‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ Gets A Trailer

Memories, misty water-colored memories ...

Attention Harry Potter fans … the first movie trailer for the sixth Harry Potter film, … And The Half-Blood Prince, is out:

Soooo … whadda we think?


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  1. I’m very excited for this – I like how the trailer focuses mainly on one event within the story, leaving many questions for us to hem and haw over in the coming months…

  2. pumpkin

    i wanna watchhhh!! harry!!! draco!!!!!!! where’s neville

  3. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    AHHHHHHH I can’t wait for this movie to come out!!! I love LOVE the books and all the movies. They are so good. This one looks great too. There is just a lot that goes on in this book and I hope they don’t cut too much out like the last movie. Either way I am sure it will be awesome.

  4. Mike

    what a tease!!!!

  5. Hellz YA!!! OMG. That looks so dark. Can’t wait!

  6. ju ju bean

    NATCH! Loved it. Can’t wait!

  7. kitkat6

    i’m SO glad it’s much more darker this time around… it matches the book’s tone well….
    EXCITEDDDDDD? u bet i am.

  8. stasia


  9. I know where I’m going to be at 12:01 on November 21st!

  10. Amy

    chills….and more chills!

  11. [☆F a m o u s☆]

    these little movies get darker and darker. i just hope harry wont be a major tool in this one like all the rest.

  12. Shannon

    omg i could not be more excited!

  13. Kristin

    OMG — I am so excited for this movie!! I love the last two books because I think the idea of horcruxes is brills! JK is such a creative and imaginative writer. I can’t wait to see it!!!

  14. lil b

    OMG OMG!!!! I cannot wait for November! These movies just keep getting better and better.

  15. Erika

    I can’t wait either. Every time I see a new trailer for a HP movie, I get goosebumps. The movies are great, and the books are even better. I think the movies do an amazing job of representing the books given the limited time for a movie. Super Excited!!!!!

  16. I don’t suppose I can buy tickets now can I? SO EXCITED

  17. Cccc


    I’m really excited now, despite the fact that I have been highly disappointed with the past 2 movies and swore not to care anymore :P

  18. bruin

    looked really good. im excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Darbi

    That is a sick trailer

  20. nY

    AHHH!!!! i am so FREAKING excited!!! XDD can’t wait y’all!! i luv you DRACO!! XDD

  21. CkayM

    doesn’t dumbledore die in this one? i’ve never watched any of the movies but now that the books died i just might start. this one looks effin amazingggg

  22. I can not WAIT for this movie…I love that it appears to be much darker than the previous ones. I hope it’s just like the book! The countdown has begun…woot woot!

  23. Diana

    AMAZING! I cannot wait for this movie to come out. This is a great teaser trailer.

  24. Heather

    i can’t wait for this movie… i expect it to be a lot darker and more mature than any of the others have been. my countdown is starting!

  25. Alicia

    I really need to see that movi!
    Now that i see that!!

  26. Beck

    OMG!! I think this is totally gonna be a GREAT film!!!! I can’t wait!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  27. Jamie

    OMG…so excited for November! The trailer looks great!

  28. Lori

    oooooooooh mmyyyyyyy goodd!!!!!

    I CAN’T WAIT!! it looks amazing!!

  29. g



  31. AEW

    This trailer just gave me goose bumps and got my heart racing. Needless to say I am so stinking excited about this movie. The books and the movies never disappoint me and it looks like this one will live up to the same expectations. Harry I love you!

  32. Kate

    OMG! The trailer was awesome! I can’t wait to see the whole movie…I bet I’ll cry when Dumbledore dies, I did reading the book, so watching the movie will be worse! I’m so excited! Can’t wait until november!

  33. I am excited to see the movie, but not based on this trailer. It just plays too much like the trailer to a horror film, but that is just one girl’s opinion.

  34. Laynie

    im excited

  35. Julie

    awesome!!!! i cant wait :o)

  36. Melissa A.

    Sooooooooooooooooooo excited. Gives me goosebumps. Can’t believe there’s only one more movie to be made after this one!

  37. i loooove harry potter!
    cant wait 4 the movie.. bring on the countdown!!!

  38. Amber

    Looks freaking awesome like the rest!!!!!

  39. Maribella

    omggg. i’m like salivating for this movie. gross? i don’t care. the half-blood prince is pretty much the BEST book of the bunch. i love the dark, spooky tone of it. midnight screening? yes please. i’m the officially the biggest dork i know.(:

  40. Alia

    Gosh Damn it….What a teaser….U bet I’m totally excited….

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