Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Lucky; As Do We

All That Tanning Must Be Paying Off

You know … as kinda gross as Cristiano Ronaldo‘s overtanning makes him look sometimes, there are other times that A.) he don’t look all that gross any more and B.) the boy is able to still get some action. Here are a couple pics of the crispy-fried soccer phenom enjoying the attention from a female admirer and a nice view of his wet bum as he got out of the pool:

Yeah … I think he looks much better when he’s in the sun (and wet) rather than inside under normal lighting conditions (and not wet) cuz his suntan works better in the daylight. OY! I still fear for the lad’s possible run-in with skin cancer down the line but … he’s lookin’ much nicer this time around.


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  1. Amy

    Um…still does nothing for me. Maybe if he stopped baking in the sun for a while, then he would!

  2. tammy

    He is naturally this dark, or pretty close to it im sure. I am glad glad glad he washed off the bodybuilders paint. That stuff was gross.

  3. briana

    he naturally a light sorta tan and he’s portugese so he tans easily, he looks good whoever says he doesn’t is a liar

  4. SalvadorDali

    I’m kinda jealous he’s getting so much attention these days…I’ve been a fan of his for YEARS now…

  5. Kathleen

    This is how the Europeans prefer to tan–DARK!! You should see the Italians over here!! LOL!

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