Britney Spears Promotes The 2008 MTV VMAs


MTV has released 2 promo videos for the upcoming 2008 MTV Video Music Awards starring VMAs host Russell Brand and our dear Britney Spears (lookin’ quite faboo, I must say). Earlier, we saw the first promo photo of Britney with Russell and a 900 lb. elephant (in the room) and now we can take a gander at the videos that were shot at the same time. First up, here is the promo video titled Name:

After the jump, check out the second promo video featuring Britney and the kinda scary Russell Brand

This video is called Pinch Me:

Love it … she looks and sounds so great. I love that the videos are ad libbed rather than rehearsed, this way Britney’s natural charm can shine thru. I gotta say, it’s wonderful seeing Britney in this way again. I can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for the MTV VMAs this year ;)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SHe looks great!! I didn’t know they were AD LIBBED!! That is even better! Good for her. She really does look and sound great!!!

  • I’m really hoping Britney performs at the show and redeems herself! I think she has it in her now…the laugh says it all lol

    Cosmo Guy

  • Britney Stefani

    She looks Amazing!, its a simple promo but it looks very natural and relaxed love her laugh :) I can’t wait to see if she performs!!!

  • She looks and sounds great (BTW, I have no idea who Russell Brand is…). I truly hope she’s gotten her stuff together, and am happy for her!

  • Kitti

    I love her so much!!

  • Lauren

    Russel Brand is hilaroius. I can’t wait to see the vma’s now =D

  • hello1

    Russel Brand was the only funny thing in that Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie. neways Britney will make this VMAs her comeback and have us forget last years disaster. anyone realize last year nothing was promoted about Britney at the VMAs or her performance or even her CD Blackout, just articles saying she’ll perform. but this year she got into shape and is now making commercials for the VMAs so this is getting me excited more than last year when i didnt knoe what she would do or song. PLUS shes nominated for 2 MTV awards so she’ll likely win one and reveal she hotness in a stunning outfit i bet, funny how shes never ever won a award. MTV owes her so much

  • Alicia

    I see this video this morning i was so happy!
    She’s Amazing iM really happy to say at everybody that Britney Is Back (L)!

  • lyndyloo

    I love Russell Brand, I absolutely adore this man.
    Britnwy looks so hot. Good work papa Spears.

  • Mike

    thats a healthy laugh if i ever did hear one! w00t!

  • K

    i love britney!!

  • A

    I’m always skeptical of La Brit, since she has as much of a shot at being a total wash-up as she does being a comeback kid, however, these videos are cute. Bravo to MTV’s marketing department for thinking of such a clever way to advertise the VMAs, which IMO is an event that is losing relevance every year it exists with the death of music videos and the record industry losing money left and right!

  • CkayM

    for i love her<3

  • Marnie

    Her body language said “Oooooo, stay away from me!!!’

  • Jaddedkitten

    loves it she looks and sounds like the britney we knew and loved

  • aureliexxx

    i love russell brand… i mean he is so FUNNY. the english humour is the best ever!

  • Nickki

    Are all of you haters aware of the fact that brit is older now then way back when… you guys want her to look like she’s 16 years old again… SHE HAD 2 KIDS AND IS ON MEDICATION. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whoa calm down Nickki :P Over use of the exclamation point isn’t likely to make people take you seriously. But I agree. I mean, I look worse in a bikini and I’ve not had two kids, so.. good for her.
    Russell Brand sure is a creepy man-whore, but he’s hilarious. I look forward to seeing the VMA’s, and …I hope Britney does perform and actually *performs* this time! :P

  • Aly

    Wow, that’s awesome. I forgot about crazy Britney watching those. She looks so cute! I’m so excited for her.

  • john

    I dont see how Russell is scary.

  • Does anyone watch “The Mighty Boosh”? Because Russell Brand is like the real life Vince Noir right now.

  • Get’m girl

    Thank GOD! Britney looks fucking amazing! Theres the girl I fell in love with! So happy for her right now

  • Mich

    She looks beautiful! It really is great to see her so happy and healthy looking.

  • diana

    who the hell is that creepo don’t tell me he’s hosting the vmas
    look at how brit brit slides away from him just a bit HAHAHHA
    btw she’s looking UHmazing

  • sarah

    ahh russel brand is such a genius, i love him i love him

    and britney looks super hot, good on her :D

  • jamie

    oh i hope russel talks his classic ball bag u swines lines the man is scary but funny he was the best on big brothers big mouth

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  • Thadeus

    That elephant is amazing.