Like Father, Like Son


I knew it! Yesterday I joked that it wouldn’t be long before Matthew McConaughey took out his newborn son, Levi Alves, for his first day of surfing … I mentioned that he might be strapping his son to the front of his surfboard very soon and I was almost totally right. Here are a few new pics of Matthew with babymama Camila Alves, 20-day old son Levi Alves and a bodyguard-type friend person on a family surfing outing on a beach in Malibu, CA this weekend:

I love it! And I just know that this little kid is going to be raised to be his father’s son … next thing you know, Matthew and Levi will be pickin’ up chicks together … er, you know, if this Camila Alves thing doesn’t work out, that is. I can just see it now … Matthew and his son, mackin’ in Freshmen girls at various high schools sayin’ shizz like, “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Ugh… I hate MacConadouche.

  • Lori

    I think she is carrying the baby in the sling she is wearing and that looks like Woody Harrelson carrying the seat with all the blankets…..

  • Kellye

    I was so going to ask if that was Woody Harrelson.

    It looks just like him.

  • Jules

    I don’t think Woody Harrelson has that much hair left…

  • Katt

    LOVE that you quoted “Dazed & Confused”- classic :)

  • Lisa

    I agree with Lori. That baby is definitely in the sling Camila is wearing.

  • You definitely don’t want to be Matthew. There is this little kid out there that is going to give you free money to lose. The same age is always trading.

  • jo

    nah..i know that he trying hard to impress everyone that he is a good dad but seriously why bring ur 1 month (was the baby 1 month old?) on the beach! its way too dangerous for baby!

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