Brody Jenner Releases His Own Line Of Jeans


Brody Jenner was on hand at Kitson in West Hollywood, CA last night for a launch event to promote the release of his new denim jeans line called Brody Jenner Jeans. Here is your first look at what the promo materials for Brody’s new jeans line looks like:

Words fail me. I mean, Brody is my dawg and all but … I just don’t know exactly what to say about this … life-size cut out display of Brody Jenner and his low-cut jeans. I mean … HMMM. Anyone?

Here are a couple pics of Brody making his way out of Kitson after the end of the launch event:

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised he wasn’t too embarrassed to show his face after that life-size cut out display of himself was revealed … I mean … wow. Thoughts?

UPDATE: PRAISE JEBUS! This Brody Jenner Jeans thing is not real … thank the gods. I hear from a little birdie in the know that this Kitson event was staged as one of the final challenges for the contestants on Brody’s new reality show Bromance (which is currently filming). Thankfully, the jeans line and the ad campaign have been faked for the show. My faith in Brody has been restored.

Now … if only I could figure out how to get my hands on that life-size stand-up display of Brody and his buttcrack … I’m sure I can find a nice home for it!

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Kelly

    I actually like the jeans he is wearing x] I think it would be better for him to wear some boxers underneath them.

  • debho

    Those are the ugliest jeans I”ve ever seen. Also a little old-fashioned. Baggy, higher cut jeans are the new style for the season.

  • TINA

    Did anyone notice his shirt? That’s the Alcoholic’s Anonymous logo. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something…if you wear my super low rise jeans…you’ll have so much fun you’ll have to join AA….haha!

  • Froggie2004

    ummmm gay gay and more gay!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He looks like a gay marshal arts expert! So funny. He looks damn hot thou!!

  • Froggie2004

    I meant gay in a good way!!

  • Maybe he wants to be loved by gay men…that’s the ONLY possible explanation!!!!!

  • Beth

    umm, just say no to crack ya’ll!

  • I am speechless. And not in a good way.

  • ginae

    i second winona.

  • Marie

    This add is terrrible and it’s a shame him and his people thought this was a good look for him!

  • J

    Yuck – he is such a reality TV-whore. He’s as bad as Spencer (didn’t the two of them collude about him dating Nicole Richie and then LC Conrad to get on TV)? He’s really too lazy to do real work and is ready to sell himself (in girl jeans?) for whatever celebrity he can get.

  • christi

    Is this some kind of joke? Those jeans look like something Britney would wear back in the day. Maybe Lauren designed them…FOR GIRLS!

  • Kendra

    I totally thought Trent photoshopped that pic for fun! That’s hilarious!

  • hi there! I like the design of your blog.. anyway, i just stubled upon here from google.. what can I say? I must subscribe to your feed =) cool!

  • Marjorie

    That body seems way too curvy and feminine especially in the backside area…. Doesn’t Brody have his name tattooed down his side where that cross tattoo is?? I am just having such a hard time believing that is really him…

  • angie

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! He looks like a girl, esp. with the lovely butt crack hanging out (& the whole embroidery on the jeans is not helping either). I love me some Brody Jenner, but this look is too weird for words!

  • Jo

    lol. this cannot be serious.

  • Christie

    He looks like a fool, but at least he’s got a nice ass =]

  • Tiffany

    This is such a ridiculous and from my perspective, out of character picture! It looks like someone photoshopped him to make fun of his new jean line… Maybe he did it in an attempt to make fun of himself and poke fun at celebrities who do clothes lines????

  • Sara

    that’s got to be a joke

  • Dana

    This is a joke. This is for his new reality show Bromance.

  • whatever

    OMFG! That is the most retarded thing I have ever seen! is he doing some sort of karate chop pose? wow those jeans look like they need to make a B-Line to the ole sales bin….right next to the VDB’s

  • whatever

    maybe they zip up the back!

  • Noura

    I must Saaay he looks so damn Sexy !! loving him posing and loving the jeans ;p i think i should take a pic with it LOL its even cuter without his boxer hehe !! (a)

  • ewww. that pic is disgusting

  • Lin

    Gayer than Christmas.

    And a photoshopped butt crack.


  • Please tell me this is not for real!

  • Chantel

    This is a type of add from a guy that being cardboard or not, my bf would punch out simply for the fact of looking like a douche. In my opinion (hoping these jeans are worth any advertising cuz im a biig hils fan) Brody should try a pose that doesnt quite represent an invitation for a good butt *Play* ppl want to look good in jeans even the most bohemian of men, but its not the majority of men that want to buy jeans that accentuate the arch in their back and announces the hairy guy ass crack and curve.

  • I think the Jeans and Brody are hot as Hell!! YUUUUUUMMMY!!! After seeing his sisters show their bods all over it’s about time we ge this!!!

  • chloe

    um….ew?it’s very……… lost of words

  • I like the jeans, not the cutout though

  • nc

    I would buy the jeans. Well, the jeans Brody’s wearing in the cutout anyway.

  • Julie

    I like the jeans. They look good on him. I really hope this style catches on.

  • Duckie

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D That display looks straight up ridiculous!

  • Kendra

    Dana – That makes sense..I could see this being in his show..

  • Alicia

    Brody is hot!! I kinda wish the jeans were lower… like so low they were on the ground… possibly beside my bed… yummmm

  • M3

    Even knowing it’s for his reality show, I can’t help but be turned on, yet feel so disturbed by this cut-out. I mean, even for a show, why would he want something like that out there? Trent, you MUST get your hands on this!!!

  • Update: THANK GOD that was fake.

  • Carmen.

    I think they photoshopped the picture because he looked thin and the candid pictures, he looked. Erm. Not that thin.

  • Erik

    ENOUGH with all the ‘that’s so gay’ talk! Damn you bitches are … cunty bitches. How do you like that? I bet you all ‘throw like girls’ too!

  • SuziLee

    OMFG that was the FUNNIEST F’ing thing EVER!! That face on his the jeans ad was CLASSIC!! If the rest of this lame-o Bromance show is even 1/2 as funny, I’m actually gonna have to watch it!!!!!!
    And OMFG Brody is HOT! I’m with the girl who said those jeans would look hot on my floor!!! : )


  • JenT

    I just wish he had gone all the way and worn thong undies with the jeans!!

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  • Stenar

    Brody is too FAT to actually wear jeans like that. I think that’s a body double in the life-size cutout.