The Long Slumber


Ack … my time in LA is running out really fast so I’m scrambling today (as I usually do on travel days) to get everything done before I have to jet off to NYC this afternoon. I didn’t really leave the house — I had tons of cleaning and packing to take care of, which is fine, cuz I was finally able to finish watching all 7 seasons of The Golden Girls on DVD:

Now, it’s gonna take me some time to work up my Best Of post but it’s coming … stay tuned.

In all of my travel preparations I had to make time to figure out what to do with my brand new VW Tiguan crossover (which I love, love love). The car is only 3 days old and I’m already leaving it parked in my apartment garage for just over 2 weeks! In order to play it safe, I did get a car cover for my baby and had to tuck it in for a long sleep:

Hee hee … I’ve been kicking around German names for my new baby, I think I’m going to call it Wülfgang Jürgen-Klaüs … that has a nice ring to it, I think. It’s hard leaving my car so soon after bringing it home but … it must be done.

And so … I’m off to NYC for a few days before David and I fly off to London and then Paris. It’s deffo looking like it’s gonna be a great birthday trip … we’ve got a few things in mind to do — we’ll be seeing Kylie Minogue live in concert next weekend — so I’m pretty geeked. No worries, I’ll be working on a daily basis, as usual, so things should be relatively normal along the way. Wee!

  • nat

    Hans-Juergen has a much better ring to it or Wolfgang-to keep with the VW theme(the car is from Wolfsburg -so it fits).

  • Jule

    jürgen klaus… the name of my boss.. a coincidence which i find rather funny. anyways, how about hans or horst? typical german names.. or siegfried, roy…

  • kathleen

    Or Klaus?! LOL! Anyways, enjoy your trip to NYC!

  • Enjoy your birthday trip!

  • My boyfriend’s old VW was called Volker – Volker the Volkswagen. Good old-fashioned German name, how about it?

  • Have fun!! I’ll try not to be too jealous of that wonderful trip…love your car’s name, by the way!

  • Sarah

    Trent, Jürgen-Klaus ??? you’re too adorable! =)

  • deanne

    hey trent! love the new VW i have a VW Rabbit i absolutely love it i named mine Roger… get it… Roger Rabbit… have a fun trip!!

  • zeldman

    Actually your choice for car is really disappointing, Trent. It’s hard to believe that in today’s times somebody would still choose such a big car, that consumes a lot of petrol and pollutes so much. I guess it is still possible in the great USA!!! Really disappointing. I wonder if you even know what the CO2 emission is for that car.

  • Ashley

    Come to Scotland Trent! Glasgow is way better than London!

  • Christine

    You should make a trip to Copenhagen in beautiful Denmark… not as touristy as Paris and London=)

  • It’s not a big car, I’m very comfortable with my Carbon footprint

  • kaylove

    Don’t tell people you are leaving your car unattended for 2 weeks. That is so unsafe! You might come back and it’s gone.

  • erika

    should have bought a prius.

  • MiKiE

    OK! the VW tiguan gets almost the same MPG and nearly as good carbon footprint as the Nissan Rogue which was ACTUALLY awarded for being basically the best eco friendly 4cylinder that wasn’t a hybrid…

    So you idiots that are saying it’s not a good car for the environment – you have no idea what you’re talking about!

    It’s actually going to be alot friendlier on the environment than that 1980’s shit bucket that half of you seem to drive!

    And if you don’t like seeing what he drives, then don’t comment on it, even look at it, think about it… nothing! just shut up! i think its way better than buying some V8 Cadillac or V12 Mercedes Benz… Y’all don’t know what you talkin bout’!

  • julie

    Amen, Mikie. The one person who actually does some research figures out that Trent isn’t some evil LA Earth Hater after all!

  • sdf

    Jürgen-Klaus is very uncommon. usually it’s Klaus-Jürgen

  • I love the name Klaus…it’s my dad’s name. He was born and raised in Germany! Love it! Hope you enjoy it!