Kirsten Dunst & Justin Long Couple Up


Last week we heard that Justin Long, newly separated from Drew Barrymore, had moved on from his recent break-up to couple up with Kirsten Dunst (the couple were spied “making out hardcore” at Sunset Junction here in LA) and now the new duo have been photographed together at the Chateau Marmont engaged in a steamy act of … eating together. Cue the romantic music, we’ve got ourselves a new Hollywood couple, y’all … meet Dunst-in:

I must admit, I’m pretty surprised that Justin has moved on with Kirsten so soon after his break-up with Drew. Word on the street is that Justin was fed up with Drew’s “excessive drinking” and that was the reason for the split … which sounds suspicious if you consider that Justin and Kirsten, sorry, Dunst-in’s first sighting together was in a margarita line at a bar. Ah well … here’s hoping that Cupid’s arrow hit more squarely for the new lovebirds and that they find happiness together forever and ever … or, at least until the end of the year.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • lindyloo

    Well what i heard was , that she’s the one who broke up with him, because she felt that they spent too much time together, that and her inability to commit.

  • ju ju bean

    IMHO, doesn’t even look like her.

  • PITNBer

    Is that really why they broke up? Wait– didn’t Kirsten go to rehab this year?

  • DeAunn

    Yeah, that doesn’t really look like Kirsten Dunst.

  • It is deffo Kirsten.

  • Sassy

    Poor Justin- a shot of him shoving food in his mouth at the worst moment AND he has to face that he went from Barrymore to Dunst. Not good, man.

  • CBT

    why does she always look “dirty”….like she hasn’t showered in days

    anyways i think she’s too dowdy for him ;p

  • CC

    Watch out Justin! She has fangs!

  • MCG48

    How does she get these guys???

  • Jenn

    whats going on with her posture?

  • Hannah

    Does this mean that we can start using the phrase “Dunst-in Checks In” a lot more often?

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  • Lissa

    What is the appeal with this guy he is not very cute.

  • Weedy McStoned

    They both look very greasy.

  • glow

    the real question is – why would anyone leave their house with their hair looking that bad????

  • Paz

    What is up with Kirsten Dunst haters?
    She looks a hell of a lot better than a lot of people (myself included) on an average day. It’s nice to see people normal and not stylist molded.

    Justin looks like a girl in this picture by the way/.