Getting Into Paris


Woo … I gotta say, I’m really glad that I missed that 5.4 earthquake that hit LA a little bit ago … being all the way in Paris, France I didn’t really feel it ;) but I did get a flurry of email alerts from family, friends and readers. I hope I get home and find everything in my apt. okay … I’m sure it’ll be fine. I would’ve freaked out tho … I’ve yet to endure an earthquake yet … luckily my streak continues.

David, Steph, Alek and I have been having a great time here in Paris thus far in the land of no earthquakes. We spent a lovely afternoon/evening paling around and keeping things fun … here are some of our fun pics from last night:

Alek (or was it Steph, I can’t remember) suggested that we go to a place called RAIDD for an after dinner drink and for a bit of entertainment. The entertainment in question involved a beefy French dude getting completely nude in a shower over the bar and, well, talking a shower. After the jump, check out a few of the NSFW pics of the soapy show we enjoyed last night …

We weren’t given the guy’s name but I’ve decided to call him Guillaume:

Oh yeah, they take it all off here in France :) The night was fun … we are having a blast.

Today is Disneyland Paris day, there should be a slew of fun pics tomorrow …

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  • Monica

    Wow, how come they don’t have anything like that over here…..

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    So funny! Why did you censor the picture? We should be allowed to see the french sausage! No fun. Anyways keep the good times rolling!! Live it up my friend!!!

  • Shannon

    oh la la!!!

  • Draya

    I’d pay money to see that. That is Hot!

  • LMAO I love it!!
    Cosmo Guy

  • Lost_Girl

    O.M.Gosh you went over there… ! :D
    The 1st time I went over there, was with a friend, who didn’t tell me about the shower thing.. Lol
    It’s was… interesting… no really, I had a great time laughing.
    Indeed, in France we take it all off!! ^^

    Enjoy your time with Mickey tomorrow ! ;)

    The pic in the métro, just guessing, was it the Ligne 14?

  • meohmy

    You lucky dogs! Thanks for the share!

  • Marnie

    Whew! At first glance at the title of this post I was afraid there was a new Paris Hilton sex tape!

  • Liza

    Hell Yes!!! I need to get my butt to Paris soon!!! Have lots of fun with David & the guys!!!

  • jess

    they do the shower nekkid in minneapolis :)

  • Terry

    Have fun in Paris, guys. Seeing the pictures only make me miss it more. Hope you get to check out Versailles while you’re there as well. And the whole entertainment thing, well that’s nothing really. Paris is so untamed compared to North America. There’s a bar on Oberkampf where you actually… anyway. Enjoy. And be safe.

  • All naked/All the time up here in Vancouver, too ya know ;-)
    Dirty boys love dirty boys the world over!

  • ashinparis

    Where in the heck is that Paris sign? Is it a temporary thing? I’ve never seen it!
    Keep enjoying yourself in our wonderful city!

  • Sebastian

    Raidd is such a fun place

  • Ok, that’s it, I’m going to Paris!

  • mosmith

    you can see naked showeing in minneapolis too. you can jump in yourself on sun nights :P

  • this is totally the stuff my grandpa

  • Ella

    Show us the saucisson!