Courtney Love Takes On Trent Reznor


Wee! Courtney Love posted a new blogpost on her official My Space profile and this time she levels her attack against Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor, whom she reportedly bedded back in the day. As much as the thought of Trent Reznor copulating with Courtney Love sorta repulses me, I cannot deny that the deed was done because even Reznor himself has admitted (with chagrin) that the two rockers did, in fact, do the dirty (and, boy, I bet it was dirty). In any regard, C. Love seems intent on reminding us all of this incident and goes on to rant about all things Reznor and then random 80’s-90’s rock band stuff in her latest post … which you can read in full here (all spelling and grammatical errors are her own):

Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Hey! You were referencing Reznor. You know the guy who was a graphic design major? Heir to a massive fortune on Reznor heaters? The guy who came up with NIN logo, then the band name, then a band? Details once said we had a thing. That’s not news. It was what it was. I didn’t take it too much more seriously than him. I won’t give TMI, but the black terry cloth robes with the bands names embroidered in gold, the cat scratches on my door at night, the endless head holding her and secrets and horror stories, I have never repeated.

He was in his prime and well, fuck me he had that dammed song, “and yooooou can have it all, my empire of shit.” I don’t care. All the sports bar shit just melted for every girl in the house and me too. I admit it- that song was like watching Hamlet and boy did he know it. Girls crying with love for him in a rock star way, the groupies and cocaine usage, that I thought went out with hair bands.

We didn’t have groupies. We had competitive girls in OTHER BANDS. I had competition then. Now, I do not. I suppose because its not an economic or particularly social model that’s very easy to pull off; being class clown until the fucking record comes out. I could’ve put out a perfectly good, even great, record, but it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry. I’m aiming for the moon and the moon I shall have. Even if it sells one copy, I will know in my heart, I did the very, very best, to the best of my ability, to leave a legacy of greatness behind.

Anyway some journo at Details asks him a few months later after a strange parting, and the very emotional death of his beloved dog, but still this doesn’t excuse this comment, “So, Courtney Love, you two hooked up? Is it true she’s pregnant?” His response, “It would have to have been the immaculate conception.” The gross out factor was so huge. OH YEAH, BEEN HERE ! THE GIRL IN SCHOOL ALL THE BOYS WANNA SLEEP WITH, BUT THEN WON’T COP TO IT TO THEIR FRIENDS.

Despite the small amount of education I had, I was always in very social environments. The fact is, I was an outsider, but I was also enormously popular and that stays with you. I never ever picked on any scapegoat or outsider. I never thought I’d play scapegoat mostly because of who, in fact 99% because of who, I married. It was just alpha on alpha. It made all the sense in the world, but the world hadn’t taken on indie rock values and with that rendition of “Dr Feelgood” tonight- the inner Crue I thought someone had spiked my drink with god’s evil acid. I had my platinum and Kurt’s platinum records, arrived at the studio and was using them as shields to ward off the evil, but it went on for, oh, 15 minutes. Boys will be boys and fantasize about the rainbow and the Crue and shit like that. Not having lived with it, not having worked at Star strip without Axl buying me a boob job, pulling double shifts on days we didn’t rehearse, so we could have amps and rehearsal 5 days a week at the very least, eight hour ones, whether I’d done a full shift or not.

Three girls at Star Strip had pink Corvettes Axl bought them. And the Crue; Nikki is a smart guy and Tommy’s nice, but that doesn’t make them a band I can even deal with. It was horrific for a freaky girl in LA and her freaky band, but that became what made us rather huge; a great great, now retired, rock journalist. Arguably the very very best rock journos of all time, Lester Bangs, David Fricke, Crisxtagu and his body shape taste, which I respect and Robert Hilburn, who made me. I sent him the lyrics and he’s a lyric guy. Playing at 6:30 for 20 minutes at The Whiskey A Go Go, no bozo lame some pay to play bullshit with hair metal bands, many of whom contained later: “grungers,” “punkers,” etc.

Hilburn wrote a classic Hilburn massive calendar piece. So, the metal guys would be like, “Let’s go see that freak girl, and her band of freaks.” I love being a freak. As I said, I’ve always gotten along well with others and been pretty popular. So I had NO problem projecting Valkyrie Bitch Goddess. Why not me? I had the words for it. Not yet the drummer, and no offense to drummers past, who I have loved, but for once I have the drummer of them all and even he likes playing Doctor bloody Feelgood. Six, you win. Accckkkkkkk, I was literally rolling on the floor screaming “Make it stop!” Bad acid, I tells ya.

Anyway, in a Spin interview, I stated the truth. Frankly. he started it.

