Sometimes Chuck Bass Goes Too Far


Okay … I think I tend to cut Ed Weswick’s Gossip Girl character Chuck Bass a helluva lotta slack when it comes to his fashion choices … but I dunno that I can really get on board with this latest look:

Purple is a hot color right now … but this lavender is just a touch too … no. I have a hard time believing those pants are even men’s pants … I mean, ugh, no. I’m pretty much on board with many of Chuckie’s bold fashion statements but this one gets a resounding thumb’s down from me.


  • Kelly

    oh no he didn’t!

  • Irma

    But he’s Chuck Bass.

  • Adam

    Ok, don’t care what the boy wears, he is lookin damn fine… i’d jump in those purple pants…

  • tiffany

    Only Chuck Bass could pull off lavender pants =]

  • ginae


  • Ibby

    Onlyyyy Chuck Bass could pull off those pants…but I’m even struggling with him in those…

  • javajunko

    omg I’m going to die of barfness looking at those pants any longer!

  • FL

    his outfit is hot…any man who has enough balls to wear those pants deserves respect. i dont think anyone could pull it off but he sure does!

  • John

    But who are you Trent, a fashion editor? You’re speaking as if you were a recognized authority of good taste…
    In all the pictures we see here, all your clothes choices are so damn catastrophic… So please, let fashion bloggers write about it, they know what they’re talking about…
    Your a celebrity blogger, and you’re good at it, don’t spoil it…

  • Aidan

    Oh, piffle. He looks scrumptious in his golf clothes! Besides, he’s Chuck Bass. The end.

  • Sara

    lol i think he pulled these off too

  • Emily

    I kinda like ’em. Perhaps pants like these should be reserved for the Derby, but I think he can pull it off.

  • Amanda

    He would look hot in whatever he wears. I think it is the whole bad boy thing…yummmm

  • Ran

    Who cares what someone is wearing or not. Are you really that superficies. C’mon you as a gay-person should KNOW that diversity is what makes this world. Not what other people think or think not. Reboot your thinking pattern before you can be blamed for hypocorism (aka follow the main-stream) Trent!

  • Amber

    I love it! especially love the lavender with a peak of chest hair it’s a bold statement and I love it!

    Fashion is the one thing we can be really creative and experimental with, I enjoy it in a sea full of blacks, greys, browns and blues.

  • jewels

    first of all, “gay-person” is not politically correct. get it right? And who are you guys to insult trent?? I am pretty sure this is his web site, which means that we read about his opinions. If you dont like it, then dont read it. I love you trent, and I love pink!!!! but I love chuck! I would jump on him no matter what he wears!!

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  • Jorge Martinez

    I totally love the look, I think he’s done much wilder stuff.

  • MM

    He’s tres hot in whateva he wears! Work it Bass Baby!

  • L. Angel

    I think only Chuck Bass can pull off this kind of horrendous outfit! He even look good in argyle! I mean, he looks good in everything!

  • aldo

    i have to agree with you on that trent, sorry but its just too much lavender, ugh . he´s hot dough.

  • Lady J

    oh Trent you are so amazing! thanks for making me spit out my coffee with that pop-up tim gunn :) hahaha. keep rockin.

  • lizzy

    i love the way they dress chuck bass, and i think ed westwick is the only hot guy on that show.

  • alejandro

    i gotta completely disagree with u on this one. i think he looks dashing! no joke. and i don’t even realy like him…

  • Veronica

    in the gossip girl book series chuck turns out to be gay, I wonder if he still might come out in the television series..