Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Are Right On Target


Here are a couple of cute pics of Jessica Alba, hubby Cash Warren and (altho you can’t really see her ‘cuz she’s hidden away inside her baby dome carrier) Honor Marie doing a bit of shopping at their friendly neighborhood Target store:

I gotta say, I really love it when celebs go shopping at Target. Not only is it the overall best store EVER in terms of pretty much everything, I think it really humanizes these rich and powerful folks that we might think of as untouchable. To be quite honest, Jessica Alba doesn’t always strike me as the nicest person around but seeing her shop at Target makes me think that she might not be a such a meanie after all. I LOVE it when celebs keep shizz real like this :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • heather

    i agree, trent. jessica alba strikes me as super conservative and not very outgoing…but i don’t really know her, now, do i?

  • julie

    You are too sweet, Trent. Target is a wonderful place, but even the most uptight and arrogant of celebs have to get their bargain on somewhere.

  • Jessica

    i love it how there’s like a crowd full of people standing behind them, they don’t seem to ordinary anymore?

  • Jenna

    yeah i do love target… but i do not love her… after seeing her in la plenty of times and coming across her.. she is still bitchy in my book or at least bitchy after she started dating cash.

  • stone

    Jessica Alba was said to be found by her fans on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named R ich k Is she single now? OMG..

  • Paz

    I think she comes off bitchy thru the paparazzi — Id be like that too if they were stalking me!
    I saw her on tyra once and she volunteers for this organization that mentors inner city girls. She cant be that bad!

  • Joanne

    Just because someone does not smile for the paps and draw from the attention – does not make them ‘BITCHY’. If someone was stalking me and filming my baby (if I had one) – I would personally have to hold myself back from lashing out at those creepy/sleezy paparazzi! I’ve never been a fan of J. Alba’s, but I think people need to stop insulting her when they don’t know her.

  • Kelly

    Hey, I work at Target. Loving it!

  • julie

    Joanne, I consider her a bitch more because of how she behaves in interviews – standoffish, hostile, and conceited. Still, some celebs do manage to eke out a smile for the paps, because they want to be nice for their fans. Alba has made it clear she can’t be bothered.

  • Tammy

    Well then
    I guess im a little bitchy too! Keep on rockin your stuff JessA

  • GirlieGirl

    I gotta agree with Jenna. Every time I’ve had an encounter (well, not really ‘encounter’… more like saw her from a distance out and about) with Jessica Alba she’s seemed like a heinous bitch… even to young girl fans.

  • Donor

    I wanted to put my $.02 in on this;

    I had the ‘privilege’ of waiting on her when I was in college and lived in Austin, TX, during SXSW about 3 years ago. I have met/dealt with ALOT of famous people and she was by far the MOST rude, thankless, princess I have ever waited on.
    Ladies and gents, she really is as cold and b*tchy as you thought. I’m not trying to find a reason to not like her… she just treated everyone around like they should have dropped everything and doted on her. ‘Ol Cash has alot of work on his hands to bring this chick back to earth.

    On another note; SMG is extremely sweet and very gracious and Pharell (from N.E.R.D) is also the same way. They actually act like benevolent human beings…..Not everyone in Hollywood is lame.

  • Joanne

    Famous people cannot be ‘ON’ all the time. They have the right to order their food just like everyone else and not make a show of it!!! They can’t ‘give’ to every person who see’s them on the street (or happens to stand near them). I’ve seen many interviews with J. Alba and she’s never come across that way for me!

  • Donor

    Look Joanne;

    In case you haven’t already gotten the picture, I didn’t act unprofessional at all by fawning over her or even ACKNOWLEDGING who she was when I took care of her. That was why she had an attitude. I also want to point out that i don’t “expect” a better tip just because someone is famous. Get real and get over yourself. You’re obviously naive.

    You’ve probably never met her and have only seen her in choreographed interviews, etc. Keep in mind that a celebrity is a PRODUCT and that the American public funds that product – and they need to stop treating their fans (ie meal tickets) like complete crap. If they don’t want to be bothered by their self-created fame, then they need to move overseas somewhere in England, etc. where no one cares.

    Think what you want, but I think its pretty evident that the girl is hot as hell, but lame and self-centered. It’s too bad, because she could really turn her image around if she wasn’t so sour all of the time.

  • Donor

    One more thing;

    Check the dictionary for the definition of gracious.

    …When you are talking about someone willfully giving away money, it’s called being ‘generous’.

    Get an education.

  • Joanne

    Jeez DONOR – can I suggest a therapist?

  • Michelle

    Haha Joanne! It’s like what our girl Donor up there told you went in one ear and right out the other! You obviously need to wake up girly! You are def the type of idiot that hollywood loves to suckle the money from. Way to go, Donor!

  • Good he needs to be off the streets, but please take that awful picture of Paris down, now after the Dr. Murray scam pic. yesterday this may not even be Paris.