• I

    Oh I’m so excited! Audrina drives me crazy! I was just dying laughing when she said “I don’t care” she sounded like the biggest brat. There seems to be a lot more boy drama this season. So exciting!

  • Marissa

    Just a thought, why does it always have to be “her or me” with Spencer? I have relatives who don’t like some of my friends and I have friends who don’t like each other. Then just stay away from one another. There is no reason other than a complete lack of respect for somebody else’s (your sister’s) judgement or relationships outside of the family. His selfishness just gets to me sometimes. As for Lauren…Lo and Audrina don’t have to be friends just be nice to each other since they share some of the same living spaces…Don’t create drama where there doesn’t need to be any (oh wait there wouldn’t be a show if they all got along…DUH)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    YEAA I Can’t wait!! Um, Heidi’s sister is so damn ugly! Seriously, why are all the sisters hideous looking on this show? I can’t wait. I hope spencer gets beat up this season:)!!

  • JeniLee

    Oh man I cannot wait for this. I got my preordered copy of season 3 of the hills in the mail yesterday and will be having a marathon before season 4 woo hooo

  • Nicole

    well its about time!!! i cant wait!

  • Molly

    I am sooooooooooo excited! August 18th can’t come soon enough :o)

  • Eli

    Woohooo I am so EXCITED for this new season. Now I can start loooking forward to mondays once again ;)

  • GirlieGirl

    Now THIS is O.M.F.G! LOL!
    I am so on Team Audrina… Lo is kinda a bitchy pain the ass.

    LOVE IT!

  • c-line

    why, why, why can these videos never be played outside the US until a few days later… other countries like watching the hills too :(

  • ginae

    this show annoys me.

  • Matt

    Worst show ever!!!!

  • I’ve never even seen a single episode of this show and I just watched that trailer and knew who EVERYONE was and what their stories were. That makes me sad. Especially considering the fact that I can’t remember the people I meet in real life’s names half the time. Ugh.

  • HORRID, HORRID show.

    Audrina looks hot though (sometimes)

  • VPrice

    Dear Trent,
    I will be sending you a bill in the mail for those 2 minutes you just took, nay stole, from my life.

  • ashley

    OMG, I can’t wait for the new season to come on, This looks so good. The dating, backstabing, darma, tears, emotions, ane etc. Love it, thanks for showing the perview!

  • Heidi is not a human being, she’s devoid of anything..ok she does have nice boobs but I gotta say I’ve never punched another girl out but she’d be on top the list.

  • Amy

    I think we just watched the entire new Season in these clips!

  • taylor

    Love it! I hope Lauren finally takes Brody’s advice and dumps Stephanie. She’s trouble and Lauren doesn’t need it.

  • Shannon

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I love this show!

  • John

    Trent, I love your blog. But what is the deal with this crap? This show is so obviously scripted it isn’t funny, and frankly who cares about any of these nobodies? I mean, these people make Paris Hilton look like someone who worked hard and has loads of talent.

  • Dee

    the mascara tear is the best acting that’s ever been on this show period.