Daniel Radcliffe Debuts On Broadway … Nekkid


Daniel Radcliffe made his Broadway debut yesterday as his new play Equus opened in previews at the Broadhurst Theatre in NYC. As you may recall, Dan stunned his Harry Potter fans last year when he premiered his Equus role in the UK … a role that requires full-frontal nudity on stage. Equus officially opens on Broadway on September 25 but last night was the show’s first preview performance. According to reports, Daniel gave a riveting performance:

Some might even say it was a magical evening. Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared in his first preview performance of the Broadway drama Equus … earning raves from fans. “I thought that he was terrific,” Mandy Menaker, a college student who attended the performance at New York’s Broadhurst Theater, told PEOPLE. “He had a lot to offer. So I thought it was great.” Danielle Manente from New Jersey agreed that Radcliffe was wonderful. “He was really good. He captured the character [and] he was so into it. He never broke character. I believed everything he said.” In the revival of the 1973 Peter Shaffer play, which was also staged last year in London, Radcliffe stars as Alan Strang, a distressed and hostile teen who commits the horrifying act of blinding six horses, while a psychiatrist (played by Radcliffe’s Harry Potter costar Richard Griffiths) tries to get to the heart of why he did it. Radcliffe first entered stage embracing an actor playing a horse … His very emotional performance, which reveals Strang’s anger and fear, was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience. Not to mention wowing the crowd with the nude scene, which comes toward the end of Equus. “Oh my God! That was nice,” said Manente of Radcliffe’s character fully undressed himself in an attempt at lovemaking with a young woman. “I’m not gonna lie. He looked pretty good.” “By that point he was so in the character,” Menaker added, “that you don’t think of it as Harry Potter naked. He’s naked as a character emotionally, so you’re not at all thinking that he’s physically naked. You’re so involved in the scene by that point that you don’t even notice.”

Yeah, I don’t care how “in character” he gets in this performance, I think I’d notice his nekkidness. Throughout the entire West End run of Equus last year no nude frontal photos of Daniel Radcliffe managed to make their way out of the theater (altho, a few pics of the very nekkid Alfie Allen hit the InterWeb earlier this year when he took over the role after Dan’s run ended). After the jump, check out a few grainy pics of Daniel Radcliffe’s NSFW nude scene in the first preview performance of Equus last night …

Altho these pics are very grainy, I think you can make out that this is Dan … all of Dan:

Yowza! It is really difficult to see what exactly we’re working with here … but I think you get the gist. David and I will be seeing a preview performance of the show on Monday September 15 … I’ll be better able to report on this … er, the show, when I finally get to see it for myself. So … thoughts?

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  • Kristin

    Yowza! What I want to know is, how does a kid that age not get hard when standing naked in front of a naked woman? Fear?

    • Jeff

      not just fear….well…maybe it is fear…or maybe he is hard lol

    • John Dugan

      Showing off junk takes courage – and security that it’s in good health. All guys can help maintain their own penis health by using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).

  • Nicola

    Typical that a photo would get leaked during the first American showing.

  • Linnea1928

    I happened to be in London on Spring Break when he was on West End, so I saw him in Equus. I was not disappointed. That has always been a favorite play of mine and his performance was amazing. I won’t be able to see it on Broadway (since I live in MN and I’m a poor college student), which is unfortunate because it really was a great show.

  • robin

    looks like he has big balls and a little thang. haha.

  • Ashley

    like I commented before, I saw this show before in London and loved it :)

  • Ashley

    oh, it’s not small ;D

  • Cath

    Am I the only one who sees a monobrow on the picture before the jump???!!!! I know its a shade thing, but still… MONOBROW!

  • Alexa

    I feel a little bit ‘bleurgh’ looking at his todger. He’s a child (I know he’s not, really), and it just seems wrong!

    And Kristin, do you think he is thinking sexy thoughts when he’s up on that stage, knowing that practically the whole world (including his mum, dad, grandma, pet gerbil…) is watching?? LOL :o)

  • Heather

    I’m also going on the 15th – hope to see you there Trent! Can’t wait, I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile!

