Les News, 080608

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  • sarah

    As far as LC “giving” away her Teen Choice Award… did anyone really see her decorating her house with that? Although a nice award because people vote, those things are hideous. Seems like this was just a nice way to get rid of it.

  • anne

    I hate myself for knowing this and commenting on this, but LC actually has a bunch of the awards that she said she kept at her mom’s house. She also gave the kid an iPod touch and filled it with his favorite music on her own. She gave him the presents off camera with no publicists around. The only reason the story is out is because the little boy wrote about it on his blog.

    It’s actually pretty amazing.

  • asb1977

    I checked out the Heidi Klum topless photos and in one you can see the top of her kid’s head. Am I a prude or is it weird to waltz around with no shirt on in front of your kid?

    Maybe I’m old fashioned… the human body is beautiful…

  • Wow

    Paris Hilton is so stupid and disgusting, hahaha.