David Beckham Shows Off His Gams


Here are a few pics of David Beckham training with his teammates on day 2 of practice for the MLS All-Star soccer game that is set to take place later on today … in a couple of the pics, Becks appears to be showing off his sexy legs to his soccer cohorts:

Woot! I realize that there are many photos that feature Sexy Becksy showing off a lot more than just this bit of leg but these pics are still very nice … or as my Aussie friend Kirsten likes to say, that’s noice. Yummo!!!


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    ahhhh to Becks.

  • robin

    really trent..enough with beckham already…is a whole post really necessary for just a picture of his leg? *sigh* not interesting…

  • silence

    David Beckham, I wanna you. Can anyone clone him for me? It’s lucky to see more about you on ri ch kis s.c om. My friend says you’re a certified millionaire there with a great profile. Are you still there?

  • Meh does nothing for me…. he’s all plucked eyebrows and eye wrinkles.

  • Kris

    *sigh* I never get sick of seeing pics of David Beckham :-)
    The hottest man ever!

  • jp

    I’m so fuckin tired of David Beckam posts. He’s a good looking guy but there are litterally 1000’s of better looking men in any major city. He’s cool but I am sooooo tired of every other post on blogs being about how hot David Beckham is even if he farts. It a stupid leg and not that great a leg in the big picture either.

  • beljean

    oh cmOn wutever oders myt say, david beckham is a legend!, so hu cares abwt ur better looking men.. duh!