Sienazar Are Still At It


Now that the topless photos have made the rounds, now that the wife knows and now that the couple have been seen together again here in the States, it would appear that Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty have no reason to keep their burgeoning relationship a secret any longer. The couple have been spending their time together in Malibu, CA lately and were spotted making their way out of a CVS Pharmacy with purchases in hand:

It’s unclear what the couple were shopping for at a drug store but … the possibilities are endless. It’s interesting that the couple walked out of the store side-by-side but then immediately put some distance between them once they realized they were being photographed … especially since the couple opted to have a nice public dinner together later on in the weekend, choosing to sit outside. After the jump, check out pics of Sienazar lunching together at Taverna Tony in Malibu yesterday …

Aww, don’t they look so happy together?

SIENNA MILLER and BALTHAZAR GETTY looked very much in love as they lunched with powerful film producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER in a Greek taverna in Los Angeles. The couple shared a joke and Sienna flirted openly, giggling and playing with her hair. These new pictures appear to show that 33-year-old Baltahzar’s marriage to wife ROSETTA, the mother of his four kids, is well and truly over – despite rumours of a reconciliation last week. After the meal at Taverna Tony in Malibu, Sienna followed the Greek tradition of reading her fortune in her coffee cup. Trying to work out what the future holds for your new relationship, Si?

Hopefully her fortune doesn’t say anything about bringing wreck and ruin down upon her head for playing a part in the destruction of a marriage … cuz that would be really bad for her. Ah well, karma has a way of working itself out. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of his relationship that the two seem to be building together.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    BAD KARMA!!!!!!

  • Melinda

    If a person will cheat on their spouse WITH you…….they will cheat ON you………..go Sienna………….;-)

  • Jane

    I don’t understand this. So he IS still married? And his Wife is aware of this?

  • CRex

    I totally agree with Melinda – did she not learn with Jude?? Seriously… AND – what about their coordinating outfits?? Grey and black – I know that’s not that original, but it looks a bit coordinated to me.

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  • Yoka

    Why does everyone assume that she helped break up the marriage? As I understand it Balthazar Getty and his wife had long been separated.
    Also a fact that’s quite telling is that in the pictures of them on the boat (in Italy i believe) Balthazar’s mother is also there.

  • Christina

    His gold watch looks a lot like the one she was wearing a lot during her “Edge of Love” promotion tour in the UK back in June.

  • Balthazar and Rosetta Getty were smiling and hugging each other at the Opening Night Preview Party for the LA Antiques Show April 23, 2008 (see photo at So when do Sienna and her “friends” say the Gettys separated?????

  • JS

    Yoka – That’s a bullshit story that Miller, Balty & her friends are trying to push. What does “long separated” mean, 2 weeks?? Him & his wife were seen together a month before those nasty sleazy Italy pics came out. Then Miller’s “friends” say her & Balty had already been dating for 2 months.

    Also what the hell does his mommy being there have to do with anything. He’s still a low life cheat & baby leaver.

  • jdhhe

    None of you know the real truth story, so don’t sit there & judge what you don’t understand.

  • BlueEyedBetty

    Yeah. Okay. So I find it funny that jdhhe is on a blog site reading peoples comments and making her own judgements. ha!

    Anyway, both of them are absolute morons and I am sure it will all come back to them later.

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