“Reznor blah blah?” “He shouldn’t call his band Nine Inch Nails when he has a three inch one.” Well that was THAT and the shit hit the fan. I was referencing his song Mr. Self Destruct. I NEVER had a feud with KURT. Christ, the guy was my best friend on his earth and worth every penny of the crucifixion(s).

I hope you’ve paid your money to see a cripple dance and now’s your chance, baby, now’s your chance, but as we all know this endless blogging and “FAMA,” the Latin derivative of “fame,” meaning gossip. Look up Virgil’s poem on Dido fucking Aetna (sic) in a cave. The word comes from “rumors.” Skip to Ovid now, after Christ ,and the word has changed into a quality, that does not involve great works or achievements or honor. It just involves getting as much as you can. It’s a dense, dense book; The Frenzy of Renown.” It is very academic, I am going to read it now.

That was, sort of , he sort of? He’s still pissed I called my band Hole. I never said size, shape, etc. I never said “cabbage rose hole” or “tea rose hole.” In any case vajayjay was only one connotation of that band’s name. It was truly from the Euripides’ Medea, but it got the job done. It was a chance and a risk to name the band that, as Babes in Toyland were going to go full throttle. We were gonna call ourselves “swampussy,” but what if, what if, what ifs kept coming. What if, what? There was no way that model of band was, as much as I love them, going to go mainstream. In any case, I had to take the chance with that name, but that’s not the point. The point is Reznor got PISSED. HEY, HE STARTED IT.

Having been pretty popular my whole life and not used to this class clown karma, that I’m chanting to mitigate, but seems to occur every bloody time I blog. I may as well just stop amusing anyone and stick to what I know; books, nature, eBay at 5 am. I do not like feuds, but money’s money, then feuds occur. Sex is sex and I suppose if you impugn my sexuality and the month of intensity and insane secrets we shared with each other, because you’re feeling I’m not “popular” or pretty enough for our “image” and you have a weakness, sorry I didn’t turn the other cheek. Not.

I never have told anyone one word of what he told me on those nights about his childhood, nor would I ever. So that was a semi feud with the Brit. He’s just too obsessed is what Neal Strauss says. I’m not at all obsessed, disturbed and freaked that I went there, but I don’t much think about it except when I hear news that he’s trying like hell to get BBC2 to fund, or they already have funded, the 6 part series of the Abbey which, as Straussey puts it, is just an “Obsession piece. You win. He loses.” When you put a not-at-all funny show on the air, just to take the piss out of me, and then go around my tertiary secondary or first circle of friends with your dark using energy, I will not go out of my way to hurt you, but I will protect the people I love. Make sense?

Okay, on with the rock.


So, THAT SIGN goes up tonight. I’ll check in with y’all about music, but there’s nothing served by defensive blogging. I was shaken by the AMEX statements and where they met on the time line and that Ryan says he made that over a weekend? Is he nuts? I think it started June 19th. I have a first class series of about 6 musicians, and hangers on, tix on an AMEX, that was applied for online and paid down with money in accounts I could not access and had no idea was there. (Could not access due to forged powers of attorney) So, yes it has taken a long time to get to forensics and these guys still wanna come after me for slander, when I have them by the scrotum, with four refinances with phony signatures that they pocket, and Lexus’s for the wives, Mercedes for them, opening bank accounts and wire transferring all over the earth, etc. etc. ad nauseam

I won’t bore you with it. I just find it funny that they are so delusional. Let’s go, man, let’s go. Can of worms time. Let the snakes out. Yay! That’s all I can say. The worst is yet to come, but after that, its just smooth fucking sailing and me being very frugal and performing as much human revolution as I can, really mitigating and changing my karma.

I care more for my kid than anything or anyone. I just want her happy and well taken care of, and to make her proud.

XOXO Courtney

Um … wha??? As confusing as this new blogpost is, I must confess that it very well may be the most coherent thing that Courtney Love has written, like, ever. I’m not sure what spurned C. Love to write this particular Reznor-inspired post (and spurned she seems, don’t you detect a note of sour grapes?) but I can totally appreciate her efforts. Mebbe she’s a bit miffed that Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails have enjoyed much success in the past few months are kicking off a new tour (entitled Lights in the Sky) while she is relegated to being stuck behind her computer, reading poems by Virgil all by her lonesome (yeah, that Virgil bit is a kinda hard to swallow but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt). I sincerely hope that Courtney disregards that note she put on her computer to warn her off of blogging … I, very much, enjoy reading her My Space blogposts. Reznor and NIN will be bizzy touring (they kick off their first official show tonight in Vancouver, BC) so what else does she have to do? I want more!!!


  • Panti Christ

    I kind of giggled imagining Frances saying these blogs are embarassing. Parents embarassing their kids – that’s so normal! Yes, I sensed those sour grapes, Trent. Sounds like the Love-Reznor relationship was a sweet one at some point.

