Heidi Montag Releases A New Song


Woot! The 4th season of The Hills debuts tonight on MTV at 10pm and there promises to be a whole lotta drama to come … but first up, Heidi Montag has a little something she wants you to hear first:

To coincide with tonight’s season 4 premiere of The Hills, Heidi Montag has released a new single. “Overdosin'” is about “when you fall in love with someone… and [you’re] just overdosing off of their love,” she said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM morning show. The song’s chorus is a repetition of “I can’t get enough of you.”

Heidi and Spencer Pratt tell Extra TV that they are deffo planning to be married on TV and that they have no intention of leaving The Hills before the show ends its run:

Reality TV’s most talked about couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, breaks the big news to “Extra” that they’re planning to get married on live on TV! Montag tells “Extra,” “I’m just waiting for that big ring.” Montag also reveals there could be baby Speidis in the future, saying “I want kids … eventually.” This weekend, The Hills co-star, Audrina Patridge, opened up about her frosty relationship with Montag, saying, “You know, I don’t have a problem with her … That’s between her and Lauren [Conrad].” On set, “Extra” played Patridge’s comments for Montag, who revealed she has no ill feelings toward Patridge, saying, “We hang out. We’re friends … I love Audrina.” As for any rumors that Heidi is leaving The Hills, she responds, “No, where would I go?”

Lauren LC Conrad, the show’s star, on the other hand tells the New York Post that The Hills is “definitely reaching its end”, telling the newspaper:

The show is definitely reaching its end. It’s been so amazing and I’ve loved most of it, but I think there is going to come a time where I need to live my life for myself and not in front of viewers. I’m young and having fun with it now, but it’s not something I am going to be able to do forever, obviously.

Click HERE to read the rest of LC’s fairly long interview with the NYP.

OH … yeah … After the jump, hear Heidi Montag’s new single Overdosin’ in full …

So … I know we are ALL excited for the season premiere of The Hills tonight but as for Heidi’s new song … do we like? I expect to read a lot of y’all’s comments :)

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  • Kim

    trent, don’t you think she sounds like a robot about to malfunction with that voiceover?

  • Froggie2004

    It sounds so over produced, you can’t tell what her voice really sounds like. The synth-overlay on her vocals (in most of her songs) will get old real fast, if not already.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LOL!! Her songs just get worse and worse, if that is even possible. She sucks. Who in the hell would watch them get married? Like we care….BLAH!! Yea to the hills tonight! Can’t wait to watch all the fake drama. TEAM LC!

  • Pat

    Yes, it’s over-produced, but it’s not worse than a lot of stuff that’s already out there. It’s aight.

  • I think that is 20% Heidi, 50% studio, 30% voice generation via a computer.
    I’ve heard better at karaoke night down on the pier.

  • Sacha

    Not the best of her songs…

  • CkayM

    I kind of like it….. if it were someone else singing it i’d totes dl it for sure

  • mel

    ewww…she cant sing…i dont no why she even tries and she probably knows it thts why its soo over produced

  • jessica

    wow. this is bad. she can’t sing. i wish that they played the song with her awful video for ‘higher’ cause that was bad but at least amusing. this song is just reallly reallllly awful

  • Erin

    her voice is about as real as her boobs……

  • Natallica

    Maybe if I had robot ears…….

    Way to cutoff her tired mugg…staring into her eyes directly can cause stupidity. That’s why Spencer is a douchbag. LOL!!

  • Duckie

    I have to quote Erin cos she put it perfectly: “her voice is about as real as her boobs……” Hahaha :)

  • Amber

    Her voice is as fake as her boobs and nose. She just sucks. She should just go hibernate with Spencer…no one wants to see them, they’re the definition of “media WHORES.” and Spencer is so rude to his sister, how can you be that mean to someone that has known you your whole life and is your family? It just shows what an a**hole he is.

  • ella

    No…more…PLEASE! Stop trying to make career out of yelping like a dying animal!

  • Ugh, did an eight year old create this on his Casio keyboard?

  • jane

    wow… who told her she could sing? that was a truely annoying song but i won’t lie i like her song fashion… oh the shame

  • This bitch does not deserve the attention! :P
    Cosmo Guy

  • This bitch does not deserve the attention! :P
    Cosmo Guy

  • Katie

    this is the worst song… she needs to stop getting attention.. shes just a little slut who has no talent whatsoever who needs to go do something better with her life

  • N A O K O

    I can’t even hear her real voice.. I don’t even know what her real voice is supposed to sound like… Although I do hate Heidi.. I would just say that the song is not that bad.. only if I can actually hear her voice.. (or maybe that’ll make it worse.. I don’t know..)

  • Owww… My taste… It hurts… Please STOP… STOP horsey Heidi. Just because you have a chin implant doesn’t mean you can sing!

