‘Moon’ Struck


Sadly, David had to fly back to NYC yesterday after his quick trip out West for Sashie and Will’s wedding … because he’s got, like, a million things to take care of in NYC he couldn’t stay longer. It’s gonna be a little while until I’ll get to see him again … I have a week trip in Detroit coming up and then a couple weeks back here in LA before I jet off to NY again for his birthday next month.

Anyways, I was able to finally finish Book 2 of the Twilight series, New Moon, last night and again found that I enjoyed the book very much:

I liked the way the story shifted in this second book … introducing the werewolves was a very smart move and I liked the author’s allusions to the Romeo and Juliet story (likening the protagonist’s feelings for Edward and Jacob to Juliet’s feelings towards Romeo and Paris, respectively). My one complaint with the series, thus far, is the weakness of the main character Bella. She is always hurting herself and causing accidents that put her in harm’s way … she is always overdramatically pining for Edward, sometimes to the point of nausea. I mean, I get that young girls may eat this stuff up but I think making the character a little stronger, a little less reliant on the boys in the story would make her more interesting. I have a hard time feeling sympathy for a girl who cries profusely at the sight of the beautiful boy she’s in desperate love of … and then hates herself for crying so much that her tears keep her from being able to look at him (this actually happens at the end of New Moon). That being said, tho, the story is compelling … once you get into it, you don’t want to put down the books. I’m looking forward to starting Book 3, Eclipse, later on today.

I have a dinner date later on with my good friends Gillian and Tim, who I haven’t seen in a couple of months … we’re long overdue for hanging out so I’m really looking forward to seeing them tonight. So yeah, reading and hanging … keeping things pretty quiet these days :)

  • Jenn

    the further into the series i read, the more i disliked bella. by the end of breaking dawn i could not s-t-a-n-d her.

  • Yvett

    ahh, if you like book 2, you’ll love book 3!! I just finished book 3 for the second time!

  • Kat

    I deffo have a love/hate thing for the Twilight series. Here’s a link to a great commentary/hilarious recap of the books:
    A must read.

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  • Monica

    Glad you enjoyed New Moon. It was my favorite out of the four books.
    Mostly because I’m in love with Jacob. :]

  • Leslie

    trent, you’re not the only one who thinks Stephanie Meyer could have given her main character more female empowerment. seriously, the only thing she’s good at, besides being the damsel in distress, is cook for her father! while i still had fun reading all 4 books, i think this review is spot-on: http://psa.blastmagazine.com/2008/08/16/twilight-sucks-and-not-in-a-good-way/

  • Twilightlover

    Bella’s character is a little weak but that’s in comparison to the company she keeps like Vampires and Werewolves. But by the time you get to Breaking Dawn this will all make sense and her personality will make sense as well. I understand she aches for Edward but she had merged her life with his and I can understand how painful that would be to think that person is gone forever, I could almost feel my heart ache for her. But its all worth it and its an excellent story! I’m already going back to re-read the saga!

  • Kate

    I agree, there’s definately a love/hate feeling in my heart for the whole Twilight series. Admittedly I blasted through the first three within a week, and then couldn’t wait for the release of the third book, I do often get frustrated with Bella for being such a sponge of weakness.

    I do enjoy the whole series though, guilty pleasure mostly. The fourth book (breaking dawn) I liked, contrary to many of it’s critics. *shrug* I’ll comment again whenever you get that far with the series. :-)

  • Jenn

    Yay! I’m so glad that you’re commenting on the books! I’m completely obsessed…i’ve definitely never geeked out so hard over something before :) New Moon was the hardest to get thru, just because it was pretty sad all throughout most of the book, but I still loved it!!! As for Bella and her weakness, I think you’ll understand more why Stephenie made that a key component in the series the more you read, especially in book 4. Glad you love the books! Keep the posts comin’ :)

  • Sarah Rachel

    Yeah, I’m obsessed. I’m 27 and should be too old for these books, but I’m not! I’ve suggested them to my three sisters and my sister-in-law and they are all obsessed now too! I’m on book 3 and loving it.
    As far as Bella goes, I love her. I think our society has this wack attitude that girls all need to be independent and strong but I’m with her. I’d rather be desperately (as long as it’s mutual) in love and be taken care of! Just me! =)

  • kione

    trent, this will all change in book 4 :)
    just wait and see…

  • Linnea1928

    I read books 1 and 2 and I don’t think I will read anymore. I think the character development is weak and a lot of the dialogue is repetitive. Also, Bella is SO empty! All she does is follow Edward (and then Jacob) around like a puppy dog. These books are like romance novels for kids- hardly any substance.

