Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy Vacay In Italy


While Mandy Moore seems to be having a hard time dealing with her break-up with Ryan Adams, it seems like things are progressing nicely for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy who have been happily together since late 2006 and are spending this week enjoying a holiday in Italy. Here are pics of Claire and Hugh enjoying the pool (and each other) at the Hotel Regina Isabella in Ischia, Italy this week:

Altho I’m a bit concerned about those protruding ribs that Claire has got goin’ on, I think these pics are great. They make a really cute couple and they always look so happy together. Hugh is a cutie and Claire is one of my fave, under-appreciated actresses. You don’t really see this couple out and about all the time … perhaps that is why they have managed to last for so long. It looks like they are having a great vacay together … cute!

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Morgan

    She is way to skinny…if I can count your ribs…ugh. He is HOT!

  • Panti Christ

    I agree with Morgan on both counts! The ‘bag-o’-rakes’ look is not pretty!!!

  • Teri

    oh my she is way too skinny

  • Marisa

    wow, that hotel has a walking diving board! oh wait, that’s just claire danes…

  • Harmony

    I totally agree! She is frightfully thin!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    See now this is a couple I enjoy looking at and hearing about. They have done stuff with their lives, they aren’t fame whores trying to push every crappy item they come accross to earn a little extra money. I love clare…when is BIG LOVE coming back on HBO?

  • Aidan

    Blecch. I can’t stand Claire Danes ever since that whole mess with Billy Crudup, though I admit she’s a good actress (in desperate need of a sandwich). Poor Claire, she’s become a carpenter’s dream: flat as a board and easy to nail.

  • jenny

    ugh. claire danes looks like silly putty someone stretched too thing. ugh ugh ugh.

  • Victoria

    Claire has always been this thin. Some people are just naturally thin and no matter what, remain this thin. While it is not an attractive look, and most people associate it with being anorexic – just as their are naturally obese people, there are naturally rail thin people.

  • Joce

    hey at least this time the guy doesnt have an 8 months pregnant wife at home! upgrade claire!

  • KayKay

    talk about a founding member of the IBTC!! Sheesh

  • Jenn

    Can someone give Claire some in and out burger. This anorexic beyotch needs to eat some meat and lots of it!

  • lin

    she is skinny but maybe she’s born like that. At least she still looks better than most people out there.

  • PixieBassline

    I don’t think she’s “too skinny”…………. sometimes, when people aren’t covered in a thick layer of fat, and they take a deep breath, you can see their ribs…. (maybe she’s breathing- lol)………………… and some people’s ribs just NATURALLY stick out a little more than other people’s………

    She probably looks smaller because she naturally has a small behind and a small chest… but looking at her arms and legs, she doesn’t look “too skinny” at all, like nicole richie used to.