  • emmie21

    ewwww I do not want to picture this particular pairing ever ever again!

  • Kellye

    I didn’t understand a single sentence of that…guess I’m not smart or something like that.

  • velvet revolution

    Rumor has it that our very own Tori Amos was “with” Trent thinking it was exclusive until she went over to his house and CLove was there!

  • kittycatastrophe

    Given how long ago this took place you’d think she’d have moved on by now. I mean, come on, she’s still sweating some groupie-like sexcapade with a man who refers to her as, “that c***”? Everyone makes mistakes and it sounds like both of them have something to look back on with regret. Thank Buddha my regrets will never see the harsh glare of the computer screen.

  • shannon

    Where did you hear that Trent admitted he and Courtney… uhh… you know? Do you have a source? All the interviews and articles I’ve read from him about the issue say that she wanted to pursue that kind of relationship while he just wanted to keep it platonic. And his story has never changed. Courtney has told a different story every time. It’s likely she was just pissed that he wouldn’t do it so she lashed out against him.

  • shannon

    Oh, and he was a computer engineering major before he dropped out of college while the family sold Reznor Heating to a larger company around the time Trent was born.

  • kittycatastrophe


    I had been under the impression that he denied the deed years ago as well but wondered that I may have been mistaken.


  • PixieBassline

    That has GOT to be the most COMPPREHENSIVE blog she’s ever written! Bean musta spell-checked it for her. lol

  • PixieBassline


  • lizzy

    she is so petty! what is this, 3 public MYSPACE BLOG rants on celebrities in the last month? how old is she?

  • Darvulia

    So Courtney Love thinks Trent Reznor is out to get her with some kind of vindictive “Courtney Dearest” sort of trashy Tv. series? And she thinks she is being noble for keeping his secrets?

    He is sober and very productive now, and I don´t think he´s got time to think about her.

    She´s already had more rewards than she deserve in life, being a talentless ugly bitch: Oscar nomination, cool dead legendary husband a cute child who probably by now knows better than to follow mom´s example, Edward Norton as a boyfriend wise enough to run for the hills.

    That´s as good as it ´s goint to get for you, so go stuff yourself with a ton of silicone and just let us all forget about you.

  • Darvulia

    Oh, and by the way, to answer Izzy´s question, she just turned 44.

  • Joanne

    I have to say I like her writings … yeah sometimes they are very confused but I understood what she was saying in that completely! Peace C.

  • Wtf? T.Rez denied years upon years ago that he ever slept with Courtney. He implied that they may have been a little close, but not THAT close. Manson said that they may have in his autobio based on some of her reactions when she showed up at his place one night but let’s face it – she’s a dramahound to begin with. And since the original rumors started, both Rez and MM have mentioned it maybe once and never brought it back up. She’s the one who keeps running her mouth, so really, who’s lying and who’s telling the truth? It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

  • PixieBassline

    Don’t you guys know that Courtney is the subject in more than half of Reznor’s songs???

  • kat

    so I get why she’s rehashing all of this old stuff…Axl probably wont appreciate being brought into this, but I wanna hear more too. Court really needs to put away the synonym checker and just write what she thinks instead of trying to be scholar. It doesnt make her seem any smarter. But I do like her honesty and her willingness to confront her past although she’s lighting up all of them and avoiding the only huge link to fame that she’s had-Kurt. Maybe shes got more than one rule from Frances taped to that computer of hers.

  • lil one

    i think its funny that shes 44 and still talks about how popular she was in …high school? get over ittt

  • C.Love get over yourself already, come on how long ago was this. If anything happened between you & Trent, is your pipe dream, Trent said it never happened, & i believe him, never would i believe you, dream on!!!!!

  • C.Love get over yourself, Trent has better taste, then to bonk a yuck like you.

  • Scary

    LOL Get over it Courtney for Christ’s sake. You really think Reznor would shag a fat slag like her?? And even if such a misguided event should have occurred (most likely while in a state of intoxication), it’s really nobody’s business and she’s just embarrassing herself by going on about a one night stand that is 15 years old. Very sad. You’re right, it smells of sour grapes and jealousy of his ongoing success – I mean why bring it up now right at this point in time? Very suspicious. I would feel sorry for Trent, still being the target of her creepy obsessions after all those years, if I didn’t know he’s probably laughing his head off at this stuff.

    For what it’s worth, I reckon what happened was he wanted her as a friend whereas she wanted to be more than friends, especially if they did have a one night stand. She couldn’t hack it and went nuts, which in return, scared him off even more. It’s a common enough scenario, except that usually the “used” person gets over it at some point and moves on.

    And what’s all this Axl stuff about? She’s clearly just namedropping for the sake of it. I wish she’d just drop dead. But then her daughter would be an orphan which would kinda suck.