  • Katie

    Kristin–my friend told me that he read somewhere that they give him pills before the show that are normally given to pedophiles to basically cut back on his ability to get a hard on and therefore prevents him from actually getting one. i dont have an exact source for this, but it would make sense. like alexa said, i’m also sure that being on stage in front of hundreds of people helps him doesnt exactly encourage any sort of sexy thoughts.

  • geana

    omg!!! omg!! its harry potter! and hes naked!!

  • MikeinSanJose

    And because of Potter’s Pecker Prancing around Publicly, the next Potter film (originally scheduled for release this November) is pushed back till Summer ’09.


    Since I can’t go to B’way to ogle him in person, I’d like to at LEAST be able to go tho the theaters and fantasize about him there…

    “Potter and Weasley, Sitting in a Tree…”

  • Katie, don’t be ridiculous. He doesn’t have an erection because real actors act. He’s not on a hot date, he is in a very dramatic play. He is not meeting this woman for the first time, they’ve rehearsed this scene a gazillion times. Plus the whole point of the scene (SPOILER ALERT) is that he CAN’T get an erection with a woman.

  • Philip Wester

    How does a young man not get hard when being around a naked woman? Well, maybe it was really chilly in there… or he’s just gay :P.

  • sommer

    that is VERY NICE!! the pics look great..the one in the bottom left looks like the AC has gotten to him a little shrinkage going on..he did say that the theaters are very cold especially on the stage and this is New York in summer..so you know a few minutes in the nude HE IS COLD.. I was very pleased with the other pics though.. so everybody cut Dan some slack please he does not have a “little thang” hes just freezing.

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  • Um, it’s just a penis. Most men have them. They come in all shapes in sizes. What’s the big deal?

  • What planet do you live on? On earth we live for cock.

    We need one of those CSI picture enhancers that always seem to zoom in perfectly and give a clear image.

    • Nessa

      haha ikr ttly that wud b amazing, i mean you can KINDA see it here but it almost blends in with his legs

  • Jazzer

    As if live events aren’t sufficiently plagued by silly little girls with their fucking camera phones, you have to encourage the practice. David gets it right: Radcliffe is an actor doing a job. I assure you, from my decades of experience in the London and US theatre (some of it including onstage nudity), there is no way an actor will get an erection during a live performance. It just doesn’t happen. He’s ACTING. And Katie whose friend “read somewhere” that “they” (who “they”???) give him “pills” sounds like a fantasising 13-year old. It just ain’t true, babe. But you did give me a good laugh. ‘Equus’ ,the play itself, by Peter Shaffer, is 37 years old, and I’M old enough to have seen the first-ever performance in London with Peter Firth as Alan Strang, and my boyfriend performed the role in Honolulu 26 years ago; it’s a remarkably enduring and serious play about (amongst many things) the destructive power of religion (particularly fundamentalist religion, very relevant right now given Governor Sarah Palin’s crazed Christianist credentialis) and all you are interested in is Radcliffe’s dick. Jeezus fuckin Christ, Americans are beyond repressed. You are totally messed-up sexually.

  • Sandra

    I think he looks great!

  • kayla

    umm, Okay I have been in theater and around theater all my life and I am presently 30 years old. So, where do we begin? First off, it is art. Plain and simple. Secondly, if it was not the actor who portrayed Harry Potter then it would have been someone else and it would not have gained noterity. The only reason why everyone is so infatuated with this is because it is Daniel Radcliffe. I am sure he is not ashamed nor embarrassed. Like it was stated previously” it is just a penis most all men have them” Get over it please. By the way, I applaude his performance

  • Gem

    Well Katie’s pathetic. Obviously hasn’t got much of a life. Pills indeed. He’s a professional actor hunny. Not a silly little boy. Get ur facts right instead of spreading gossip.
    Kristin, ur a perv. Lol. Besides that girl aint hot just coz she’s a blonde and naked. Get ur mind outta the gutter darlin. Lol.

