Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban Goes Down Under


The Aussie newspaper The Daily Telegraph scored the first photos and video of Sunday Rose, the first born child of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban as they tried to sneak her into Sydney under the cover of night. Here is a grainy screencap from video of the family’s arrival in OZ late last night:

A JOYOUS Nicole Kidman introduced her newborn daughter Sunday Rose to the baby’s Sydney family for the first time, after jetting home last night. The month-old bundle brought the Kidman clan together at the Aussie star’s Darling Point home, with her father Dr Antony Kidman rushing to meet his grandchild for the first time. In a carefully constructed and covert plan, Kidman and her singer husband Keith Urban slipped into Sydney under the cover of darkness – only to be greeted by a large media pack at the Kingsford Smith jet base. With daughter Sunday wrapped in white blankets and held tightly to her chest, a black-clad Kidman stepped from a private jet to the couple’s waiting silver Audi at around 7.30pm. Decoy cars helped to block the press in pursuit, while an aviation fuel tanker and luggage trailers were also strategically parked to limit vision to the jet and couple’s cars … It is believed Australia director Baz Luhrmann was among those to greet the Oscar-winner last night, before she begins final production on his epic outback feature film.

Click HERE to watch video of the family’s arrival. Not that you can really see anything but a grainy baby blanket (which could contain little Miss Sunday Rose, or a decoy made of squash) but I believe this is the first photographic evidence that the Kidman-Urban baby exists (if, in fact, she is wrapped in that blanket). The couple have yet to broker a deal to introduce their baby to the world in any magazines so they better get on that before someone manages to snap a pic and ruin their chances at the big bucks. Perhaps a plan is in the works already? In any event, releasing the photos themselves will go a long way in taking the bounty off the baby’s head. Looks like it’s game on in Oz.


  • debho

    It’s all over the news down here this morning. Good grief, anyone would think it was the Queen visiting. Maybe the Kidbans are going to give an Aussie magazine (New Idea?, Woman’s Day?) the rights to the baby pics of Sunday Roast.

  • PixieBassline

    Gawd that name sounds dumb.

  • paigers

    Why don’t we ever see pictures of Tom and Nicole’s other children???

  • The media is absolutely nuts. They want a picture of a newborn. What’s the big deal?

  • Jane

    There’s something shadey about this whole “family bliss” w Nicole Kidman. I can’t put my finger on it but I have a feeling she was never really pregnant. She’s strange, anyhow. And old as HELL looking! Way too much work – and bad work at that. Yeah, it’s like those adopted kids were kicked to the curb by both parents once they had their biological kids. Maybe they can put themselves up for re-adoption and ask Angie and Brad to take them in.

  • debho

    I think Isabella and Connor live with Tom’s sister don’t they? I’m sure I read that somewhere. She homeschools them too. You never see Nicole with them, but sometimes you see Tom with Connor.
    I think the whole Cruise/Holmes/Kidman/Urban family thing is strange. And honestly, I’m bored with all of them.

  • julie

    Couldn’t agree more, debho. Weird, yet boring. It’s like T&K adopted those kids just to feel like a “normal” family, but there is nothing normal about being Tom Cruise. Once their marriage failed, the kids were kind of forgotten. Not like they were precious BIOLOGICAL spawn, so who cares?

  • Joanne

    Um hello? Her first kids have been indoctrinated by their father to have a bad attitude towards Nicole – and there isn’t a thing Nicole can do about it! I think she’s trying to make the best out of an impossible situation. Can you imagine dealing with Tom Cruise and his family (all living together in their own personal compound?). I think Nicole has probably had to make compromises she never dreamed she would have to make when she adopted those kids …

  • jemma

    nicole and keith called one of the radio stations here this morning to talk about sunday rose, and asked that the press give them distance when they show her around sydney…

  • robin

    what’s the point of even posting a picture like this? “this blob kind of resembles a baby..that could or could not be nicole kidmans” dude..who cares…all babies look the same anyway.