Whitney Houston Still Creepin’ Around With Ray J


Here are a few kinda unsettling photos of Whitney Houston exiting Villa nightclub in LA earlier this week on the arm (er, the body) of the youngster named Ray J

… of course, when the couple got into the backseat of their vehicle she was off his bod and practically in his mouth. Eh, you know what … you go, Whitney! While we’re all still anxiously awaiting your long-rumored comeback, you keep hittin’ that young buck as much and as hard as you like. I may not, necessarily, want to always see it … but I can respect that you’re into it. Have at it gurl :)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Tatty

    how old is shee now? man, ray j is so hot! *droooool*

  • mali

    must whitney hold on to her old wigs & pearls!?!! Like seriously step your game up, and just bcuz u have a lil young thing on your side…but bcuz she’s still pretty and not doing a thing to show those qualities off

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LMAO!! That guy in the front seat..I have those glasses:)!!!

  • javajunko

    as good as a singer as she USED to be, she’s already had numerous failed “comeback” attempts, i don’t think the next one will be any different. I kinda laugh every time i read about her cause i remember back in the day how she used to think she was better than everyone and she put down Madonna allot saying she was a bad influence and that she was not going to last…..um…yeah, whats that sayin…Karma’s a bitch….. How ironic that Madonna is still going strong and Whitney the crackhead is a tranny mess that doesn’t seem to get a clue on how to get her act straight. i used to like Whitney but i lost all respect for her after her messing up her life so much and not really trying hard to fix it…

  • What about Whitney versus Mariah……….talk about 2 very divergent paths. Oh so sad.

  • Posh

    If this brings back my ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ Whitney, then more power to her.

  • TAG

    Eww! She still looks like a crackhead..

  • Jane

    She’s the black and older version of Britney. DONE!!! Hopefully she didn’t blow all her $$$ on crack.

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  • Ray J, I have been trying to get with you for the longest. I may have to get a new agent.lol… Anyway, if ur happy im happy, but I wouldn’t mind it if u just call me and give me a try.
    stay blessed

    P.S. I’m still waiting for our slow R&B collaboration.

  • Turquoise

    Now that just don’t make no sense she’s probably older than his mother. I wish my son might!!

  • I’m sorry but……………………WHITNEY it is and it will always be WHITNEY, there is no madonna in here…who tha hell is Madoona near WHITNEY? she got the right to be happy like anyone of us no one in here had the right to judge her just because she came back with Bobby Brown thounds of times. When a woman loves a man, she can come anything just to keep that relationship. Raj J must be 30 something… what about the new madonna’s toyboy? he is just 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so think twice before YOU judge MY WHITNEY!!!

    love doesn’t have AGE!

    I’m a woman and i made my mistakes too, everyone does. cuz human being it just not PERFECT. remember that..