Welcome To ‘Parsons: The New School For Design’


The 5th season of Project Runway debuts tomorrow night at 9pm on Bravo and in addition to revealing the new cast of designers and synopses of every single episode for the entire upcoming season (which, I still contend, is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of), the network has released a preview video to promote the season premiere. Here is a short video of the new cast of designers entering the famed Project Runway work room at Parsons design school for the very first time:

Tim Gunn is featured in this vid as he welcomes the designers to the work room. The 2 minute clip also features some designer banter at their residence and a small portion of the judging process at the end of the challenge. I’m sure it’s a nice little preview for the season premiere ep but I’m holding off on watching anything until the show debuts tomorrow night. Woot! I can’t wait :)


  • Nickki

    Released not has releases

  • No way am I gonna go on the bravo website then. I like my weekly PR surprise of what the challenges will be!