Motherhood Agrees With Jamie Lynn Spears


Here are a few new pics of new mama Jamie Lynn Spears out and about, runnin’ errands (and lookin’ a little worse for the wear) in her hometown of Kentwood, LA yesterday afternoon:

Clearly the girl couldn’t be bothered to run a brush thru her hair so she prolly thought, eh, what the hell and just piled it all up on a big mop on her head. Yeah, she looks like she’s pretty much done with life, no?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Jenn

    hells bells! the child just had a child! what chick hasnt run out to the store with a big messy ponytail and sweats? cut the kid some slack, shes in the country, not LA.

  • Give that girl a poor break! She had a baby a couple months ago. She’s living in Louisiana, not Hollywood. If she wanted to get dressed up to go to the 7-11, then she would have stayed in CA. She’s more intelligent than most by moving to a small town and trying to give that baby a more laid back life.

  • sfmom

    WTF man! She had a baby! How about she looks amazing for popping out a kid a month or so ago? Poor girl, it’s hard enough all the crap she’s taken for actually having the child…now she has to put on high heels and hair extensions so the queens of the blog world don’t castigate her for looking like a *MOM*. Shame shame, Trent.

  • Danielle


    I usually agree with you, but on this case I do not think your right. The girl just had a baby and she looks great and so thin again. I know on the weekends when I need to run errands I throw up hair up put on sweats, flip flops and go to the store. She is only 16 she looks 16 in these pictures, not to mention has a baby!

  • Done with life? Oddly, she looks like your hero Britney here.

  • PixieBassline

    She looks WAY better than Brit!!

  • Nicole

    for bein young, and having a baby..i think she looks pretty damn good. hell i dont even have a kid and i go out like that. life doesnt have to all glamour 24/7. your being bitter for no reason trent.

  • Holly

    You try having a new baby and see how fresh and perky you look all the time. Jeez.

  • Aw, she probably just didn’t get much sleep last night thanks to her baby.
    Every new Mother has run errands looking like that.

  • Two words: Camila. Alves.

  • kait

    holy lord she looks just like Brit

  • debho

    Trent, Camila Alves SHOULD look fantastic at all times. She has a team of nannies to look after her child, people to clean her home, special chefs to make sure she eats right and a personal trainer to help get back her pre-baby figure, not to mention the other minions to do her bidding. She has so much time to spend on herself that there’s no excuse for her not looking her very best. All The Time.
    Unfortunately, real new mothers don’t get all these perks and we have to do the best we can with what we have.
    As for poor Jamie-Lyn…she’s a kid herself. She should be worried about what she’s going to do on the weekends with her friends! You can only play house for so long before it becomes a drag and reality sets in. Just ask her big sister!

  • julie

    Yeah, Camila is technically an adult, and also makes a living by MODELING. It’s her job to look good. I feel bad for JL. This pregnancy was a pathetic attempt at getting some attention, and now she’s just another teen mom in Louisiana.

  • maribella

    omgg. i had a child young and i definately understand that she wants to run to the store with her hair kind of a mess and dressed down. it’s exhausting having a child at any age so let’s be a little more understanding. i like that she’s a normal girl who isn’t trying to pose in playboy two months after giving birth. and, even dressed this way, she’s still beautiful.(:

  • What’s so terrible about how she looks? You have obviously never spent 24/7 caring for a newborn. It is beyond exhausting…I often felt like I was a ghost walking the earth when I would run errands. My son is 3 now and we just got back from the park and I don’t look any better than Jame Lynn. Puh-leeze…give her a break.

  • JS

    TRENT you are a dumbass SHIT!! Any pics of Camila. Alves pumping gas??? JL looks fine here. Camila. Alves looks like a scrub in those beach pics right after the baby. YOU’RE a DOUCHE for comparing a Hollywood model to a Louisana teen anyway.

    She didn’t have a kid for attention fool. Even if she did it worked.

    PUNISHER worry about finding who your father is, since your mom has around 100 more men to go through.

    TRENT funny how you FORGOT to post those pics of JL the other day when she went out to lunch with her hair & makeup done looking hot, STOP HATING BITCH!!

