being said, I’m glad that I did see it and I would urge fans of silly humor to check it out. It’s a good time … nothing to write home about but deffo fun. Oh and for those of you who have seen the film, can anyone explain to me why David Arquette was even in the film? His character was so pointless and nonexistent.

After the movie, we posed for our requisite photos:

Darion and his crew headed off to a few clubs, I headed home to do some reading. I’m really trying to finish Breaking Dawn because I don’t want to have to carry that heavy book with me on the plane this weekend.

Today I’m having lunch with Tony and then I’ve got a date with the washing machine. So much packing to do, again, I don’t even know why I ever unpack ;)

  • At the end of Breaking Dawn I wanted one more chapter.

  • Karen

    Trent, you need to get a Kindle, Amazon’s ebook reader, so you can carry hundreds of books at once, all in one lightweight device. I got mine when it launched late last year, and I don’t leave home without it.

  • You’re the second person to recommend a Kindle … I might have to look into it :)

  • Angel

    Jessica, I felt the same way! I read the whole series within 4 days and wanted just one more chapter! Good thing Midnight Sun is in the works, I read the rough draft off Stephenie’s website and was thoroughly impressed with Edward’s point of view! :) Good luck with the read Trent…Takes some interesting twists but it’s worth it!

  • las

    Trent, love the hat. Very Brad Pitt…:D

  • Jax

    Trent when you finish BD read Midnight Sun’s draft. Its 12 chapters but you’ll read Edward’s point ot view and it helped me understand BD a lot better. You can get it off Stephanie Meyer’s website. Enjoy!

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  • whatever

    is there an opening in the brat pack?

  • Betch

    Breaking Dawn sucked…

  • Jennifuh

    For the most part, I liked Hamlet 2. Did you catch that the theater they are walking by at the end of the film is the Nederlander? Kind of a cool shout out….

  • Angel, I read the whole series in a week! I read the rough draft to Midnight Sun to, but it looks like we are gona have to wait even longer for it to be released. I loved how it showed what Edward was thinking, but it stopped right beofre my fave part the meadow scene.

  • jajaja

    this movie was hilarious

  • nikki

    Breaking Dawn is so good!

  • z

    the last pic made me lol

  • hope

    just wanted to say hi…cuz

  • Eppy

    The movie is simply awful. I don’t understand why it was bought for $10 million at Sundance. The audience I watched it with in NYC laughed A LOT for about the first 10 minutes…then a hush fell on the crowd for the rest of the flick. It’s a bomb.