  • lavendermoon

    I understand how people seem to not like Bella because of her weakness and the fact she’s always hurting herself. Some of us really are that accident prone and don’t fit the standard society has set for what a woman/girl should be. I think it just shows how vulnerable and at times helpless, that she really is. There is nothing wrong with that.

    That being said i agree with everyone else, it will make sense by the end of book 4. Which by the way I don’t understand why people hate it THAT much? I thought it was a fantastic ending, not to mention extremely well written. The story lines were really good. Why all the fuss?

    Anyways… onto the first chapter of Midnight Sun available on her website…. WOOT!!

  • aimie

    I love Bella. Yes, she is weak. She is clumsy. She is over dramatic. She is a teenager. She was a grown up her whole life and is finally able to be a kid. Her first love the true soulmate feeling behind her relationship with Edward. I guess you HAVE to experience that to know how she could be sooo head over heels for someone who want to KILL her at any given time. He is her vision of perfection no matter what he does it is ok with her. Is it a bit over the top at times, but the emotions felt are 100% real to that age. I don’t know I guess I am young at heart and can relate a little more. She had her first taste of love and her first heartbreak. Those are things you don’t take easily. I am glad you’re enjoying them though. I was shocked how much I got in to a teen book at 31 yrs old.

  • Stephanie

    I totally think that Bella is a VERY strong character!! Her character is clumsy that’s true, but that doesn’t make her weak. I infact find her very brave! Going alone to face James to save her mother and then to ditch Edward so he would’nt get hurt in Twilight and than again going to a den full of human killing vampires to save Edward in New Moon!!
    I think you need to look at it more like human against vampire issue, not a weak girl, but a human. Of course the vampires may be a stronger physically, but their Vampires!
    Bella kicks ass! She may be overly emotional some times, but what teenager isn’t? Gosh what person head over heels in love isn’t? Especially one that thought they had lost their love forever!
    Give her a break, she’s only human. We all can’t be perfect Vampires.
    Love that your reading them!!!
    Keep us posted!! =)

  • Jennifer


    I am so happy to see you reading and posting your thoughts on the Twilight series. I flew through the first three books, I could not put them down. Like some others on here I am 32 and they make me feel like a teenager again :) If you liked New Moon, you will love Eclipse. As for Breaking Dawn, it is much better than I thought, because I also read the reviews and I really like it, I am just taking my time with it because I just don’t want the story to end. I know kinda sad for a 32 year old but they are like an escape from the real world :)

  • klate

    I know i’m going to catch hell for this but here goes: I didn’t like Twilight. Gasp! I know. I sort of get why people geek out over it and I read it WANTING to like it. I went in knowing next to nothing about the series (I just finished it about a month ago) but heard they were good books. I get that someone could be wrapped up in the “romance.” But, unfortunatley, I found Ms. Meyer’s writing shallow, humorless, repetitive and, well, dull. The narrative would be vastly better served had Bella been a stronger, smarter character–independent of her relationship with Edward. Damsel in distress is…unoriginal. We’re all klutzes, but jut because you’re a klutz doesn’t mean you go out of your way to put yourself in obvious danger. Whether she develops past this in the later books is really sort of immaterial because readers like me, easily turned off by vacuous characters (male or female), got turned off by her from the get go and won’t bother to read the rest. Sorry, Twilight fans.

  • Corinne

    Bella just gets worse in the swooning for Edward department, unfortch…

  • Lauren

    i completely agree with you. the books sounded so interesting when i first heard about them so i did my research. however, when i started reading, i couldn’t stand how Bella was so “Oh Edward, I can’t bear to go on without you!!” *insert gagging noises here*. i’m sorry, but it’s just pathetic and just sends such a negative message to the naive young readers who have yet to experience relationships which stephanie meyer does. i think the type of female “heroine” she promotes is one that isn’t even a heroine but a pathetic damsel in distress-type who needs to be rescued by the “gentleman” and then continues to revolve her entire life around him. i mean come on, bella!! and also the entire Bella putting herself in danger thing…ugh…SAVE YOURSELF, stupid!

