‘Project Runway’ And The City


Despite the fact that I am all the way in Paris, France I was still able to watch last night’s episode of Project Runway since David’s DVR/cable box is properly hooked up to the Slingbox which allows us to stream things recorded on his box online. The challenge in last night’s ep took the designers out of the sewing workroom and onto the streets of New York City in search of inspiration:

Some of the contestants rose to the challenge, some of them failed miserably and Suede annoyed the HELL out of me, yet again. After the jump, find out who was in & who was out …

Okay … it must be said, Trent hates Suede. I really thought that his little third person speak would either stop or fade into the background noise but no … it hasn’t, in either case. I can’t even take him seriously when every sentence out of his mouth is “Suede this …” or “Suede that …” I keep feeling the unnatural urge to reach into the screen and slap him — UGH!

Okay … how cute was it when we saw Daniel talking about how much he missed Wesley? We now know that the two of them hooked up on the show and are still dating to this day so at the time that he made that confession, they couple must’ve just gotten together and then were ripped apart (Wesley got axed after only the second challenge). It’s a shame that we won’t be able to see the two of them all coupley for the rest of the season. And, uh, can someone please fill me in on what exactly is up with Blayne? Either all that tanning has fried his brain or he’s just a freak. Seriously, he scares me. The fact that his designs aren’t the worst is also pretty creepy. I didn’t hate his dress but the time is going to come where his brand of avant gardeism is going to get him cut from the show. I’m really glad that Kenley won this challenge … even tho I would’ve given her the win last week, it’s nice that she finally got the recognition. That being said, I really liked Leanne’s dress better this week … she put a lot of work into it and the outfit looked exactly like her photo (much like season one winner Jay McCarroll’s design based on the Chrysler Building did). I felt bad for Emily … sure her dress was fug and everyone but her seemed to know it (Tim even warned her!) but I liked her … she seemed like a sweet girl. Jennifer got so lucky … her time is running out. She needs to step it up or she is a goner. I wasn’t all that impressed with Sandra Bernhard’s guest judging … her appearance on the show didn’t make all that much sense and she didn’t really offer much. She did try to outdo Nina Garcia in her role of skewering the designers but she didn’t really do it for me. Nina rules and she cannot be touched, duplicated or replaced. Thus far the challenges have been cute … I want them to amp it up a bit. I kinda want more of everything … but Suede, of course ;)


  • meeee


  • lil one

    blayne needs to peace out immediately….”im going to eat you?” “holla at cha boy” he needs to go.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I really liked Leanne’s dress much better than Kenley! Even thou I really love Kenley! I just didn’t like the color scheme on Kenlye’s dress. It made me think of a retirement communities couch in Florida. If it was just different color’s it would have been HAWT! It was a good episode. I can’t stand Blayne. I think he acts like that to stand out like Christian did last year! He bugs!!

  • Mike

    I was very surprised that Keith survived. I just did not like it at all! Sure he’s great eye candy but he should of been the one to be Aufed last night.

    Leanne definitely should of won!

  • DJ

    More Keith! More Keith!

  • Keith

    I’m so over Blayne and Stella…Blayne’s style is not avaante-garde, it’s tacky. There’s a reason neon colors went out of style in the 90’s, don’t think you can bring them back. As for Stella, her rock style is incredibly dated and in the end it will be her undoing. She appears to be limited to rock styles of the 70’s and 80’s and there’s only so much you can do with that.

  • Exactly! So many of the designers this time seem so limited … they only do one thing — that is why I want more challenging challenges to see if they really can break out of their boxes

  • Keith

    I would like to see more screen time devoted to designers that I think have great talent, such as Daniel, Kellie and Joe, and not just the ones that “make good TV,” like Stella and Blayne. Unfortunately, these types of shows are ultimately more interested in ratings than true talent. And on a personal note, we really need to see some shirtless Daniel in upcoming episodes. We’ve gotten to see Keith, Wesley and Jerell sans shirts but I think Daniel’s the hottest and I really want to see what he’s got under those shirts and ties.

  • Holla atcha boy!

    Click on the link for my recap:



  • Sarah

    Can I just tell you how psyched I am that you were able to watch this from your trip? I was bummed when I saw that you were going to London and Paris and immediately thought, “oh, no Project Runway post on Thursday. :(” And….voila! due to the magic of the interweb we’re all able to get your $0.02!
    Love the blog and especially love your thoughts on PR.
    Sarah loves Trent.

  • Lisa

    Lisa hates Suede too. Lisa wants to slap the taste out of his mouth. And please let “Blayme’s” time be short. He creeped me out last night.

    Leanne was the true winner of last night’s show.

  • G

    ew why are other bloggers posting on here… we are here for Trent…not you, david.

  • Ugh I totally agree on all counts. I am WAY over Suede… and Blayne was a total freakazoid last night. I am totally team Kenley, but I think we’re gonna have some sleeper talent!!! I think hands down the BEST dress was Joe’s!!!! He got NO play for it, either! Everybody at our ProjRun party last night completely agreed. Second best was surely Leanne though, with Kenley coming in 3rd (IMO)

  • Erin

    God I hate Suede for his third person speak, one of my biggest pet peeves. Shut the hell up! It’s so arrogant and pretentious. You ain’t all that Suede! Hit it!

