The Speidi Show Gets Sponsorship


Power couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted making the rounds in LA yesterday ahead of a couple of public appearances last night and showed up at a Coffee Bean shop in Beverly Hills, CA with a curious collection of products in hand:

Doesn’t it seem odd that they were photographed carrying matching Nintendo Gameboy DS handheld video games (retail value $129.99) along with Coffee Bean Frappuccino drinks and the new Apple iPhone 3G? HMMM. I don’t get it … but I do suddenly feel the intense desire to run out to Starbucks to play with my PSP while talking on my BlackBerry :)

PS: I was not paid for this post.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Susan

    Trent, you’re such a Speidi lover :]

  • Anna

    Heidi has her DS open and it’s not even turned on! I bet they don’t even have a game in it. Real gamers don’t just carry it around like that, they have snazzy carrying cases that holds it and all there games and shiz. Next thing you know they’ll be promoting the DS game Brain Age. None of this makes sense.

  • Nickki

    At the rate they’re going there going to need more hands…….

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Please please please let one of them get hit by a car( not seriously) just hard enough to let them be on bedrest for like 3 months and I don’t have to deal with their bullshit!! Just seeing their picture annoys the living shit out of me. I really can’t stand it anymore. I would never nor do I know anyone who would ever buy a single thing this heinously ugly couple promotes!!

  • Jewels

    I hate this couple!!!! they aren’t even doing anything except extending their fifteen minutes of fame!! The only reason they are noticed is because they are groupies of other famous reality tv celebs. Lets get over them already

  • Michelle


    PLEASE stop talking about these two!

  • KiKi

    Mr. Gyllenhaal’s comment almost got me busted at work i laughed so loud! :D

  • kerry

    i hate that you love them so much, trent. :( you post about them almost every day! i need a break!!

  • Missy

    WTF is a Coffee Bean Frappuccino?

  • Panti Christ

    they suck. boo.

  • GAH!

    It saddens me to think of poor children in Africa dying from starvation, when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are alive for err… purpose!

  • Rob

    Enough of them!

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  • JeffRob

    Ugh, they are absolutely shameless. Or is that shameful? Oh, who knows.

    Trent, whatever you do, please do not stop posting about Speidi. They’re like a really pretty, massively horrendous national tragedy.


  • Sher

    Somebody’s forehead is a bit shiny!! No wonder Heidi’s DS is open but not on. If Spencer has his on she can watch the whole game in High definition right on her fiance’s cranium!

  • lisa

    i love you p.s. comment….i was starting to wonder trent.

  • lisa


  • brewster

    just so you know, the phone is actually the original iPhone and not the 3G. You can tell from the recessed headphone jack on the top right hand corner of the phone. Al

  • Give me a break

    I can’t believe you give them any face time on your site, it’s pretty pathetic. They bring absolutley nothing to the table….and it’s sad that you continue to talk about them because they kissed your ass at some event, don’t you think that was the plan, get in trents good graces and he’ll talk about us all the time…sad for you

  • Jenn

    Fake couple. Heidi is fake all over and Spencer is just a little boy in a big man’s suite. FAKE. Do not promote these sheninigans. Let this so called Speidi team DIE!

  • javajunkie

    i wish a car would have came and ran those to desperate losers over, they are so pathetic! why do you even pay attention to these fakes???

  • Nomorespeidi

    Please stop writing about these two! I can’t stand them. This is turning into some kind of speidi-site. Its so sad cause your site used to be so good. Now its just about these two idiots doing useless things that nobody really cares about…I’m disappointed.

  • Bon

    That’s the old iPhone. It’s back is silver.

  • tammy


  • Joanne

    God – would these two please go away. The end is nigh!

  • kaye

    i can’t keep my hands from typing much longer… as much as I hate these two, i must comment on your comments. you do realize that some of your posts are wrong, right? first off, that’s not an iPhone 3G, thats the first gen iPhone which they’ve had. secondly, britney allowed sole custody of the kids until she becomes more sane, then they will go back to court and renegotiate the agreement. This is the first time on this blog, but geeze… not hating, but perez is much better.

  • :)