David Beckham Is Packin’ Heat


Welp, it looks like all that bragging that Victoria Beckham has been doing about the size of David Beckham’s manhood is not an exaggeration … well, according to some bloke named DJ Kyle Sandilands who, apparently, has a radio show down unda in OZ and confessed to his listeners that he can confirm that Becks is packin’ in his pants … he claims to have seen the goods for himself:

DAVID BECKHAM does NOT have a sock or any other padding down his pants in those Armani adverts. Previously we only had wife VICTORIA’S word for it – but now a fellow LA clubber has lifted the lid after sharing a loo with the England star. Australian DJ KYLE SANDILANDS told listeners to his show: “I was in the toilet at Villa nightclub in LA and there’s only two urinals in there, it’s very small. Somebody comes in behind me, and I hear a soft voice say ‘Hello, how are you?’ I turned around and think: ‘Holy shit! It’s David Beckham!’ I’m midway through and I think, I’ve got to slow this down. I couldn’t help myself, for the first time in my life, I glanced down to the left and had a look.” Asked whether Becks was a big boy, Kyle replied: “There’s two types of penis. There’s the one that’s the same size all the time and the other one changes in size. Let’s just say he looks like he’s got it going on whether it’s happy or not.”

Interesting bit of intel but … sorry, I still would need either A.) photographic evidence or B.) an in-person inspection to be totally convinced. It would be a tough job, but I think I could manage either option in order to be 100% sure. Yes?


  • I agree with you Trent…I could do either option A or B lol

  • LOVECarrie

    I don’t usually swing that way, but for Becks….I will so make an exception! ;)

  • Erica

    Dude, so over the “Beckham’s junk” postings.

  • goldend

    this post has “inanity” all over the place.

  • Paz

    This was by far one of the stupidest stories ever posted.

  • Joanne

    er – gross – so now I know guys perve at each others ‘size’. Did this have to be story no.1?

  • Lexie

    I’m just going to say that Kyle Sandilands is the biggest twat in Australia. How bout we ship him off to the US and you guys can believe every bit of bullshit that comes out of his fame hungry mouth.

  • VJ

    I have to agree with Lexie, Kyle would have said this for a bit of notoriety and has probably never even been in the same urinal as David Beckham.

    Twat is such a great descriptive word…

  • Kelly

    Come on. Do dudes say, “Hello, how are you?” to each other when they walk into a bathroom? I doubt it.

  • debho

    Kyle Sandilands is a big wanker. Everyone down here knows that. I wouldn’t believe a thing he said.

  • Nicola

    I agree with Erica. I wouldn’t care to see a photo either.

  • Kitti

    I wanna have that in my mouth!

  • CiCi

    Well, from the looks of it, they have nothing to be bragging about. He’s not HUGE!

  • coco

    this is obviously fake. who would say “hello, how are you?” before taking a leak in a pissoir?

  • Erik

    Way too much vajayjay going on here! Joanne, When you use the word ‘gross’ that’s quit insensitive to gay men. This is a big ol’ QUEER blog. Go somewhere else if things like this gross you out!


    Is Beck’s cock bigger than Posh’s? That’s what i’d like to know.

  • Julie

    Considering Villa’s bathroom is so tiny it doesn’t have 2 urinals, these comments are soooo false.

  • Joanne

    Um ERIK – I’m lesbian – 100% – Sorry but I will never get my head around men standing next to each other while going to the bathroom. It IS gross! Can they not invent some ‘private’ urinals?! I’m surprised men don’t complain! I would.

  • Erik

    Joanne- Great, a homophobic lesbian. And it’s not gross. There is a thing called a toilet for those who are pee shy. Get over it. If it grosses you out so much, STOP USING THE URINALS!

  • Joanne

    Oh ERIK – I’m not going to have a debate with you … *sighs*

  • Erik

    Than stop being so misandristic. Which is exactly what you’re being with those comments. Say no to stereotypes!

  • Joanne

    ERIK – for the last time (and I can’t even BELIEVE I am responding to this stupid non story) – my offence was not about gay men, it was about men peeing side by side in bathrooms. Stop trying to twist my words for the sake of an argument.