  • pk

    britney has looked alot worse, atleast jamie isn’t sporting any fun stains on her clothes. i think she looks like a teenager.

  • SaRa

    Not everyone lives in lalaland Trent. It’s not like she’s out on a date, she’s just chillin’. It’s called ultra casual.

  • Joanne

    Shes looks just like the rest of us making a pit stop to the store … and let’s not forget she is 17! She will wear what she wants!

  • Joanne


  • mimi

    jamie, as far as im concerned, looks FABULOUS considering she just popped out a baby!

    im sick of those other hollywood mothers with teams of stylists, cooks, nannies, drivers and other hired help who make new motherhood look like a walk in the park.. especially considering they traipse around town looking perfect and like they’ve had a good nights sleep! *cough*camila*cough

    cut jamie a break, trent! she;s only 17 and she should not be expected to look perfect and put together at all times.

  • nicola

    She looks fine. I’m sick of these stupid hollywood standards women (who JUST GAVE BIRTH LIKE A MINUTE AGO) are constantly being bombarded with. Babies are WORK. Do you have one Trent? If you did, you wouldn’t be blogging 24/7. Trust!

  • hmmm


  • Kerri

    Whoooooa guys CHILL. I must admit she looks FINE for a new momma. I recently stayed with a friend who has a new born, 3 days later I was SICK to the max and exhausted. So for Jamie to still be moving after looking after baby for so long I say good job.

  • Jennifer

    Give the girl a break she has every right to go run errands with her hair in a bun looking that way. She just had a baby and if you ask me she looks great and how a normal 16 year old girl should look! On weekends I run out looking like that all the time and there is nothing wrong with that. Anyway, if I were her I wouldnt be wearing the nicest clothes anyway knowing spit up will more than likely be landing on them. I normally agree with her Trent, but in this case leave the poor girl alone and the same goes for the paps!

  • deanna

    lol wow i look a lot worse than that when i run to the store and i don’t even have to deal with a new born.. lay off

  • pooneck

    a lot too harsh on a teenage hick who just had a child. she looks great and is doing the best she can without a team of stylists, make-up artists, nannies, bodyguards, personal trainers, personal chefs, chauffeurs, and anyone else she might need at her beck and call 24/7. so no comparing apples and oranges (camila vs jamie lynn). you can’t compare a small hick town in louisiana to los angeles and you can’t compare a grown-up, model in a more secure, long-term relationship to and unwed, disney star, teenage mother. you know better.

  • Tara

    Aww look a Mini Britters.

  • Laynie

    How does she look bad? She just gave birth to a CHILD. lord.
    Give the kid a break

  • Monica

    Have a baby and see how you deal with make up and running errands. You have to learn to prioritize as a new mother. I’ve definitely gone through that since I have a almost 4 month old right now.

  • inoluv

    Obviously a man would say som estupid ass shit like that! YOU try havin a baby and not to mention sleep deprivation from a newborn!

  • sam

    she looks like a mini britney!

  • Sarah

    She looks like britney here!

  • stickit

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? she just had a baby! if you were surviving on 3 hrs of sleep every night, you would look the same! OR EVEN WORSE! cut her some slack!

  • Eli

    I agree with Nicola, she looks just like your idol, Britney. poor girl!

  • Courtney

    Really, Trent?? Who gets all gussied up to go to the gas station?? Hell i don’t even have a child and i usually look like that when I’m just running errands… doesn’t mean I’m “done with life” or anything. And it’s got nothing to do with her age. That’s just the way the real world is outside of LA, where real people actually have important things to tend to in their *own* lives. And I must say she looks *MUCH* better than Britney Spears does on a regular basis… at least she’s wearing clothes; I bet she’s wearin panties ‘n everything!

    and to THE PUNISHER, and hmmm–give the girl a break, there’s no need to be so critical and angry just because she’s proving to be quite a model teen mother.

  • Kate

    Just like to say that anyone who lives in Louisiana knows that it’s no use trying to do your hair all nice in the middle of August. Blow dryers and flat irons are no match for humidity in the south; sometimes throwing your hair up in a sloppy bun is about the best you can do. And as for her clothes? Since when is it the standard to dress up for the convenience store? I know I don’t…