  • Saw the first NYC preview performance last week. Perfect cast, perfect production. Daniel Radcliffe was sensational, as were Richard Griffiths and Kate Mulgrew.

  • Thanks Jazzer, Timothy B and a few others. It looks like a great performance, by a talented young actor who will be around a long time. America is afraid of its own penis.

  • Scott

    I saw this last night in NYC (I actaully went becuase of Kate Mulgrew being in it, who I loved as Captian Janeway on Star Trek VOyger for 7 years).

    Now there is alot more to the play then littlle Potter being shown. Yes he ges nude, as well does Anna Camp. It’s part of the scene that reveals why he blinded the horses, and what was going through his mind. Now He isn’t a hung guy folks, so you aren’t going to be drawn into starring at little potter. It is more an adult play, with a good story, so I hope you all go to see the whole thing and the amazing cast.

    Daniel is expanding, and won’t be Harry Potter for ever. He has soem serious energy and talent, so admire him for that. That guy is maturing into an adult with talent that will take him far. The amazing part about him in the production isn’t his penis, it is his talent, energy, and the way he comes alive in it.

  • nick

    what i wanna know is who the hell is the chick?????

  • megan

    god you people have problems! All you care about is his penis! most people when they go to see the show the see the show not his cock! He’s an amazing actor and a very bright young man! Pesonally i’m more interested in whats between his ears reather then between his legs!

  • megan

    OMG I Just saw it in person! It was unbelievable! He’s so awesome in the play but the nude scene was my fav! And for you poeple out there who say he takes “pills” you guys should go hop on your little yellow bus and get your facts strait instead of spreading rumors! and hope you dont crash on your way home! or do!

  • megan

    i totally just realized there’s two people named megan on here!

  • moi

    wow, the boy has a cock! yeah right!

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  • Hurricane

    Daniel is Hot…

  • malini bhargava

    how come he has such a small penis. did anna camp insist on seeing his penis. what did she do when she sae him naked or made him naked in front of her

  • britni

    Seriously I don’t know where to begin.. Okay yes daniel is very very good looking but he is also an extremely talented actor.. And im very proud that he is coming out of my own generation. Who ever said that daniel wasn’t going to be harry pottery forever was right and im happy that he is expanding his work. I can’t wait to see him in more. Bravo Daniel!

  • danika

    this photos or performance are unbelievable!!

  • lools. his not horny cause his gay .. LOL im joking :(

  • ow my sarap siguro nyan noh…..

  • AnthonyVenanzio

    The big deal is that it’s Daniel Radcliffe NAKED! This is every gay mans dream you idiots!

  • someome

    is there a clearer picture?

    i can’t see this one……

  • i’v sucked on better

  • Kurtis

    i looked at the picture before the jump and i said ‘ew! he’s hairy!’ and of course that sounded like i said ‘ew! he’s harry!’

  • I am American and i dont appreciate all the people putting all American people in the same catagory!! Not all Americans are messed up just as I am assuming all foreigners are not messed up! How would you feel if we put all of you in one catagory calling you sick, freaky people? Besides for all we know it was a foreigner who posted the pics in the first place! As for all the comments about Daniels penis they should never have been made just as the pics should never have been posted. Daniel is just an actor doing his job working hard to keep u people entertained. You should all be ashamed!!! Leave the poor guy alone for pete’s sake!!

    • Heather

      i absolutly agree with u. Everyone leave him alone hes a great actor so y the hell make a big deal out of this….This isnt the first male actor to perform a nude scene ya know. Damn

  • Troy

    Dang people! Some guys are “show ers” and some guys are “grow ers” ! I have personally been amazed at the effect a little spit can have on some I’ve seen in action. From my perspective, he is a grower, so ya cannot judge til ya add a little water and stir to see what develops!

  • Deb

    Only in America (where we have all the freedom of speech any human can have, thank GOD), do we think that just because we CAN say what we think about anyone or anything, in a public forum no less: do we think it’s correct to do so.
    He was a boy actor, now he is a man actor, in a word. . .duh?! . . . I just wish someone would offer me millions of dollars to see me naked don’t I?