  • Weedy McStoned

    Are we really hard up for entertainment that we need a reality “star” singing to us? I think not!

  • Kate

    Oh man that was brutal.

    I’d totally hate them if I hadn’t met them and found they were lovely people..Spencer even bought as all Team Heidi shirts!

  • sheila

    I can’t believe how different she looks in just a couple years time. She used to be kinda pretty.

  • Robyn

    This is the farthest thing from music….. EVER! Synthesized GARBAGE!!! Counting down the moments till her and her douchebag-brown-noser-whatever-the-hell-he-is’s 15 minutes of fame are over! Time is ticking thank God!

  • krys

    The first twenty seconds are the best part. Anything afterwards and you will be overdosing on the ear bleach. The song is just like her hair and face: too butchered and overworked. *BOO!* She still sounds like a child singing into a fan on the highest speed setting.

  • Paz

    “No, where would I go?” HAHAHA too true. Her existence is defined by the show and the tabloids and the ridiculous amount of attention we all give them.

    I love how everyone is like, “GO AWAY SPEIDI, YOU SUCK” yet the minute she releases another song, we have to listen, even though we know our ears will bleed.

    Seriously though, WTF with the title Overdosin? Did they run out of generic love song titles and start to venture into morbid territory? What’s next? “I’m snorting a line of your love?”

  • Keimo



  • Joanne

    Reality Check!

  • Dori

    well… it’s better than Higher so i guess we couldn’t hope for much better could we?

  • Peppar

    Terrible…my ears are bleeding. She really can not sing at all.

  • JK

    she needs to effing give it up.

  • poop

    typical pop song

  • meelia

    she sucks.
    i’ll give you that.
    if people really didnt like her though, then why bother listening to the song and commenting on it?

  • sarah

    i hate heidi montag i hate heidi montag i hate heidi montag i hate heidi montag i hate heidi montag i hate heidi montag i hate heidi montag

    please tell her to stop trying, someone ANYONE SAVE US

  • 35 comments for this entry, and around the same amount for that last Spencer one…
    I’m thinking that if we all just stopped bitching at them and ignored Trent’s posts about them…perhaps he’ll stop.
    That’s virtually an extra 35 page views (at least) of ads that he has on this site, which = more revenue for him.
    So to keep that up he’s going to post things of controversy, I would say, get the comments rolling and the page views flying in… or at least because Speidi read this blog. I don’t think they’d be too happy if he posted what he *really* thought about the song/them since he seems to see them occasionally.

  • Alicia

    kinda catchy! overproduced no doubt but there is wayyyy worse out there besides i feel this techno, synth thing is going to be a trend in pop music anyways.

  • Kat

    its stupid.. her song, her voice is horrible and for a couple of the previous songs that were decent her voice ruined it. Im not trying to be mean.. just truthful.

  • Shannon

    its like a bad 80’s song.

  • Mel

    Oh. My. Gosh. Just when you think it can’t get worse, it always does. I feel bad for her and everyone involved in the making of this song – being deaf is the least of their problems.

  • Jill

    If this song comes out on the radio, i will be the first one to switch the station!!

  • Jules

    My god! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!!! My dog is howling right now!!!!!
    Honestly, she is so stupid….she deserves to be with Spencer!

  • ginae

    she is pathetic!

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  • liza

    way overproduced….you can’t even understand what she is singing…why..why..why won’t she give up the singing…it’s not working. please make her stop…singing is awful.

  • Brooke3611

    Trent???!!!! Enough already!! We don’t care. She seriously needs to stop. She’s so lame. Please stop talking about her!!

  • patchy

    omg my dog just went into a seizure. What a piece of crap, this isn’t worth the bandwith you’re wasting sampling this to us..why does this woman think she can sing? and its all digitized too, she’s not even really singing and it’s still bad

  • Okay, I love Heidi y’all, way better than LC or Lo, but okay, this song? I liked Touch Me and even that Higher song in a way that I liked the Wedding Planner- cheesy, over the top, and something that you should probably never admit to. But this one is horrible- why, Heidi? Why?

  • Donnie

    All you Mother F*ckers are jelous Haters!

  • TaraDawn

    i have to admit i love to hate her. although i wonder at what point is she going to get it? i mean when you have to produce and pay for your own shit to be made, because nobody will give your no talent ass a record deal, maybe its time to move on.
    if i was her i would be embarassed and would never even have released that. and alicia, please, just because something becomes “trendy” doesnt mean it actually has any validity or substance. the girl sounds like a robot, and that is because she sucks and cannot hit any of the notes, so they synthesize the fuck out of it. its fake and terribly awful, and i hope to god that you are beyone wrong about all that techno shit becoming popular in pop music and culture today.
    and donnie, shut up, this is a gossip column, if you cant take the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen. and learn how to spell. Jealous, not jelous. no wonder your defending this fame-whore, you have less brain cells than she apparently does.