Chace Crawford Talks To ‘The Independent’


Gossip Girl heartthrob Chace Crawford recently sat down for an interview with the British newspaper The Independent and talked a bit about various things associated with his hit teen TV series … like the way his moral system conflicts with some of his scenes, they way he doesn’t really mind taking his clothes off on screen and those pesky rumors about a possible relationship with co-star Ed Westwick. Here are a couple pics that accompany this new interview and a portion of the interview itself:

Chace Crawford says he can sometimes get uncomfortable with the racy undertone of his CW hit Gossip Girl. “Is that a weight on my conscience?” Crawford says in a new interview with London’s The Independent. “Well, yes, I think it is. I come from a moral background, and I can see the power of the show, and imagine my old school teachers cringing, or my grandparents thinking, ‘Oh, my God,’ when they see me, say, having sex on a barstool. But you have to remember, this is not a reality show. It’s supposed to be pure entertainment. I don’t actually think people give enough credit to teenagers who watch the show,” he adds. “They’re not stupid, and it’s not like we’re making an instruction manual telling them how to drink and do drugs, or have sex. We’re just laying out how it is. My character is very conflicted, and even in the episodes where he’s having sex then dumping girls, there’s often regret. You know, there are repercussions to certain sorts of behavior that come full circle” … Sometimes he says he’ll put a limit on how much skin he’ll show. Recently, he convinced producers to let him keep his shirt on. “I never actually said I disliked having my top off; it was just that on that occasion it didn’t make sense,” he explains. “Nate was supposed to be waking up, hungover, on his buddy’s couch. So why would he be in his boxer shorts? I don’t actually mind taking my clothes off most of the time – it’s why I go to the gym,” he says. “As an actor, you pick and choose your battles.” Achieving fame so fast “can be a double-edged sword,” Crawford admits. “But right now, I couldn’t ask for more, and I certainly never complain about it.” He says he laughed off rumors that he and co-star Ed Westwick are having a fling. (Crawford was also romantically linked to JC Chasez, though both vehemently deny gay rumors.) “It’s kind of funny,” Crawford tells the paper. “I guess some people assume there’s a seed of truth to it. People think where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” He says he wasn’t sure who started the rumors — and doesn’t care. “I just don’t even want to speculate on that. It’s just one of those things that rolls off my back,” Crawford says. “There’s not one seed of truth to it, so it’ll just go away in the end.”

Ah, young fame. It’s interesting to see how some young actors handle certain aspects of their fame … some of them seem to run buckwild and burn thru their new celebrity as fast as they can and others, like Chace, seem to have their heads screwed on pretty securely. In the end, tho, I honestly feel like there will be constant speculation about his romantic life, folks that pretty are cursed with the fact that everyone finds them attractive and everyone will hope and speculate that they might have a chance. It’s all part of the celebrity game. Chace seems to know what’s what … in the end, I hope he’s able to remain true to who he is and keep his moral footing. Click HERE to read the full text of Chace’s interview with The Independent.

After the jump, check out a few photos from a newish shoot that Chace did with Tony Duran …

Oh yes, the speculation will deffo continue …

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  • nicoleyukiko

    He almost looks like he could be related to Gale Harold in the last few shots.

  • LOVECarrie

    Interesting choice of words: ‘Where there is smoke, there’s fire.” But anyway, why are people so close-minded. It’s not like he could be bi. It does happen….just sayin’.

  • Jana

    so hawt ^^

  • This is what you will use in order to sell sex to Crawford. Crawford More important than many realize as you will at the end or another probably need sex. Personally, I’m somewhere in the end of all of this.

  • Aidan

    He couldn’t be any gayer if his name was Gay Gayerson. And, srsly, Ed could do so much better. :P

  • Jake

    If he is gay it will be in 20 years time that we will find out being the teenage heart throb means he can’t be out. The show is hardly puts it out there xD There were rumours that UK show Skins was going to be shown in the US but if Gossip Girl’s scenes offend in the US it would be ban. No US shows show real life not even the reality shows.

  • it’s amazing how much he looks like David Hauslaib, either that or my eyes are playing tricks on me. He’s such a cutie…so’s David!

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  • chace crawford super sexy