Lance Bass Is ‘Polite In Public’

Also looks cheeky in public, too

Pink reader Cassie gave me the head’s up that a cute pic of Lance Bass and (I’m gonna assume) his latest paramour Sebastian Leal lookin’ all cozy together showed up on a site called Polite in Public which, apparently, posts photos online that were taken inside their themed photobooths:

Now, as best as I can tell … Lance hosted a private party called the Beerjing Olympics and installed a Polite In Public photobooth so that his guests could take fun photos and, apparently, see them online. Looks like Mission: Accomplished. The event, the site says, took place on 08.08.08 (the same day that the Beijing Olympic Games took place) and looks like it was a lot of fun. Again, it’s hard to tell who the guy kissing on Lance‘s cheek is but, as I said, I’m gonna assume it’s his latest boy toy Sebastian Leal. Click HERE to see all of the pics from Lance‘s Beerjing Olympics party. Fun!

[Source; thanks Cassie]

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  1. lindyloo

    too cute.
    is this one a keeper? hope so.

  2. MCG48

    Brittany Snow (from Hairspray) was in a couple of the pics.

  3. Jeff

    I remember Lance posted a few weeks ago a myspace bulletin asking for help thinking of a name for his team for the Beer Olympics this year.

  4. Jeff

    Along w/ Brittany Snow…there was Jamie Lynn Siegler, Mike “Boogie” Malen from Big Brother/owner of Les Deux/Geisha House, Kathy Griffin’s assistant, Tiffany….and a guy that was in Grandma’s Boy….haha

    PS~can we look at the second pic and look at the hottness that is that guy! Lance has some good looking friends…lol

  5. James

    Sebastian is ugly.

  6. Steve

    Sebastian maybe ugly, but he has what Lance wants- 9 thick inches!

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