Shirley Manson’s Acting Debut


Woot! The second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered on FOX last night, picking up right where season one left off. While that is all well and good, I am most excited that Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson has joined the series cast and was featured prominently in the season two premiere episode last night. Here are a few screencaps of Shirley in her role as the mysterious Catherine Weaver:

Seriously, y’all … I love Shirley Manson. I am the biggest Garbage fan (as is my good friend Darion) and it thrills me to no end to see her in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. As the episode starts, Shirley (not in her role as Catherine Weaver, I must add) performs an arrangement of the song Samson and Delilah. Here is some info about the song:

The song is an original arrangement of a gospel spiritual called “Samson and Delilah,” composed by the Rev. Gary Davis. The track is performed by Shirley Manson and arranged and produced by Bear McCreary. The song was arranged by Bear McCreary specifically for the premiere episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, designed to fit the episode’s opening sequence. Instrumental and vocal tracks were recorded in early August, 2008. The idea to incorporate the song into the episode was originally from Josh Friedman, Executive Producer, although he allowed McCreary and Manson complete creative freedom to adapt the material. The lyrics of the spiritual are relevant to story points within the episode.

The song is haunting and beautiful, I’m really hoping that FOX is able to release the song in some capacity. BUT, Shirley Manson was not added to the cast for her phenomenal musical abilities … she has been added to the series to play an integral character this season. It goes without saying that Shirley deffo plays a bad-ass … but I shant spoil the surprise for those of you who have yet to watch last night’s season two premiere ep. After the jump, check out a few screencaps that reveal the true nature of Shirley’s character Catherine Weaver, check out a new promo poster which features her character and, in case you missed it or just want to watch it again, find the link to watch last night’s season two premiere ep online in full …


Up until the final reveal in the last scene of the ep, I had no idea exactly HOW bad-ass Shirley’s character really is. I mean, I knew she’d turn out to be a ball-buster but … damn. I am SO in love with this idea for the show. You may recall that Terminator 2: Judgment Day was a wildly successful film back in 1991 (coincidentally the same year that Color Me Badd hit it big in the music world) and its success was based heavily on the technological wonder that was the T-1000 Liquid Terminator (played by Robert Patrick). Apparently, Catherine Weaver is the sexy upgrade. Here is the just-released new promo poster for the series that features the T-1001 Terminator:

Obvs, the folks at FOX couldn’t release this poster until after the ep aired so as not to spoil the surprise. I was a big fan of the first season of Terminator: TSCC but I am even a bigger fan now. This is a great way to bring even more excitement to the series … and they couldn’t have picked a better woman to play the part. LOVES IT! In case you missed last night’s season two premiere ep, you can click HERE to watch in online in full … and make sure you tune in, set your TiVos/DVRs or whatevs from here on out … this new season is not to be missed!!!

UPDATE: Here is Shirley Manson’s T-1001 reveal scene from last night’s ep:


  • C

    I love love love this show! The way we found out she was T-1001 Liquid Terminator was pretty awesome. I jumped when she appeared!!

  • Nicole

    i LOVE this show!!! i have a feeling this is going to be an awsome season!

  • Freya

    I adore Shirley, she did great last night..and being a T-1000? Robert Patrick would be proud :)

  • Jfer

    Shirley is THE greatest. I was so excited to hear that she would be expanding into acting. Last nights show was awesome. I just wish she had picked a better hiding place. BLECH!

  • Jen

    Trent, Bear McCreary also does the music for Battlestar Galactica!

    *see…it all ties together!

    Bear also does a lot of really cool concerts around LA. You should check them out sometime. :)

  • ella

    She was the perfect amount of awesome and creepy in the premiere. Loved it!

  • ZOMG! Awesome post T! I almost peed myself when I heard the new Shirley song… it makes me crave the upcoming solo album even more! I LOVE her on the show, she’s amazing and I feel like the character is perfect for her! And I’m so glad they let her keep her normal accent and not lose it. What other Scottish accents are on television? She looked utterly faboo as you’d say, love the outfit, the hair, etc.
    I feel so lucky we now get to watch her EVERY week! W00t!!! It’s a great time to be a Shirley fan!
    Great recap!!

  • P.S. The new T-1001? SERIOUSLY!?!?! Could that have been any freaking cooler? :D LOVES IT!

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  • Key

    I really love this show and was totally enjoying my little geekfest in front of the television last night – right up until I saw Shirley.

    Unfortunately I love the show and one person on it that I’m not a fan of isn’t going to make me abandon it. So long as I keep on loving it anyway.

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  • ryan

    love love love her in this show. what a great surprise to hear some new (covered) material from her. She did such a great job, I cant wait for monday! (and for her solo album, hurry up warner bros!)

  • Missy

    As much as I love Shirley and her part in the show and her big reveal…no one’s gonna comment on her being a urinal?

  • interesting, i’ll be back later

  • Not bad… Not bad.

  • @Doomdauk i hope they do that with all the seasons now that its finishing!!