  • Kyle

    Suede makes me “ugh.”


  • I liked Emily a lot but she was a fool not to heed Tim’s warning! He was so right when he said it looked like it had an oversized corsage on the front. I’m enjoying this series – there are a lot of kooky characters to keep things interesting but I don’t have a clear favourite yet. I think you’re being a bit to hard on Sandra, Trent. She might not be the first person you think of when you hear the word ‘fashion’ but her opinions were right on the money (hilarious captions this week BTW!!) Suede talks like a Dick & Jane story – I really hope the producers tell him to knock it off because I don’t think I can take another week of his third person monologues.

  • las

    What the heck does Sandra Bernhard know about fashion – I mean seriously. OH and I cant’ stand Suede either. I have not picked a favorite yet. I like Joe and Kenley. Trent have a great time in Paris – I’m going there in October!

  • Eddy

    Sandra needs to fire her make-up person, blush much. I really liked Terri’s dress/pants and is it me or does she look a little like Donna Summer!! Suede needs to be aufed! Blayne is NOT 23 years old, thanks to tanning and is one freaky queen. We definitely need more Kelli, Kenley and Joe, the token straight guy, they all seem sane and very talented. I think Jennifer should have been aufed, not Emily. Glad to hear you’re having a blast in Europe and sooo jealous you got to go to Euro Disney!!!

  • lil b

    I ♥ the new ghetto Tim Gunn!

  • Melissa A.

    Is it just me or is there an overload of mousy, less-than-talented chicks this season? I really wish Leanne would have gone last week instead of Wesley. Despite her decent outfit this week, Wesley just seemed to have a lot more going on overall. I think it is true that personality plays a big part in becoming a well-known, established designer. And these mousy, meek chicks don’t seem to be able to cut it in that department. I love, love, LOVED Terry’s outfit. She’s very Foxy Brown to me. I predict the final 3 will be: Kelli, Terry and Kenley. oh p.s. Keith hasn’t proven to be much of a designer just yet but I do hope he gets to stick around b/c he is deffo the eye candy for this season. ‘Nuff said!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    There is no way that “Holla at yo boy” can replace “Make It Work”!

  • Corinne

    Suede needs to shut the hell up about Suede! And no one should make poor Tim Gunn say Holla at your boy. UGH!

  • James

    I saw Wesley and Daniel at a bar in NYC last week (The night of Wesley’s elimination) and they are such a cute couple!

  • Saple

    GO JOE!

  • Paz

    Reason Sandra B. was on: Heidi promoted her one-woman show. Who’ll be the next judge? Seal?

    Trent, LOVE your screen captions. But how could you miss “Holla atcha boy” ? ? ?

    “Is it holler or holla?” I died.

  • robin

    1) blayne and sandra bernhardt could be long lost cousins or something..i have never understood her popularity.

    2) jermaine(?) (kelli’s model) is sooooo NOT cute.

    3) suede, stella, and blane all need to go asap! they keep eliminating the non-annoying people!

    robin is really disappointed in this season so far, she can’t see any of the designers showing something great at fashion week! :(

  • Jackie

    “Holler at your boy!” Laughed forever after that.

    I don’t understand how Stella was still in.. it was essentially a halter top and pants and NO INNOVATION AT ALL. I want to see her go even more badly than I want Suede and Blayne to be annoying.

  • Carmen

    HAHA OMG Blayne creeps me out but makes me laugh all at the same time! Me and my best friend are not putting Licious on the end of everything just cause it’s stupid! lol. AND yeah Suede needs to leave cause i can’t stand his ass.

    NO joke. My msn name is currently “Hollalicious!” hahah!

  • I actually think Suede’s sweet! I like it when he’s talking to the camera and he seems so genuinly excited about what he’s talking about. It’s Stella and her leatha that’s driving me up a wall. I loved it last week when Blayne was making fun of her!

  • Cristin

    Ugh, I can’t stand Blayne or Suede, where is the love for Joe???? I wish we would’ve gotten a better pic of the photo he chose, because his dress was gorgeous.

  • robin

    i don’t understand how stella really even made it on the show to begin with. she does the same thing over and over and her voice is grating. i thought they liked people with personality, not people who want to make you bang your head into a wall repeatedly.

  • S

    Has anyone else noticed that the giant blown-up cover of ELLE magazine behind Emily in that shot features a dress that looks A LOT like the one Emily made (from what I can see)?! What?

  • DESI

    I don’t know if I can watch Project Runway this season if Suede is going to talk in third person all season. Just like I can’t watch So you think you can dance and the “hot tamale” train. The contestants need to realize Tim Gunn is the only one who should be able to have catch phrases, and Stella AKA “Leather Tuscadero” needs to go. I mean, the dresses in the bottom three were at least wearable, who the hell wears leather pants and a silver halter/vest besides the cast of “Rock of Love?” Sandra Bernhardt was a strange choice, at her peak of popularity wasn’t she on every worst dressed list ever made?

  • ugh! I can not stand Suede. He makes some interesting peices but the third person thing! come on. When Elmo does it, it’s cute, when a grown, albeit odd, man does it it’s ridiculous.

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