  • Anna

    I have read all of these and enjoyed them very much, but I have always had a problem with its message. After reading the fourth book I was just totally dissapointed. While these books are entertaining they send a very wrong message to young girls

  • Kate

    reading some of the comments here kinda made me think of something else…. Stephenie Meyer admitted from the beginning that she was writing a book about a girl who fell in love with a vampire……… so why is anyone surprised that the characters are infatuated with each other? She never set out to write a book about a strong empowered self assured young woman, who happens to meet a vampire along the way. As someone who is throughly in love, I can admit when I’m being a weenie about it. I can admit when I’m swooning and being silly about it, but that’s part of the fun to me of the relationship I’m (very lucky to be) in.

    Meh, you want a feminist? read something by Gloria Steinem.

  • Jenny

    The whole point here is that Bella is a HUMAN. Of course she’s weak, and to top it all off she has a seductive VAMPIRE in love with her, which by the way, aren’t vampires supposed to draw you in and make you practically helpless?
    Well that’s how Bella is, but for this it’s a love issue not I’m gonna suck your blood issue. Any human, male or female, would be considered weak surrounded by vampires and werewolves. As for the other issue about her not being able to live without him. When its your first love, didn’t most of us feel this way? I’m 31 & I can still remember the first time I fell in love and how strong that feeling was. I can totally relate to Bella about that & the whole wimpy thing. I wouldn’t be able to give anybody a roundhouse kick to the face and I would be afraid to! I’m also a feminist(and proud of it), but I can also read a fantasy book without having to look so much into it to see that it’s a FANTASY. People shouldn’t be looking for thier role models in a fictional vampire fantasy book.

  • Puja

    Oh Trent, you are not the only one to think that. But if you’re waiting for her to get strong you’ll have to wait until the last part of Breaking Dawn, so keep reading! And I’m glad you liked New Moon. A LOT of people didn’t like it. I loved it though =)

  • Irene

    Eclipse is my favorite book of the series, so ENJOY… I LOVE the whole series its an obsession

  • amy

    Do yourself a huge favor Trent…Stop reading after you’re done with Eclipse. If you buy and read Breaking Dawn you will not only want your money back but you will also want all the hours of your life that you spent reading the entire Twilight Saga back. Yes, Breaking Dawn is that bad, it ruins the series (that was not very good to begin with) and will negate any positive feelings you ever had for them, lol.

  • angela

    I read all of the books because my students read them. As a teacher, I am saddened that my female students think that Bella’s only choices are between Jacob and Edward. She could choose so much more than obsessing over boys that frankly are controlling and domineering. It’s as if there is nothing to her except for how she feels about them. It made my stomach turn. There is romance, and then there is losing yourself and sacrificing yourself over dudes that aren’t really worth it. I really was unhappy with the ending, and I will do everything in my power to steer my students towards better books. They are quickie summer beach reads, but that’s about it.

  • Amy

    Haha I love how the twilight series is catching on so largely now. But yeah new moon was deffinitely not my fav, eclipse was really good though.

  • swiminflowers7

    NOT ALL WOMEN ARE STRONG!! I may be strong but my boyfriend of 3 Years left me I’d be a mess. I would cry. I know Bella and Edward were not together that long but they fell in love so fast it felt like years. You have to understand Stephenie is a bit of an old fashion writer. I loved New Moon. I cried A LOT while reading. It wasn’t good reading it at work. I had to stop and get myself together. Glad you liked the book though. I can already tell you’ll probably hate Breaking Dawn though. Oh well.

  • diana

    warning trent, if you love the first three books save yourself the time and money and don’t purchase book four!!!

  • swiminflowers7

    also in the real world i am sure most girls know they have an option. it isnt just 2 boys. its a story and most girls who read it i am sure know that. it just makes it fun to have TEAM EDWARD AND TEAM JACOB. That teacher lady doesn’t get it. People who have more education don’t see just the simple things. Oh well, again.

  • Pacey1927

    I have read up to New Moon too and I still have Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in my TBR stack.

    I am 34 and I love YA fiction as much as any other kind of fiction. Paranormals and sci fi are my weakness.

    I want to encourage anyone who might be interested to pick up Rachel Caine’s YA vampire series “Morganville Vampires”. The first one is “Glass Houses” and the 2nd is “The Dead Girls Dance”. They are so much better than the Twilight series. The characters are strong and they will do anything in the name of friendship. The action doesn’t stop. The series has just released the fourth volume and there are at least two more in the works.

  • Grace

    If you like the Twilight books I have a couple irresistable suggested reads:

    Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampier Novels (soon to be a tv series on HBS called TrueBlood)

    Maria V. Snyder “Poison Study”, “Magic Study”, “Fire Study”

    Both these series have very strong and respectible heroines – read them – you’ll love them as much as I did!

