Daniel Craig Does German ‘Vogue’


Daniel Craig is featured on the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine in Deutschland and is looking … well … harsh is the best word, I guess:

I am a big Daniel Craig fan … I think he’s really hot. This photo is not a good one, tho. The lighting and possibly the make-up make his face look too lined, too severe. His upper lip looks too monkey-like. Boo. I’m not a fan of this pic … if I were him, I’d sue.


  • wasserloeslich

    You know, I have always thought he looked like the love child of an Olsen twin and one of those troll dolls (except for the obvious age problem . . . . maybe he and a troll doll are responsible for creating the Olsen twins?). Beyond that, I can only second your “Yikes!”

  • nat

    It’s Deutschland and yes, they could have used a better pic-one with less clothing and more flattering lighting.

  • kittycatastrophe

    That’s a terrible picture of Daniel, and he definitely needs to be wearing a lot less clothing. A festive Speedo wouldn’t have been a mistake.

  • H

    photoshop much??

    he’s so hot and this cover does him no justice

  • FK

    This picture is hilarious!!!! I love Daniel Craig and he so looks like Sexy Monkey here. Ahh…. funny. (BTW, wasser…, very Olson twins. Good call.)

  • Eve

    Vogue couldn’t have chosen a better picture? Seriously.

  • Linz

    It looks like an itty bitty head on a big body. Somebody shrunk his head!!!!!

  • kar

    jesus. deutsch vogue must hate daniel craig.

  • Dori

    he looks soooo bad in this picture. its disturbing.

  • Aidan

    I’ve never understood his appeal. From the neck down, it’s gravy, but above that? Yuckness. I’ll pass.

  • Nickki

    ummm…. ewww

  • Francine

    I love Daniel, but this picuter is so baaaad.

  • Francine

    I love Daniel, but this picture is so baaaad.

  • An

    What did they do to his nose? bad photoshop

  • jeez louizzz, it’s like a drawing, i sooo agree with y’all, this pic, is just not good, boo, fail :(

  • Dana S.

    Parentheses belong on a page, not on your face. Next time, a little less frontal light diffusion, hmmm, Deutsche Vogue?

  • Angel

    Frankly I’ve always felt the man was fugly. Never understood the attraction. Pretty blue eyes, nice bod. Wierd smooshed wrinkly face. Looks like he was a boxer who got hit in the mug a lot.

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  • *T

    He looks a little like Alfred E Newman.

  • Nora

    I love him but….he looks like he should be in the new Planet of the Apes movie!! I’ve seen better!

  • germangirl

    well it’s very typically german. this harsh, efficient almost mechanical representation of daniel craig. doesn’t suprise me at all. no nonsense, turn the light on, tkae the picture. ta da and tehre you have it in true german fashion :)

  • He is the oddest looking hot guy ever. I’m starting to believe nothing could ruin his appeal to me, not even this waxy, orangey, oversaturized print.

  • jan

    it’s always a question wether your scanner works, or your mobile camera


  • Zchs

    Haha, he looks like Joe Camel.

  • budyyydd


  • tadow

    I’d do him, monkey lip and all. I dont know what it is about this duck faced man, he gives me the hots. Jeez, when I look at him I hit menopause, hot flashes all over the place!