Not All Superheroes Are Created Equal


The CW has released a few new promo images for the upcoming 8th season of Smallville and I found two particular photos of interest. Here are pics of Justin Hartley as Green Arrow (formerly Aquaman) and Alan Ritchson as Aquaman in their superhero costume finery:

See, this is proof positive that poor costume design can really undo a person’s hotness. Green Arrow doesn’t look too terrible but Aquaman, OY, looks just horrrrible! Tho, on the plus side we can plainly see where Aquaman keeps his trident ;) Granted Aquaman (and other Z-list heroes like hiim) is difficult to make cool and/or sexy but … man, couldn’t they have tried harder. Look at Alan’s face — even he looks disappointed. I mean, why does Aquaman need sneakers? Hahahaha … I hope these guys are being paid well for this gig. Poor things.


  • Cami

    hahahahahah. wow.

  • hayley

    green arrow looked better last season. this season will be lame with no lex luthor anyway. I dont think the hotness can make up for it.

  • Julie

    I think Green Arrow looks okay. But Aquaman? not really D:

  • JUSTIN HARTLEY. Omg he’s so hot. I lurrve him in Smallville. It mays up for the gradually sucky plot lines. To think the first 4 seasons were awesome…

  • Megan

    I dont care what you put Justin Hartley in; he’ll look hot as hell. I don’t even care about Aquaman

  • Jesse

    Green Arrows costume looks sweet on the show, and who cares about aquaman no one has ever liked him anyways

  • Nathiest

    seen in a daylight minus movie magic of course they’re going to look silly. Oh and Justin has always been GreenArrow he only played Aquaman in a failed TV pilot.

  • Hero_Costume_Advice

    AQUAMAN is one of the COOLEST and SEXIEST heroes in comic history, but, alas, I agree with you about the costume version here. It needs more detailing, such as lots of gills, and more all-round suggestion of very lean and ripped muscles!! They need to seriously embellish that. They could upgrade The Green Arrow costume, too, but the bow and arrow gear, the gloves, boots and straps are all pretty good. Give the guy more upper body and leg development in all the camo green sections, though, as in muscle ripped armor, but with that same camo coloring theme would be great!! That camo works really well with it!!

  • shags

    Green Arrow is HOT.
    Aquaman needs to be shirtless.
    Black Canary actually looks worse than these two…

  • Sabrina

    I agree, with no Lex Luthor, the hotness is just a slight warm temperture…
    but the boys do look mighty good. have you seen Tom Welling and the scruffy face…to die for! I love Smallville!!

  • Starla

    Both these dudes are hot and they are funny on the show too. Aquaman looks just fine when he has his shirt off. Tom Welling is the hottest though. I hope this season is better than the last one. I think the writers strike really messed them up.

  • lizzy

    omg, FOX!! justin hartley was the love of my life a few years ago. i miss passions. :( this is equally as ridiculous though.

  • tammy

    mmmm justin hartley…i was so glad to here that smallville was smart enough to pick him up for another season! Way to go Justin! On a sidenote…thank god Lindsay is done passions!