  • Grace

    I also wanted to add that I personally enjoyed book four the most. Her writing has improved and the plot line wasn’t as linear as the previous theree. My biggest issues with the books were the lack of complex plots and a week lead (Bella). Both these problems were reconciled in Breaking dawn – 1) The angle Meyer went for in BD was so unexpected mainly because it seemed so terribly hard to write and she did a decent job. 2) In finding her true place Bella becomes the heroine in the end. Book four has a very different feel from the first theree, naturally. I understand its hard as a reader to face changes but stories must have a natural evolution.

  • Linh

    I love these books. Breaking Dawn was awesome for me. I don’t understand why there are so many that don’t like it.

    Twilight lures you in…New Moon was mopey…Eclipse was so lovely and Breaking Dawn kicks ass.

    Can’t wait for the movie. I am obsessed and I am 35. Go figure.

  • hayley

    i, personally, loved these books. i was a bit annoyed at times with bella, but overall i thought it was a great story. whether they’re literary masterpieces or good examples for young girls, i don’t really feel i can be the judge of that, but i was entertained. in case you haven’t heard, she’s going to be releasing book 1 from edward’s perspective.. which i’m really excited for. you can find the first chapter on stephanie meyer’s website. :)

  • J

    “get that young girls may eat this stuff up but I think making the character a little stronger, a little less reliant on the boys in the story would make her more interesting.”–> Not at all. Bella’s desperation actually turns me off to the story, and fellow YA author Meg Cabot has even criticized the series in her blog for this. (Well not this specifically, but more of the fact that Bella so readily relinquished her identity for Edward.)

    To be very honest, the fact that this sort of portrayal of a girl who’s in love worries me because I worry it may promote this behavior in other young girls. (Like, allowing obsessive behavior pass off as “normal”.) I already see this sort of behavior among some of my peers, and I’m worried about the girls who are just a few years younger than me who are entering the dating world.

  • Samantha

    Bella just gets worse as the story goes on. You’re right though, I couldn’t stop reading either

  • jamie

    i really like all four books and thought Breaking Dawn was good to don’t get why people say its was shit i liked it :)

    am reading the vampire chronicals (sp) at the mo woow

  • Heather – ATL

    reading it now……..

  • Jerika

    Young women do NOT eat this stuff up. Self-delusioned girls who wish they had a creepy vampire stalker may, but the fact that these books are so popular give people like me and my friends, who step out of the Young Adult section at the book store a bad name. What a shitty book series.

  • Kay

    I’m seventeen, I’m not a hermit, I go out, have a boyfriend, live a normal life, but I am personally in love with the Twilight series. These books don’t show girls how to be weak, this book is about love, danger, romance, heartbreak, all the things teenage girls(and boys) dream and think about. Bella was in love, her first love, she changed for him, yes, but who doesn’t change a little, make compromises for the one you love? You have to, or it wouldn’t work. Bella wasn’t a weak character either, she was in love, her life felt like it ended because she lost the one person who was meant for her, think about your first love, if they had up and left, said they didn’t want you, and left your life, what would you of done? you would of been devasted, and if you say you wouldn’t of been, you’re lying to yourself.

  • Amy

    I have never left a comment before but my sister gave me these books for my birthday (the first two) and i flew through them (even with working about 10 hours a day)! I thought both New Moon and Twilight were fantastic, and i wasn’t bothered by Bella’s “weakness.” I attribute a lot of that to her being young and in love for the first time, and a human among mythical creatures. She stands up when she needs to (when Edward went to Italy) and for Jacob when she thought he was joining a cult. I have ordered the last two books and will probably fly through them like i did these (my husband thinks i am crazy btw). Anyway, it is nice to see someone else is at the same point in the series!

  • Christina

    I think the point that most people are missing is that TONS of girls Bellas age are EXACTLY like her. I LOVE that she isn’t the perfect cheerleader that has perfect poise and grace, I love that she has REAL feelings and they are RAW and BELIEVEABLE. Needless to say I loved the entire saga and plan on re-reading it soon. My husband understood my obsession with Harry Potter novels, he isn’t quite as savy with the Twilight series. :)

  • Zan

    First, let me say that I love the series. I’m almost done with Breaking Dawn and I still enjoy it. With that said, I am not a fan of Bella. I think it’s unfortunate that Stephanie Meyer has inadvertently injected her some of her religious views into the story by creating a heroine who’s entire existence revolves around a man. If this were an adult book, it wouldn’t bother me near as much, but the fact is that the series is aimed at teenage girls. Bella sets an extremely poor example for how teenage girls should handle a relationship. She’s obsessive in a rather unhealthy way and constantly needs “saving” from herself by all the men around her.

