Lance Bass Is ‘Polite In Public’


Pink reader Cassie gave me the head’s up that a cute pic of Lance Bass and (I’m gonna assume) his latest paramour Sebastian Leal lookin’ all cozy together showed up on a site called Polite in Public which, apparently, posts photos online that were taken inside their themed photobooths:

Now, as best as I can tell … Lance hosted a private party called the Beerjing Olympics and installed a Polite In Public photobooth so that his guests could take fun photos and, apparently, see them online. Looks like Mission: Accomplished. The event, the site says, took place on 08.08.08 (the same day that the Beijing Olympic Games took place) and looks like it was a lot of fun. Again, it’s hard to tell who the guy kissing on Lance’s cheek is but, as I said, I’m gonna assume it’s his latest boy toy Sebastian Leal. Click HERE to see all of the pics from Lance’s Beerjing Olympics party. Fun!

[Source; thanks Cassie]

  • Jim

    Lance looks better than he usually does in that pic. He hasn’t looked particularly hot since his NSYNC days.

  • lindyloo

    too cute.
    is this one a keeper? hope so.

  • MCG48

    Brittany Snow (from Hairspray) was in a couple of the pics.

  • Jeff

    I remember Lance posted a few weeks ago a myspace bulletin asking for help thinking of a name for his team for the Beer Olympics this year.

  • Jeff

    Along w/ Brittany Snow…there was Jamie Lynn Siegler, Mike “Boogie” Malen from Big Brother/owner of Les Deux/Geisha House, Kathy Griffin’s assistant, Tiffany….and a guy that was in Grandma’s Boy….haha

    PS~can we look at the second pic and look at the hottness that is that guy! Lance has some good looking friends…lol

  • James

    Sebastian is ugly.

  • Steve

    Sebastian maybe ugly, but he has what Lance wants- 9 thick inches!