Daniel Radcliffe Gets All ‘Anime’ For ‘Details’ Magazine


Earlier this week we got to see Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of the new issue of Details magazine … but that cover did nothing to prepare me for his photospread inside the mag. The video interview that Details posted on their site, it turns out, teased for the look of his photospread … check out the pics:

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what is going on with the styling of this shoot but … I’m not a fan. I’m not sure which disturbs me more, the Dragon Ball Z-looking hair-do or the Star Trek-inspired outfit — neither of which really seems suited for Danny boy. Honestly, I’m at a loss … thoughts?


  • jas

    i think it was a cool idea, doesn’t really work though.

  • Joe

    Looks good to me! ;)

  • megan

    if they were going to go all out with the weirdness; they should’ve done more….its not very well done at all. You’d expect more from Details and Daniel

  • bridget

    The one photo is a tribute to David Bowie. The man who fell to earth. Ie: draq queen mentioned on the article
    The other is for midsummernights dream-Puck
    He was asked which part he wanted

  • lored

    I love it! I think it’s amazing. I am a big fan of Ziggy Stardust too… and I like the side-ass shot.

  • bridget

    Me too Lored. I have always loved David Bowie.
    You think pink is a new blog would know someone who opened the closet doors. Yes I did love the little peak even though I am old enough to be his momma.

  • Nicola

    Dear Lord XD

  • Meg

    That kid has some guns on him!

  • Tiffany

    I hate it. He looks ridiculous.

  • RoseSparrow

    I’d say the hair is more a SSj4 Goku, than a SSj1… -.^

  • WickedSandwich

    I’ll take it…Don’t care what’s going on with the hair either…

  • Nicole

    Astro boy!

  • Candace

    This is obviously for publicity. Bad publicity is good publicity in the celeb world. I mean, how often do wear hear about him in the tabloids? He’s not even a blip on the radar… He just wanted to get noticed in my opinion. Why else would he CHOOSE to look like a smurf with spock’s eyebrows?

  • lored

    Candace, hello? He’s in the list of the most searched in google and he has been called a “publicist’s dream”, everytime a website or a magazine are low they publish a Dan story to boost views. Besides, he’s a very well educated nice guy and everyone loves him and says good things after meeting him. There’s no such thing as bad publicity for Dan.

    He doesn’t need it and this shot is great, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean is bad. Go back to your Britney and Zac Efron.

  • WickedSandwich

    Hate to tell the haters out there but the people being photographed dont plan the style of the shoot. So its not like he created this look..Duh

  • bridget

    Lored and Wicked Sandwich

  • Sassy

    Whoever created this shoot must have been doing some serious drugs or catching up on their anime during cartoon network’s adult swim. Its giving me nightmares.

  • lizzy

    looove david bowie. looove daniel radcliffe.

  • Dana

    He needs a tan