  • Obviously some of you people haven’t been in love. I think Ms. Meyers totally captured the feeling of having lost the one you love without a real explination. And HELLOOOOO bella is always getting hurt cuz she is clumbsy!! She said so herself in Twilight. Plus she is a “danger magnet!” Without her getting into these messes there wouldn’t be a NEW MOON or Eclipse cuz they revolve around her getting into trouble. She is not weak she is just plain HUMAN!!! If you have a love/hate feeling toward the books its because you haven’t complete found the meaning behind them its not just leisure reading people!!! Like Stephenie Meyers said…they become real and obviously they haven’t for you. This is coming from a pure and true Twilighter.

  • PR Diva

    I just finished “Eclipse.” I found this to be the weakest of the 3 so far. Bella is extremely annoying and as a strong woman I think her character is sending the wrong idea to young teens. Girls are strong and need to know that they can take care of themselves……..

  • Laura

    I am almost finished with ‘new moon’ and I totally agree with you on the bella story…
    Anyhow… I can’t wait till the film is coming out… and finish book 2 :)

  • Jax

    I’m almost done with New Moon and I love the series. I’m not a romance reader but I’m a Vampire reader and I plan on reading the recommendations listed above, thank you all so much.

    Not every girl is strong, and independent, especially at 17, and I’ve been that inlove before where I just about fell to pieces when my love broke up with me, but I bounce back, but if you’ve never been there, you won’t get it.

    I’ll read all for even if Bella starts to piss me off, cuz I love me some Edward Cullen!

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  • chloe

    i loved twilight and new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn. you are going to love eclipse even more than new moon! its soo good. when you read the books you just get so into them and everytime i read new moon i cry and get depressed for a few day then when i finish it and go on to eclipse im happy again! i think you will LOVEE eclipse!

  • Lisa

    Couldn’t agree more Trent, I started New Moon and couldn’t finish it, I couldn’t take Bella anymore. This is definitely a book for young teen girls…the pining for Edward was driving me nuts.

  • TwilightFan


  • breakingdawnfan

    I loved Breaking Dawn. I think the teenagers are immature sometimes and they just don’t get it ! WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY THAT’S WHAT YOUR FOCUS IS ON AND IT’S NORMAL TO HAVE A FAMILY AFTER GETTING MARRIED !



  • pinkreader1

    I think I can probably beat you all with the age thing – I am 43 and am a chapter away from finishing the 2nd book – and am loving it. I am a vampire/romance reader and this series is just fun. If you like this type of book – on a more adult level – the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward are great reads. Hot guys with supernatural powers!

  • silentcamisado

    Personally, New Moon was not my favorite book out of the series because of Jacob mostly.
    Now, Bella really isn’t a weak character. To reiterate, she appears weak because she is a human among vampires and werewolves, the inhumanly strong supernatural. Were the book only about humans, she would very likely be a strong character. She has strong tendencies. A lot of people don’t see that she is a lot like Edward, a strong character. She is willing to put herself in danger to save others, just as Edward is himself. Take James, Victoria and the Volturi into consideration. She is extremely strong there. She just appears weak because she can’t do what her company does. Also, Edward is not as controlling as people perceive him to be. He gives Bella her choices. She can decide what she wants. She can leave him, be with Jacob or whoever she wants, stay with him, forget him. She can choose what her future is; she just decided that she wanted Edward. That is a characteristic of a strong character for me: choice. Bella has that.
    As for being pining, what girl isn’t at some point? We all fall in love and feel devastated when that love is taken away, whether real or unrequited love. That’s what happens to humans and teenagers in particular; we feel overly dramatic when something important to us is taken away.
    And finally, in consideration that the series is teaching girls not to be strong women, that is hardly true. I know plenty of strong independent women that love and obsess over this series, but they haven’t given up their independence for a guy or anything. If the series teaches us anything, it is that we do not have to settle for second rate men. We can have high standards and wait for a gentleman that has morals and knows what’s best for him and him letting us decide what’s best for us.

