Jamie Lynn Spears Goes Home To Mama


Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted carrying her newborn baby girl Maddie Briann on a shopping trip in Kentwood, LA with her mother Lynne Spears days after Kelli Dawson tells In Touch Weekly that she was having an affair with JL’s babydaddy Casey Aldridge while she was still pregs. Now, these pics could merely show that JL and Maddie were in town to visit grammy Lynne Spears but the Daily Mail seems to think that JL has packed up her bags and her baby and has left her home (and her babydaddy Casey) in Mississippi to live back home:

Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn cut a sad figure yesterday as she ventured out in public for the first time following allegations her fiancĂ© had cheated on her. The 17-year-old actress’s relationship was been rocked by claims that Casey Aldridge, 19, had been having an affair with Kelli Dawson, 28. After the revelations last week, the Zoey 101 star and her two-month-old daughter Maddie Briann have fled the couple’s home in Mississippi to stay with her mother Lynne 30 miles away in Louisiana. Pictured for the first time since the reports, Jamie Lynn looked miserable as she joined mother Lynne and baby Maddie to buy a new mobile phone in a store in her hometown of Kentwood. Dressed for the hot weather in a denim mini skirt and white vest, Jamie Lynn was still wearing the engagement ring she accepted from Casey in March – just three months before their daughter was born. The couple, who have been dating for two years, were expecting to wed later this year, but their marriage plans have been thrown into jeopardy following the recent reports. Kelli told America’s InTouch Weekly magazine she had been dating Casey since November 2006 and had still been seeing him when Jamie Lynn was six months pregnant with Maddie – the same month he proposed.

I dunno … I think it’s far too early to assume that JL has moved out on Casey but it doesn’t sound totally unreasonable that a 17-year old girl might want to seek refuge and security at home after learning of suspected cheating on her boyfriend’s part. Baby or not, JL is still a young girl … it makes sense. It’s sad but I predict that this is only the beginning of Casey-Lynn’s trubs. They’re just kids … and nothing that I’ve seen from either of them shows that they are ready to be self-sustaining parents. Whether or not there was cheating going on, I don’t think it’s a terrible idea for JL to get some help with her life right now. It might prove to be the best thing for her and her new family in the long run.

[Photo credit: Big! Pictures; Source]

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  • car

    please note: JL is still wearing her engagement ring… she looks great though

  • dana

    yeah it even says that in the article that she is sill wearing the engagement ring, however a lot of people continue to wear the ring for a while until things are completely over and done before removing it. she’s probably going through post partum and needed her mom to help her out and clear her head. Although that crap with casey is insane, the other woman is just looking for 15 minutes of fame. no self respecting woman would go to the mags and spill like that for the world to see, she should have went to jamie alone and said “you need to know something about casey,, blah blah blah..” but some hos don’t care.

  • Keeks

    The whole thing (as with everything with this family) is embarrassing and they would be wise to lie low and not broadcast every single soap-opera moment. I still find it pretty horrifying that a 15-yr-old gets pregnant and has the baby, and OK! mag runs a cover story about “how great it is to be a mom.” GAG! Hide in shame where you belong, Spears family!

  • dana


    thank god someone else thinks the exact same thing! it was alwasys weird to me how they can say “teenage pregnancies are on the rise” and “something must be done” but when she got pregnant it was like the greatest thing in the world… or glorifying angelina’s babies births and she’s not even married but is quick to blast any other celeb if they do the same thing. it’s a double standard in hollywood it looks like and it’s crazy.

  • Joanne

    If that story is true, J.L.S. needs to cut and run now.

  • Courtney

    I don’t buy into this… she’s still wearing her engagement ring and I would hardly say she looks “miserable”. She’s probably just visiting her mom so she can get a little help with the new baby. Plus, I don’t believe that Kelli Dawson woman, anyway. She sounds like just another camera whore trying to get her 15 min in the spotlight. I mean, by now, wouldn’t Casey or one of the Spears’s have something to say if it were true? Now that it’s out in the open and all… that’s just my opinion
    @THE PUNISHER, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge… you’ve got no reason, other than some gossip mag’s claims, to believe that this baby doesn’t belong to Casey, and just because Jamie Lynn got pregnant young does not make her a whore. You said it yourself, she’s just a kid, so give her a break.

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  • Meila

    Everything must come for a reason.

    I don’t understand Why should all hate the spears.

  • julie

    I don’t find this story very convincing, either, but I kind of hope it’s true. JL and Casey absolutely should NOT get married. It’s obvious he doesn’t really want to, and I doubt JL does, either. They seem to think it’s the “right thing to do” because they had a baby. Well, the baby is already born, and her parents weren’t married at the time, so what difference does it make now? A teenage marriage will not fix anything, and there is about a .5% chance of it lasting more than two years anyway.

  • Adele

    THE PUNISHER have you seen pics of the baby? There is no denying that Casey is the dad.

  • Monica

    THE PUNISHER give me a break. He is 19 years old and isn’t a kid. He could’ve kept it in his pants just as easily as she could’ve kept her legs closed. Why is the girl always made out to be the whore/slut when they end up pregnant?

    Kelli Dawson is a whore. There is no doubting that she knew about Jamie Lynn and didn’t care. It makes me sick people pay for these stories so all of these sluts can come out of the woodwork and boast about how trashy they really are. She is a 28 year old woman messing around with a 19 year old boy!! WTF! She wouldn’t have given him a second glance if he wasn’t JL’s man.

  • Katie

    First of all what makes you guys think that she would give up her house. Wasn’t it like $350,000…She would have probably kicked his sorry ass out, if this rumor was true. And by true I don’t mean some publicity whore trying to make a name for herself because she has nothing better to do. Do we not remember the Tony Parker “alleged” affair? Nothing actually happened because the chick just wanted to be in the spot light. And as for the people keeping bashing Jamie-Lynn, yes she was 16 when she had her daughter. Yes she is a teenager. But the girl is doing well for herself, she has the support of her family and friends. GET OVER IT. Oh, and the fact that she goes out in her hometown and does things like I DON’T KNOW goes grocery shopping, she cant help it is paparazzi follow her. it is life as a celeb it happens. Just leave the poor girl alone!

  • Jennifer

    Eh, I’ll believe they’re broken up when I see it. And THE PUNISHER, why is it all on Jamie-lynn’s head? Just a reminder, making a baby is a two person thing, you know. So is raising it. So he shouldn’t get to take the easy way out just because he’s the guy.

  • nati

    to all the sorrys losers that r hating on jamie ya’ll need to worry bout urself and get a life fuckin haters!ur jus jealous !