‘Wicked’ Is Comin’ To The Big Screen


How’s this for amazing news … Playbill.com is reporting that the wildly successful (and absolutely amazing) Broadway musical Wicked is going to be making the transition to the big screen. Much like Chicago, Hairspray and most recently Mama Mia! before it, Wicked is in the process of being adapted into a movie. This new production will be handled by Marc Platt Productions for Universal Pictures:

Marc Platt has extended his contract with Universal Pictures for five years, according to Variety. Marc Platt Productions currently has several projects of interest to theatre plans in the works, including a film version of the international hit Wicked, a remake of the 1973 Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice film “Jesus Christ Superstar” and a new motion picture about the life of the late composer George Gershwin. Universal Pictures production president Donna Langley told the industry paper, “Our goal now is absolutely to make the Wicked film, but much like Judy Craymer wouldn’t give up screen rights to Mamma Mia! until the stage show had reached its pinnacle, Marc and Stephen Schwartz are very mindful of the right timing. But we’re dying to do it.” Platt told Variety that he and Wicked co-producer David Stone are currently in “early movie talks” with the studio. Winnie Holzman, who penned the Tony-nominated book for Wicked, will write the film’s screenplay. No casting has been mentioned.

Hot damn! This could either rule the world or suck hardcore. My guess is that they are going to go after the original Broadway stars to reprise their roles as Elphaba (Idina Menzel) and Glinda the Good (Kristin Chenoweth) but I would DIE if Megan Hilty was able to play Glinda in the movie version. She is such an amazing Broadway actress — I contend that she would be the best person to play Glinda. In any event, I hope that the producers do the story justice … it’s a great musical, it can be an amazing movie. This is deffo a movie to watch … again, I just hope they do it right.

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  • G


  • Nicole

    I cant wai!! =)

  • katelin

    seriously, if they get the original cast (like they did in Rent), it could be amazing, seriously AMAZING :)

  • Christy

    I hope it does come thru we missed the one on DC last yr because I had the flu

  • Lia


  • SWEET! i have wanted to see this for such a long time! avoided seeing any clips or what not coz i wanted to see the whole version and it would a movie would prolly be the only way i get to see it. i can’t wait!

  • Stephanie

    I went to NYC last summer and saw Wicked and immediately fell in love. I listen to the soundtrack at least weekly and count down the days until I am no longer poor and can afford to go back and see it again. Luckily I will have the movie to tie (tide?) me over!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • melissa

    omg AWESOME!!! i just saw Wicked last week here in Australia and i LOVED IT BEST MUSICAL EVER HOPE THE MOVIE IS AWESOME but hope it doesnt take ten year for it to come to aus!

  • wenn

    it sucks because the musical is never going to come to Singapore, but a movie? YAY! *dances around*

  • Jenny

    I’m with G’s comment. NOOOO.

    I’m basically throwing up in my mouth right now. Some of the worst lyrics ever, complete mutilation of a good book, and some shameful performances (really, Norbert, is that your best work? I didn’t think so.)


  • Katie

    are you kidding, megan hilty? kristen chenowith was amazing! noone could beat her

  • Therea

    Haven’t seen the musical, but the book is one of my all time favorites. I wonder if the movie version will be a replica of the musical or an adaptation of just the book. Interesting anyways…I hope they don’t screw it up!!!

  • frances

    How exciting! Baz lurman should produce! If he can make wicked look as whimsical as moulin rouge, it’ll be visually amazing!

  • I love how they’re making Wicked into a movie. I must say, I just saw a sneak preview of Mamma Mia and it was excellent. I think it reminded the people in the audience who grew up in the 70s of when they were getting it on. They were crazy nostalgic. Gross, huh?!

  • jadedsweetie

    this should have been done a long time ago. i love wicked! and norbert has the best voice of any fiyero, hands down.

  • Kat

    I totally agree with you about Megan Hilty. She was absolutely awesome on Broadway.

  • kait

    i echo the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” sentiment!!!

    i’m obsessed with all things Wicked, but i can see this going verrryyyy verrryyyyy badly!!!!!! the Rent movie was pretty bad…it’s really tough to translate musicals to the screen, especially something like Wicked, where there are a lot of scenes that are focused entirely on the singer(s), without anything going on in the background. The movie version would have tons of filler during those scenes to keep the audience visually stimulated, like what they had to do in the Rent movie. And that got PANNED by critics.

    That being said, if Baz Luhrmann (wow i spelled that right the first time) or Susan Stroman (The Producers) directed it, it might have a fighting chance!