  • LC Cullen

    hi Trent! I’m LC from Manila, Philippines and i always visit your site. It’s already part of my routinely schedule here in the office when i check my mails. Anyway, i’m glad you like the first 2 books of the Twilight Saga. I’m sure you will love all 4 books as much as i did! I’m also a Twilight fan… you should check out the movie Twilight which will be in cinemas coming November. Can’t wait for that too! Also, there’s this TV show in CBS called Moonlight, not sure if you’ve heard of it but the storyline is sort of like Twilight… that vampire-human love story but the show has already been canceled so maybe you can watch it online… =) Cheers!


  • monica

    well i see what you mean as bella not having enough women empowerment, but you have to understand that she is a 17 year old human who has never come across something life theatening and supernatural. i mean its not like she can win a fight against a band of crazy indestructable newborns… it makes ALOT more sense in the 4th book you won’t be disappointed=]]] and the whole breakup aftermath is understandable once you read stephenie meyer’s Q&A. she wanted to see what it would be like when one loses the truest of true love.. the one person one was MEANT to be with… not some teenage infatuation…. but yea… i hope your opinion changes=] enjoy the books!

  • miranda

    All i have to say is come on people give the character bella and the book series a break!! i am a huge fan of TWILIGHT and loved everything about the book!! and yes i have read all the books!! its about finding true love and it gives inspiration to find that guy who is right for you!! but the thing is its a book and bella is supposed to be small and normal not super strong and independent she wasnt meant to be super man!! so stop calling the book anti- feminist!!! and plus if you actually read the books and find the meaning she really is a strong character and cares for others around her!! bella only appears weak in edward’s eyes cuz he sees her as breakable but other than that she is fabulous!! she is a great role model but to be honest its just a book and its not real!! so finally STOP BASHING THE TWILIGHT BOOKS!!! THEY ARE GREAT AND INSPIRATIONAL!!! STEPHENIE MEYER IS AN AWESOME WRITER!!! SO STOP!!!

  • krishakatastrophexxx

    so,read almost all the series,need BD.bad. and i LOVE bella. all you guys just like edward cuz he’s hot. and sometimes i really dont like edward. He’s annoying for me. But bella. i love bella. but sometimes,when she’s confused-it’s a bit annoying.

    dont bash me,that’s what i think. respect that.

  • Mckenzie

    Yay Trent !!!!!! I didn’t know you were reading the series!! That just makes you 100,000 times more awesome =] I agree with you about Bella, but I still love the books anyway…. maybe because I’m not an impressionable 12 year old girl, thus I already have had strong feminist values instilled in me by my mother (screw cooking – I hate it!), and have already had REAL LIFE relationships and know they are nothing like Bella’s and Edward’s! You’ll like Eclipse! (But the first book is still my favorite… I’m gonna go look for your review of it right now~!)

  • Vivien

    Thank you I’ve been waiting for so long for someone to say this! I love Edward and Jacob is okay, but Bella annoys the crap out of me. The series reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except that Buffy is strong, powerful and awesome with a lot more to deal with whereas Bella is so weak and depressed over her boyfriend.

  • Kaye

    if you think she’s weak in book 2, wait till you get to book 4..

  • Laura

    OMG. Eclipse is my favourite of the 4 books!(other than the first) They’re all amazing of course, but i found that New Moon took me the longest to get through due to the absence of Edward. I’m very delayed on this comment but i hope your enjoying Eclipse! ITS AMAZING! and I am soooo excited for Midnight Sun to release even though it could still be quite a while now..

  • Laura

    EDWARD CULLEN IS SEXY. in my mind

    ..and the movie. ( Robert Pattinson )

  • erica

    I think people need to stop criticizing Bella, I agree with the person who commented above about the fact that when you finish reading Breaking Dawn you will understand her character more. I also further agree that she seems weak because of the company she keeps. I feel like Stephenie Meyer made her that way so we could understand how strong Vampires and Werewolves are compared to us humans. I like Bella and I sympathize with her. I love all of the books but especially Twilight since it was the beginning. I went through all of them in a whole week!!! I couldn’t put them down!

  • Flor

    You know what? I never thought that this books will be as known as they are! but Im fascinated! and well,, yes you’re right! I couldnt left the book for a minute, I cant wait till monday (that I’ll get y new book) and I have o satrt to read it all again..I didn’t like bella’s weakness in terms of jake. Because I she would’ve loved truly Edward. She wouldnt thought that ahe could start sth with jake..that makes me get angry and sad, cause I cant change the story..So, this is the first kind of book that make me feel this way! That I cant put the donw, and truly I dont know If I can wait till monday, I guess I’ll have to go tomorrow..!