John Mayer Gets Shaved


Despite the fact that John Mayer confessed that he was attempting to emulate the hairstyle made famous by Michael J. Fox’s character in Family Ties, one Alex P. KeatonJohn John got himself a hair cut … it’s basically all gone, check it out:

HMMM … I gotta say … it’s a nice look for Mr. Mayer. I think he looks more like a thug … me likey. After the jump, check out a couple photos from John’s live concert performance in Irvine, CA earlier this week where homey debuted his new look on stage …

He looks great … I don’t miss the 80’s hair at all … I wonder if Jennifer Aniston likes his new look.

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily]

  • m.

    I thought it was Wentworth Miller at first glance :O

  • Kristie

    His performance was absolutely amazing on Sunday! The haircut suits him :) Love it!!

  • I hate it when long-haired boys get a buzz. Boo JM.

  • Jennifer

    Even hotter! Love it!

  • Kara

    I really like it. It’s definitely a much better look for him!

  • Tanya

    You know, the older I get, the more I appreciate John Mayer. He’s kinda attractive. Just a little. :)

  • Monica

    Haircut was debuted Friday night in Marysville, not Sunday in Irvine…

    Saw him Saturday night from row 2 in Mountain View and the man sure knows how to keep the crowd on their feet!

  • Amanda

    Love. It. Ears and all! lol

  • wings4you

    Yeah, and Brad Pitt had that same haircut for a while… I’m just sayin’

  • Kerstin

    totally looks like wentworth miller. can’t decide if i like it or not. wentworth is totally hot though.

  • Posh

    Wings4you is right, I saw it and automatically thought of when Brad Pitt had the exact same cut.

  • Yum

    Ahhhh, Hello!? Yum…

  • looove


  • pooneck

    uh, he looks like a freaking monkey! why do guys with great hair shave it off? wtf was he thinking?!

  • Lisa

    So when’s he heading to boot camp?

  • Emily

    totally thought it was wentworth miller as well. same facial features. haha doesn’t really matter- they are both smokin’.

  • Thank the Pope this haircut has FINALLY occurred.

  • I also saw him at the Saturday concert, and while I was at first shocked that the hair was gone, I ended up loving it – AND him. He sure is different in concert than on the radio, and I LOVED it.

  • :-( Of course he looks good with his hair short, but he’s so cookie cutter now…I prefer his loose curly locks not because they necessarily suited him, but because they were a little different.

  • illusion

    He looks like Jessie Metcalf from a few years back.

  • Katkout

    Its great. I love it

  • s

    actually, he debuted this look in sacramento on july 25th, i was there! hair or no hair,hes still a babe!

  • Jillian

    i just saw him last night in san diego! he was amazing. and i loveee the new hair cut!

    “there’s just something that happens when a man sees a pair of clippers…”

  • angie

    i saw him in irvine
    he was so amazing
    and i love his new hair cut.
    it looks great on him.
    and so does his sleeve!

  • bebe

    Totally thought it was Wentworth Miller at 1st glance …

  • At first, I totally thiought that it was Wentworth Miller at first. They looked soooo osimilar, it was unbelievable! With the sunglasses and the tattoos, it really resembled Wentworth Mkiller, but John can NEVER compete with Wentworth Miller…Wentworth Miller is way tooo handsome and attractive to compare to John….however they do resemble each other Very much!

  • I’m not sure I get it