  • Jay

    Cheno was great as the original Glinda… however the absolute best Glinda was and still is Megan Hilty. I have watched clips of every single actress who has played that part including UK, Tokyo, and Australia… and Megan IS that part… however… depending on when the movie is made… she may still have contractual obligations to 9 to 5. We’ll see… but they’d better not screw it up!!

  • Making “Wicked” into a film would definitely be interesting to see. I do agree with everyone else that said it could either be really fabulous or really terrible.

    I do think though that one person who commented in regard to the fact that the stage production “ruined” the book, or something to that affect needs to remember, they had to “liven up” the musical, it’s BROADWAY! Many theater goers are tourists/families, so of course it was much “brighter” than the novel. I think you have to take the book as it is, by itself, and the play the same way. It really isn’t fair to compare the two, you know?

    Also, I believe the excerpt of this entry has an error. It refers to a “Winnie” someone who wrote the book? Um…wasn’t it Gregory Maguire?

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  • Scott

    PAINFUL. I have prayed that the book, and NOT the musical would be made into a film. Direction by Tim Burton would be incredible. I’ve seen the musical twice and I’m sorry, they blew it with the adaption. It’s big, loud and bland. Let the era of screeching pop musicals be at an end! Musicals don’t need to be bright and cheery to work, witness: Sweeney Todd (reinvented), Grey Gardens, Spring Awakening and a host of absolutely incredible genre-busting pieces of musical entertainment.

  • K

    To Courtney:
    Yes, Gregory Maguire wrote the novel, but Winnie Holzman (the woman who created My So-Called Life), wrote the book, which is basically the script of a musical, minus the musical parts.

  • frank

    Yes Courtney, in theatre the script is called “the book”

  • Chris

    All of the movies that have been direct stage to screen translations (RENT, The Producers) have failed. They need to cast it with actual film actors, and at the very least not go with the original cast. As much as I love Idina and Kristin, they are both far too old to play those characters on film. At least Megan could pull it off.

  • mdtopdad

    Well how many of you have even bothered to read the even more amazing book! I have read it three times in the last year and hope they do the book and leave out the music. The book is so passionate and riviting

  • Keith

    I hope they cast Kristen Bell of “Veronica Mars” and “Heroes” as Glinda in the film version of Wicked. If you’ve ever heard her sing, she could definitely pull it off…if you haven’t, check out the television film version of the Off-Broadway musical, Reefer Madness.

    As for Elphaba, I wouldn’t mind seeing Amy Lee of Evanescence in green. I think she could definitely hit those notes, and her operatic range could give Elphaba a more ethereal sound.

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  • oreogncoastgirl

    I hope they stick to the BOOK, not the abbreviated script that is the play. Then it might turn out decent.

  • Kim

    Why did I know Tim Burton and Baz Luhrmann would be brought up? I shudder at either one directing. I get really annoyed with Burton fans and how anything out of the ordinary should have him involved. I think he has even said he would not get involved in any other musicals. For directors I am not sure who I would want. As for casting….as much as I ADORE Idina and Kristen…they are both older. I think they are incredibly sexy, but this isn’t Broadway. There will be closeups.

    I am quite excited for this though. My niece is 5 and we watch clips and listen to the soundtrack in my car. I am slowly corrupting her with Broadway mwahaha!

  • Ash

    This will (cross your fingers) hopefully be an amazing, momentous success where these entrusted producers pull through and deliver. Sorry to put the pressure on, but this is a big deal to lots of people. And personally, the musical is in-your-face and an extravagent but it is also joyous and incredibly moving. It resonates and stays with you, which is what I wish the movie version will also accomplish. As for choice of cast….Idina and Kristin are deservedly top choice(what are these “old” bashes?!). But I would definately not mind seeing LA’s duo from oz in this film; Eden Espinosa and Megan Hilty.In fact, I would rejoice.

  • ozman

    it would be GREAT is CELINE DION plays “Elphaba” and MARIAH CAREY as “Glinda”; GLEN CLOSE as “Morrible” and ENRIQUE IGLESIAS as “Fiyero”… AWESOME!!!

  • I would love to see Idina and Kristen in the bigscreen version but I agree they may be too old for the part…lol…However I think a very wise choice would be Lea Michelle from the new hit series GLEE!!!! She bares a striking resemblance to Idina and the girl can sing her face off. Also I think a good choice for Glinda would be Lindsey Haun, she is an amazing singer and also resembles Kristen. Fiero leaves me puzzled as I am torn between the fabulous Adam Lambert and of course Zach Effron. If you go to YOUTUBE you can see vids of Adam playing Fiero before his AI days. Anyway I do hope this production makes it to the bigscreen and I think they can make it SpeKtAKuLaR!!!! The musical was awesome but i know they can do so much more with it on the bigscreen.