Whitney Port Finds Love In NYC … Possibly


Here are a few photos of Hills star Whitney Port lookin’ awfully cozy with a very hairy gentleman on the streets of NYC this week … could this be a possible new love interest for Miss Whit?

Well now … not too shabby, Whitney. Sure this new guy has got a whole lotta hair but he looks like a cutie. I wonder if we’ll be seeing more of this gent on future eps of The Hills? After the jump, find out what’s really going on in these pics …

HMMM … yes, Whitney is openly canoodling with this dude in NYC but it deffo looks like it’s all for show:

These pics may be less about true love for Whitney and more about strategic casting. Laying the groundwork for that proposed Whitney Port/Hills spin-off show perhaps?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Miss G

    Perhaps a relation os Justin Bobby? Or he at least shops in the same places!

  • Ket

    duuude that sucks. how could you live that life?

  • Panti Christ

    OMG It’s Dave Grohl! jk

  • Erin

    He has the “Beyotch stole my look” of Joey from Blossom!

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  • kendell

    shes gotten prettier. i notcied it at the premier show.. she looks fab… and idc if its all for show… good for her. she hasnt gotten ANY action in the past seasons… go whitney! u get urs… lol

  • Whitney always looks great. She brings the funk.

  • Weedy McStoned

    Nope. Why would you agree to date someone on a reality show? Oh that’s right, FAKE!

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  • Ella

    I hope that none of these Hills people ever have the nerve to say they want a normal life and would the paparazzi please stop following them. Unlike, actual actors, actresses, and musicians with talent who get into this industry not for the glamour that goes with it, but for the love of their craft, these ‘reality’ people are willingly making a spectacle out of their lives.

  • princy

    i heard that whitney has a bf whos not in the show

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  • mimi

    princy, she did have a bf but they broke up just before or just after her graduation.

  • Ana

    That guy looks soo Justin Bobby.. haha..
    But Whitney looks amazing..

  • WTF? Cancel already!

    EWW! Sick! such an act, and they all have HORRIBLE taste on the hills!