Whose Bump Be This?


OMG … can you guess which wife of an A-List celeb was spotted out and about on the streets of SoCal this weekend wearing a shirt alerting the world to the obvs news of her pregs status?

Seriously, this is the cutest shirt ever. The B.U.M.P. acronym is brills! After the jump, find out who it is …

It’s Matt Damon’s wife Luciana Bozan Barroso:

I love this shirt — so cute! A bit of Googling led me to BumpBabies.com, the manufacturer of this fun shirt. Perhaps this will start a new trend in Hollywood … which we’ll know soon enough if Kitson starts carrying these amazing shirts ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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  • pooneck


  • DCX

    So cute. Very happy for them!

  • Emily

    I just found out my aunt is pregs, and there is a store that carrys it here, I think I’m gonna get one for her =) Such a cute shirt too!!

  • Lol! That’s awesome!

  • Leanne

    Awww i love matt damon! congrats to them they make a lovely couple! what a shirt as well! :):)

  • Nadia

    Awww, that’s soooo cute. Where can I get the shirt??
    I love it…

  • julie

    that kind of grosses me out

  • mo

    why is matt skinny here? did he already lose the weight he gained for the informer? if so, DAMN!

  • The world is intent on bringing Hollywood home. The world make this possible.