Bea Arthur & Betty White Mourn Estelle Getty


Bea Arthur and Betty White issued statements to US Weekly to pay tribute to and mourn the loss of their Golden Girls co-star and friend, Estelle Getty, who passed away at the age of 84 years old earlier this morning:

Bea Arthur has released a statement to after the death of her Golden Girls co-star Estelle Getty: “Our mother-daughter relationship was one of the greatest comic duos ever, and I will miss her” … Saddened by the news, Betty White (who played the na├»ve Rose) told Us, “The only comfort at this moment is that although Estelle has moved on, Sophia will always be with us.”

Again, this is very sad news … I imagine it is very difficult for those people who knew Estelle and were close to her but I know that legions of fans are feeling the loss today as well. It’s hard to imagine the feisty Sophia Petrillo succumbing to death … I think Betty White is absolutely right in her belief that Sophia will always be with us. Her legacy will truly live on … even still, this is just really sad news.


  • 1st Post!

    I’m outty,

  • what?!?!

    She was 84 and all sorts of f’d up – yes sad, but unexpected? c’mon!

  • no one is claiming her death was unexpected, it’s just very sad.

  • Ibby

    Okay seriously, keep that mess to herself- it wasn’t unexpected, we’re all going to die, but it’s a VERY sad day for those of us who are loyal fans and still incorporate the Golden Girls in our daily lives. Estelle will be greatly missed. This news has devastated me.

  • Christina

    I’ve been watching Golden Girls with my own mother since I was a little girl, staring avidly at the tv whenever I’d hear the theme song when I was barely 3 years old. 15 years later I’ve seen every episode and can quote it like no other. The news of Estelle is sad but she’s in a better place now… And her memory will always live on in avid fans like me, my mother, and of course Trent. :)

  • Blanche


  • For some reason I just thought they were immortal. Old, but I thought none of them would ever die! So sad.

  • Nickki

    So sad… :(

  • KateDFW

    I know the pain of losing someone you love to this awful disease. My mother passed away 3 years ago in September to Alzheimer’s and I miss her every single day. Perhaps you may be moved to make a donation to Alzheimer’s research in Estelle’s name to honor her and others we have lost to dreaded disease.

  • Amber

    I saw the news on Yahoo and immediately came to PITNB to see what you had to say about it. It’s sad that she’s gone, but like her costars are saying, she’ll always be with us in the form of Sophia.

  • It is very sad about Estelle. She was an acting pro with a genius sense of comedic timing.

  • kiki

    this is so sad. i’ve been watching this show since i was 4.

  • RIP Estelle Getty!! You will be missed!!

  • Kelly O

    I really do hate to hear this. I have loved the Golden Girls for years now, and her death is certainly a loss. I had read she had not been in good health for some time, so it’s nice to know she is finally released from all that.

    (To the first poster, could you possibly be a little respectful and at least express a little sadness… fake it if you must… I just severely dislike seeing people rush to grab the first comment on things like this.)

    And hugs Trent… you just posted about the GG the other day. I’ve not commented before, but this couldn’t pass.

  • Christy

    Estelles family is in my prayers,my great grandmother passed away from Alztheimers in 1999 a few short weeks after my oldest sons birth I have the special memories of her holding him for the first time and my daughter had a few short years before her passing.Its a disease that not only affects the person but the whole family

  • gilly

    picture it Sicily,…I loved Sophia…and I will keep her alive by watching my tivo’ed episodes tonight….

  • J

    I’ve been watching the Golden Girls since I was little. My cousins and I grew up watching it with my grandpa. The show was and still is great as well as the four women who played such lovable characters. It is a very sad day losing Estelle Getty who was a wonderful actress and the funniest GG. Sophia will definitely live on.

  • Robert

    Thank you for being a friend, Estelle!

  • I

    Well I mean they have to be crappin their pants caause if she was 84…then man alive..Wasn’t she the youngest of all thes cast members even though she played the oldest?

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  • I will never forget the years of laughter these three ladies gave me. My thoughts are with them all…

  • Starrising

    These golden ladies are truely immortal! Just cause their not here does not mean their not there. Thanks for all the years of laughter.