Lifetime TV To Pay Tribute To Estelle Getty


Pink reader Cindy gave me the head’s up that Lifetime TV, the network which currently owns the syndication rights to The Golden Girls, has announced that they are planning a 10 episode tribute marathon in memory of the late Estelle Getty. Starting at 12PM this Friday afternoon, Lifetime will air a series of 10 Sophia Petrillo-centric episodes in her memory … and they are asking that fans vote for the 10th ep to end the marathon tribute:

Friday, July 25, from 12 noon to 5 pm et/pt, see a special on-air tribute to Estelle Getty, who played the cantankerous Sophia Petrillo on “The Golden Girls.” Ms. Getty passed away on Tuesday, July 22, at age 84. We’ll air 10 episodes showcasing the actress’s character, Sophia, in all her blustering, sarcastic splendor. The final episode shown will be one picked by the fans, so vote for your favorite Sophia moment now.

Click HERE to cast your vote, my pick is for the episode entitled Old Friends … I think that ep would be the most poignant episode to end the marathon (additionally, Old Friends is on my Best Of list of Golden Girls eps). I’m actually surprised that NBC (the network that originated The Golden Girls) hasn’t offered any public tributes to Estelle, at least, none that I could find (not even a mention on their website). The Golden Girls formed the foundation of their Must See TV line-up in the mid-80’s and did much to help the network soar to success. I think it would’ve been nice if they offered some sort of tribute to her.

PS: I don’t know if this t-shirt by Glen Hanson is still available but HERE is info from his site about the shirt.

[Source, thanks Cindy]

  • “Old Friends” is in the lead – I voted for it as well!

  • Every time I see a handbag..I will think of Estelle Getty, she was NEVER without hers.

  • Janet

    I’m with you, Trent (and Winona) – Old Friends is my vote as well and definitely the best of that group of Sophia-centric eps…

    BTW – I love that you’re as big a fan of The Golden Girls as me…I can figure out which ep I am watching as soon as I hear the first one-liner :)

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  • Cindy G

    The bookstore in LA no longer has those shirts =( I did buy this one though… RIP Estelle!

  • piper, with a low

    I have to say… the ones listed aren’t my favorite Sophia episodes. I rented season 4 and ‘Yes, We Have No Havanas’ is probably my favorite. It was the episode when Blanche and Sophia were dating the same guy. Blnache tried to seduce him by saying something like she’s going to take a long, steamy bath with just enough water to cover her ample bosom and Sophia snaps ‘You’re only going to sit in an inch of water?’ Best burn ever!!

    My other favorite was from season 6, I believe, when Sophia was trying to seduce Cesar Romero.

  • Decon1

    “Get real grandma!”

    ‘Old Friends’ has got to be one of my favorite episodes, and not even because of the Sophia/Alvin story line. It’s all about Jenny Lewis as ‘Daisy’!

    “See this water pistol?! It’s loaded with red ink!”

  • Pamela Nye

    I agree with Piper, although Blanche says, “perky bosom”, not ample. Estelle, (Sophia) you will be missed.

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