Britney Spears TO PERFORM At The 2008 MTV VMAs


Woot! It’s really beginning to sound like my suspicions that Britney Spears will, in fact, be performing at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards next month are correct. E! News is reporting that celebrity hairstylist (and judge on Bravo’s Shear Genius) Kim Vo has spilled the news that he is designing 3 different hairstyles for Britters for VMAs night — one for red carpet, one for the show and one for her live performance:

[C]hatty hairdresser … Kim Vo … told E! News exclusively that he just may be creating three VMA looks for the “E-mail My Heart” singer. What could Britney possibly need three different hairstyles for? … The first look would obviously be for the red carpet. Vo says he and Brit are still “feeling out” ideas about how that will look. The second style would be for the show itself, probably something “more chic, like a side ponytail.” And look No. 3 would be for her PERFORMANCE! That’s right, we said performance. For such an event, Vo and Brit want something “more quintessential Britney.” “Performance” and “quintessential Britney” said together could only mean our girl is definitely coming back to us.

See, the only thing that gives me pause right now is the bit about the “side ponytail”. Vo saying something like that makes me think that he may be kidding … but that still doesn’t mean that she won’t be performing, my gut still tells me that she will.

And since we’re on the Britney Spears tip, here are a couple of supercute pics of Britney enjoying a lovely afternoon (this past Tuesday) with her son Jayden James (presumably Sean Preston was there, too) and a little friend of his … who just so happens to be Kingston James Stefani-Rossdale:

How cute are these pics … and I love that Gwen is cool with letting Britney watch her baby boy. Mebbe once Gwen finally births her baby, Britney will be asked to do some more babysitting in the future?

Also this week, Brit Brit was seen making her way out of Conway Studios here in LA lookin’ as smiley as can be …

… it’s unclear if she was working on her new album or if she was, perhaps, rehearsing for her rumored VMAs performance. In any event, she looks great and life seems to be going really well for our dear Britney right now. I hope the best is yet to come … we shall soon see.

[Photo credit: X17, Splash News; Source]

  • Keeks

    BORING! Britney is OVER. Get used to it. As much as I don’t care about her, I really hope she doesn’t embarrass herself at another video awards show. Cringeworthy.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    YEAAAA…that is great news. I am so happy for her and can’t wait for her to perform! She will rock the house. I can’t believe she is kicking it with Gwen’s kid. That is kind of strange, no? Go Brittney!!

  • GiGi

    See, I believe MTV will have her do a performance – the VMAs have been getting rather lackluster attention lately, and either way Britney’s performance goes (Good or Bad), people will definitely be talking about it. She’s kind of a big draw – even people who have no interest in her music or celebrity gossip are like “oh, hey did you hear what Britney did?”

    In a sense, she’s kind of like Michael Jackson. But without that bad plastic surgery.

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  • kat

    the side ponytail could be like this …not far fetched for an awards show. :)

  • Lisa

    Even though I’m not a fan of hers, it’s nice to see less of Crazy Britney in the news. I hope she can continue to do well.

  • Ricardo

    OMG!! Hope the rumor of the Britney’s performance is true!!
    I Can’t Wait to see her shine!

  • kendell

    this just makes me so happy and bubbly inside! im sitting at work geting giddy thinking of seeing my brit brit back at what she does best! hooray! oh and to the first comment… speak for urself.. shes not OVER if people are still excited and blogging about her. duh! woot. team brit and fam!

  • Joanne

    Britney’s getting her groove back!

  • Andy

    Hopefully she will not wear greasy, nappy, tired, played-out hair extensions.

  • Dana

    I know shes doing better, but seriously, would u let britney babysit your kid? Maybe kingston needs his teeth whitened

  • Paz

    Is it any surprise that she’s performing? The VMAs and Britney need each other. Britney’s the way to get ratings for a show that continues to go downhill. MTV is a struggling pimp and Britney is its whore.

  • Max


  • Colbi

    YESSS. I can’t wait.

  • Monique Michele

    Trent, Side ponytails are hugely popular for elegant events (proms, red carpets, etc). It’s usually very low, wavy and swept around the front. It’s a great look. ;)

  • nataly

    i hope she will rock, she deserve it!

  • Megan

    I saw additional pictures of her outing with little Kingston, and both JJ and SPF were there playing, and pics also showed that Mama Lynn Spears was present too. Which makes waaayyy more sense why Gavin and Gwen would let Kingston go over.

  • Kitti

    Yay! I can’t wait! Those who say Britney is over can f— off!

  • julie

    It cracks me up that “Mr. Gyllenhaal” is always on here gushing about how much he loves Britney, but he still can’t spell her name right. I can’t stand the bitch personally, but I at least know how many “t”s she has.

  • Jenny

    OH i hope Brit performs at the VMA’s it would be great

  • Monica

    I am so excited! Britney isn’t over she still has fans and people rooting for her. As much as people love a good train wreck we love to see a good comeback just as much! She wasn’t ready last year but hopefuly this performance will be amazing! I loved Blackout and I hope her future album has as many great dance tracks!

  • PixieBassline

    I saw a video of Kingston w/ Gavin & Gwen, and he was acting like a totally spoiled little shithead. They were trying to get him into the car and he was running around like a fool and when Gwen picked him up, he hit at her. So, it doesn’t surprise me that she’d let him go over to eat Cheetos with the Spederlines.

  • Gabrielle

    I’m SO excited for britney! She’s looking hot, staying out of spot light and getting her shit together. She’s a legand for a reason ans she’ll prove that to us at the VMA’s. No one’s hotter than B Spears in her prime-no one!

  • Brittney

    HA Please… Britney will never be over. Can’t wait to see what she does at the VMA’s! The commercials with Russell Brand are hilarious!

  • beth

    I hope she DOESNT perform, I feel like she needs just one more year, she is doing better, but this cannot happen overnight. Perhaps her dad will say no, hes got absolute control over that.
    Also, gwen lets brit watch her kids? See, its like they always say, we read the media but we dont KNOW these people, who knew?