Vicki B. Releases Her ‘Signature’ Scent

Forgets to clean her ears

Vicki B was on hand at Harvey Nichols in Manchester, UK yesterday to make an in-store appearance for the launch of her newest fragrance called Signature. VB was an angelic vision in white as she stepped out in front of the cameras for yesterday’s in-store event …

… but upon closer inspection, it was discovered that VB (presumably in her haste to make sure that her outfit, make-up and hair were perfectly styled) seems to have overlooked one teeny little detail in her personal cleaning process. Homegirl totally forgot to scrape the gross crud in her ear before she stepped out in front of the cameras … I must warn y’all … it’s gross. After the jump, check out just how gross her ear looked …


Victoria Beckham did her best to look heavenly as she arrived at Manchester’s Harvey Nichols in Manchester today to launch her new perfume. The former Spice Girls was dressed in all white and from the front, appeared to be wearing a pair of angel wings. As Posh turned on her heels, she revealed the back of her dress was curiously covered in fur. But the angelic-looking star is not always so squeaky clean. A night earlier she was in dire need of a cotton bud as she headed off for dinner with friends. Not even her giant princess cut diamond stud earrings were enough to distract onlookers from the unsightly grime caught in her ears.

GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS! Yeah, VB may have been showing off her dirty ears the night before but she still hadn’t cleaned her ears by the time she showed up for her fragrance launch yesterday (making a striking contrast to that massive diamond she was wearing on the same ear). That’s vile, y’all. I guess one can’t be Posh all the time. Blech!

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  1. kendell

    from personal experience… looks like spray tan residue… eeew! i hope her frangrance smells yummy though…

  2. Thats what I was thinking..doesn’t look like ear wax to me.

  3. Nicole

    im with kendell…… it looks like something from tanning

  4. Jeana

    That or I was also thinking hair dye. It really does not even look gross….nothing like wax.

  5. Chelle

    Looks like sun damage maybe?

  6. CKate

    I’m with the hair dye…her hair looks REFRESHED to me…but that could be my memory…its been a while since we have seen Ms.V here on Pink…

  7. katarina

    I’m always willing to believe nasty things of Victoria Beckham, but the close up is of a different person’s ear. Cheap trick, low blow.

  8. Diana

    I also thought hair dye immediately. I don’t use cream or spray tans so I’m not sure. I doubt it’s ear wax and that hair dye can be a bitch to get out if it gets on your skin.

  9. Nicole

    Hair dye never even crossed my mind…. could be that too… but im almost 100% sure its not wax.

  10. Tonya

    Hair dye or spray tan for sure.

    Nobody wants to talk about how bad her hair looks? lol

  11. LadyVA

    Ewwwww……….I never need to see anyone’s ear that closely again. Moving on…….it looks more like hair color or spray tan than wax or dirt.

  12. Al

    she needs to EAT! She is so sickeningly skinny and she wants to get pregnant?? She better be eating healthy and gain some weight if she plans to have another baby.

  13. VPrice

    That happens to my ears after I get my hair dyed. Of course, I go home and clean them.

  14. PixieBassline

    ugly dress. weird shiny black thing in the hair… uhg.

    David shouldve told her she had the ear funk.

  15. Laynie

    LMFAO that’s not even her ear.
    Look close and compare the inner ear shape

    how pathetic.

  16. debho

    What a weird dress! Looks like her angel wings have flopped. lol

  17. Tara

    Wearing fur. :(

  18. Joanne

    When you have your hair done every few days – this is what happens … She’s had her stylist do her hair at home and quickly got dressed. The amount of times I’ve left the hair stylist with dye somewhere on my face (and probably in my ears)! … Trent – are you turning on Victoria? I hope not!

  19. Stacey

    I thought it was dried blood. lol I’ve smelt her perfume that’s in the grocery/drug stores and I really liked it. I don’t know if it’s the same one that’s above though.

  20. Paz

    Who the hell bothers to zoom in on her ears?

  21. Joe

    she looks heavenly.. and kinda looks like Katherine McPhee..

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