Christian Bale’s Trumped Up Charges?


TMZ is reporting new deets in the arrest of and alleged assault by Christian Bale. According to them, there was physical contact between Bale and his estranged mother and sister … but there is a disagreement as to whether that contact was a “push” or a “brush”:

Sources directly connected to the Christian Bale case tell TMZ there was physical contact between Christian and his mom, but it amounted to next to nothing. We’re told Bale pushed his mom out of the way during the altercation. She was not hurt and did not fall down. There’s a division of opinion on whether the contact was a “push” or a “brush.”

There is other unsubstantiated information going around that Bale’s mother and sister, Jenny (61) and Sharon (40), showed up uninvited at the Dorchester hotel (where he was staying) late Sunday night in an intoxicated state, looking for money (and trouble) and causing a scene. When Christian finally showed up at his hotel the incident ensued where he, apparently, tried to either get out of the hotel himself or get them ejected from the hotel — and that is when the physical contact occurred. Now, BE AWARE, this information is conjecture at best … only those involved with the police investigation (and those involved directly) know for sure what went down. I am quite comfortable believing that the truth will set Christian Bale free. I cannot for the life of me envision him purposely assaulting his mother and sister. These are people he may have been estranged from for many years but, even still, it doesn’t make sense that he would actively decide to assault anyone … especially when he is in the middle of a huge promo tour for a blockbuster movie. The idea that he assaulted these women doesn’t make sense … the scenario described above does make sense. Christian Bale is still clean in my eyes.


  • I knew there would be a simple explanation. I’ve had family members go ape shit trash act before, sometimes you just have to pull them out of the way. They’re obviously estranged for a reason.

  • katelin

    I have faith in Christian too. Hopefully the truth will come out soon and he’ll be cleared, because I’d really like to believe it.

  • Faith is my name =p

  • klo

    This was the first thing I thought when i read this — they are just trying to cash in on his fame, and get a cut of his wealth. Family can really screw up your life when they are toxic, this is too bad its sullied his good name at what should be the peak of achievement for him.

  • Katie

    Ahhh, everyone has some of THOSE people in their family. Hope everything works out for him.

  • Kelly

    You know it totally sucks that this has to happen right now. Even if he is completely exonerated, and I truly believe he will be, people will remember this.

  • What an accusation, this may have been best sorted out at home and not in front of the world’s media?

  • Ugh, poor guy, I really hope they don’t get what they’re looking for from him, because I saw on another site they had been asking him for money… can we say Jerry Springer?

  • emmie21

    This is what I thought it might of been…Poor guy

  • hollydoll

    honestly you shouldnt post anymore until more is clear now were thinking he pushed her or they just argued. honestly wait til we hear more. i just read that there must of been bad blood between him and his mom. Bale left with his dad to LA and in 2003 his dad died of a brain tumor and Bale was one by his side. i dunno Bale like Depp is very out of the spot light and i only see Bale with his wife and kid and never with his other family members. and now with all the success coming in just these past 3 days im curious why this is happening now.

  • hollydoll

    and one more thing read your stories about these kind of things on news channels or even Yahoo news, you wont give you iffy information that makes you think, just the stuff thats known for sure.

    go see Dark Knight movie of the year so far

  • hollydoll

    this shows him winning Best Hero at MTV movie awards where he thanks his family
    and a sweet moment with his wife


  • Lori

    We all have a crazy drama queen in our families somewhere…he apparently has two.

    He’s my dream man so I would hate to hear that anyone is just using his fame to garner attention for themselves!

    love ya Christian!

  • chickayo

    i agree with hollydoll and lori lol
    i mean if this was his wife THEN this would be way different. this is the mans family, and most likely bad blood maybe between them. he did leave with his dad to LA so maybe he was closer to him.
    but yeah lets make this worse by assuming so much, especially you!

  • Joanne

    You can choose your career – but you unfortunately can’t choose your family …

  • billyboi

    he gits edgy when he partys too much.
    which is often.
    mean drunk.

  • Serhat

    I’m so sorry for Mr. Bale. His mother and sister seem to be a mess.

  • Alif

    TMZ is also claiming Bale had an outburst at Terminator 4’s set, which I found hard to believe considering there was never a similar incident happening with his previous movies.

    God, I hate tabloids.

  • Amber

    They just want his money.

  • Sean

    Everyone has crazy relatives. Mine pulled exactly the same knid of shit. He’ll be fine, as soon as he pays them off. Cause that’s all they ever want.

  • Elizabeth

    He has, up until this point, conducted his life with perfect dignity.

    He cites his father as being his biggest influence and the person he misses the most in his life.

    His parents were divorced; Christian was the one who lived with his father in LA.

    It could well be that Mom and the sisters have been, for lack of a better word, marginalized, in his life and are now trying to get their piece of the pie. Nuh huh, hangers on, he ain’t having it.

    It’s telling though, in that MTV clip (above, YouTube) that he thanks his mom and sisters; so that shows me he’s a good son, a good man, with creepy relatives.

    Good will out.

  • Kate

    I’m with you on this Trent. Something sounded fishy from the beginning (not about him…about his family). I mean he is probably exhausted with promoting the movie and filming and everything..he doesn’t need all of this on his shoulders too. Mr. Bale is still clean in my eyes.

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  • it really is too bad that people keep bothering him about these rumors, he seems like a solid guy in general