  • aaron

    I wish i had not seen these pics,but more importantly,Daniel is and always will be HARRY POTTER to me.Try to remember folks, ( boobs penis’s vagina’s and bums ) have nothing to do with talent.(>^<)

  • aaron


    Here is the pic you all wanted

  • misscheverly

    “Yowza! What I want to know is, how does a kid that age not get hard when standing naked in front of a naked woman? Fear?”

    It’s called ACTING.

  • Bloodsucker

    And who’s is the idiot who put arrows over Anna Camp’s fine @ss!?? Was expecting a better picture of her.

  • malini bhargava

    Harry Potter naked…. Wow. If this is true I need to see him naked myself. How about Anna pulling his legs up and giving an autograph on his naked ass. well in this pic Harry has indeed a small penis.

  • something

    lol. everyone needs to lighten up. whats the big deal?? :)

  • Koty

    You ppl are immature. Yeah he has a penis just like any other guy, but that doesnt mean we should look at him any differently. He is a phenomonal actor and deserves respect that only a small percent are truly giving him. And not all americans are “sexually messed up”. Only some of us are that way. He is hot though. (im a chick)

  • Jake

    there all just little skanks who love the ween

  • BeeJesus

    He’s a grower. I saw him in London and NY and he had a bit of a rise in the NY show. As for his acting, he’s OK. Not great. I have seen Equus performed better but because he’s Harry Potter in the raw with his real wand and not a fake one, people are in awe. Now it looks like they are going to take the nekkid show on the road in the last Potter movies. Seems like desperation to me.

  • hermione

    It appears that the theater was a little cold.

  • Ozzy

    It’s ashame that all men, gay men in particular wanted to see besides the performance, was Dan’s penis! I mean c’mon.. it’s crazy.

  • Erin

    Why are some of you obsessed with dans penis? Get a life (and a boyfriend) and if you are a guy, you will probably get a boyfriend too

  • Deborah

    Why do people have to be so crude and rude with their comments, Daniel is a great artist and played the part tremendously. Everyone should be commenting on that and not his private parts. After all nudity was part of the play! No one compared sizes in Kats,

  • madusa

    the smaller they are limp the bigger it grows when it gets erect, he is of average size nothing wrong with that, me personally i don’t want a guy with an outrageous dick it hurts it not fun

  • spellbinder

    well..the truth was revealed.. HE IS GAY!!.. a hot gay i might add..

    • cricket caballero

      okay if he has a small dick, that still has nothing to do if he is gay or not.

  • harryjames

    to the person who exposed that picture, why don’t you post yourself in the internet naked? you don’t even think what daniel feels after this?!! you’re an insane! an idiot! and to all interested and keep on commenting on dans p****, just forget it..you’re exposing the privacy of a person.


    lol!!! what do you expect when a celeb as big as he is gets naked in front of hundreds of people. he did it to break out of the harry potter role. to show his “range”. it takes MAJOR balls (pardon the pun) to get naked in front of strangers. i love daniel ratcliffe but come on, nudity id nudity. YOU DO IT TO CAUSE A STIR PEOPLE AND SO DID HE!! I SAY HOORAYYYY!!!

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  • Alisia

    Awww leave poor Dan alone! He’s an exceptional actor and Equus was very very good. Believe it or not, the nudity isn’t the most important factor in those scenes…the storyline is. The nudity was done in a classy way but the release of these pictures has just cheapened it, and given way for the actors to be ogled, instead of appreciated for their work. It’s a shame really, because it really was a good show. And for god’s sake. It’s not small, he’s just not hard. If you don’t know that, you’re too juvenile to be looking at dick anyway.

  • Scott

    I saw this on broadway in the front row and actually have pics of Daniel nude only clear ones that I took with my spy cam,Daniel does not have a big cok as so many people here have wrongly said his penis is small and uncut he does have alot of hair around it,but it did not matter if his dick is small or not it was that here is harry Potter nude…It take alot of guts for Daniel to do this in the nude and for that he has bigger balls than any of us.

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