Jessica Alba Czechs In With ‘Esquire’ Magazine


New mom Jessica Alba is featured on the cover and in the pages of the September issue of the Czech Republic’s version of Esquire magazine lookin’ pretty smokin’ hawt:

Damn. Clearly, these photos were taken before Jessica gave birth to her firstborn child, Honor Marie. International versions of US magazines tend to recycle photos used in other publications, and that may be the case with these pics, but I don’t recall seeing these pics before so I felt they were deffo worth a look. It’s pretty ridic how amazing Jessica looks in these pics … I especially love the cover photo. This is how you sell magazines. She looks fantastic … it shouldn’t be long before she’s shooting hawt pics like this again (she’s practically back to her pre-baby size already), for which I’m sure dudes all across the country are desperately anxious.


  • I swear I’ve seen the beads-alongside-the-face photo before, so these could be recycled photos…

  • She looks like JLo in the cover pic.

  • Nicole

    at first i thought the cover was JLO..but i like it.

    i dont see anything special about the other 3

  • CBT

    i thought on the cover it was beyonce?
    she looks really dark but on the other pics it does look like jessica alba ;p

  • Nicola

    “were taken before Jessica gave birth to her firstborn child”
    Heh, yeah they’re several years old. Way to gooo Esquire.

  • christine

    i like the cover a lot, she looks a little like angelina. the rest of them are booooorrrriiiing

  • biggie

    yeah, i agree.
    at first glance, i think JA was J.Lo
    but the other 3 pics ARE recycled
    she looks fantastic in all =]

  • Steffi

    Yes, these photos have been published way back. At least two years ago. If you check with a Jessica Alba fan website, you’d find when they were first published.

  • k

    None of them are new – the cover’s from FHM, 2006 publish date, I think? And the rest are from 2005, Entertainment Weekly.

  • :)

    Those are old pictures.

  • Paz

    Yeah the ones with the beads I saw in EW a couple of years ago.
    She looks like JLO in the cover! FIERCE