Jewel Kilcher Got Naughty In A Photo Booth


Okay … y’all will have to indulge me for a sec … I realize that this photo is about 5 years old now but Pink reader Faith recently stumbled upon it and reminded me of how awesome it really is. After all, some of you may have missed it the first time … so without further ado … Here is a pic of Jewel Kilcher and a guy, who may or may not be her new husband Ty Murray (it does look like it could be him), flashing Jewel’s right breast inside the famed photo booth at MTV studios in Times Square back in 2003. Guests of TRL used to pop into (and pop out, apparently) the photo booth to take photos for the network and may or may not have been aware that a video camera was also inside the booth to videotape the guests:

After the jump, check out the racy and fun NSFW uncensored photo …


LOL … honestly, it’s a great pic. If the guy in the pic with Jewel really is her new hubby Ty then I think a framed copy of this photo would make a most excellent wedding gift. If it’s not him, well, then … I guess not. That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it … again ;)


  • madi

    that is her husband.

  • hahaha..yay!

  • tanya

    that is indeed ty. i remember when this was a semi big deal. ah, love.

  • Andrea

    Trent — that is totally Ty!! Who else but a cowboy would wear a cap advertising snuff (i.e. chewing tobacco in a can)?? And besides that — it’s Ty’s face!

  • kam

    You go girl! Thats def Ty, btw.

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